July 31, 2008

Manifestation Exercise #23 - Discover How Big Your Higher Self Really Is

The following exercise is designed to show you how "Big" you really are. It is a mental and visual exercise that will help soothe you immediately if you feel you are becoming overwhelmed with a problem or difficult circumstance.

As you are sitting where you are right now - imagine that your higher self gently floats out of your body and is looking down at the top of your head. Become that higher self and see what it sees. From this aerial view notice not only the top of your head but also the chair you are sitting in, the desk or table that your computer sits on.

Now you start to expand up and out. You can now see the entire room or office you are sitting in.

You grow even bigger - you can now see the entire house or building your physical self is in.

Grow even bigger and you can see the entire neighborhood you are in. All the streets, stores, traffic lights, etc..

Bigger and you can now see the entire state you are living in.

Grow even more and you can see the entire country as if you were looking at a map.

Grow even more and now you can see the planet.

Observe this gorgeous orb for a minute and lovingly take it into the palm of your hand.

(Actually look down at the palm of your hand and imagine that globe sitting there. - Very Important!)

How do you feel now? Do you not feel like the greatest giant that ever lived?

Now try and relocate that tiny little physical you in that tiny country, tiny state, tiny building, tiny room and then try to find its tiny little problems.

From this perspective can't you see that the problem or circumstance is so small it is practically non-existent?

Don't you feel like laughing and soothing that little being and saying "What are you so worried about little one? I can handle that problem without even blinking. We are sooo much more than that."

Imagine with laughter if you were to take even the smallest pinch of money in your giant fingers and were to sprinkle it over the head of that little physical being that they would probably drown in it?

Imagine with more laughter the site of this little tiny being knocked off its chair as dollar bills landed on top of it and filled the room and house to the point where it was coming out of the windows and doors and overflowing to the streets outside.

Imagine again that if you were to send it even an ounce of the love that you truly felt for it, it would probably explode because its little physical form couldn't handle it.

THIS is how big you really are!

Anytime something comes up that may feel a little overwhelming to you - immediately do this exercise to remind yourself how miniature it really is. Feel how huge and capable you really are in being able to handle it like it was nothing more than a speck of dust.

When I first received the idea for this exercise quite a few years ago, I had been working in Manhattan. I had typed about it in my journal and was playing around with it because it felt so empowering to me.

Sure enough it was only about a day or two later when I was visiting one the millions of souvenir shops in the city during my lunch hour that I came across a bunch of key chains. One of these key chains was a small Earth globe. (Coincidence?…I think not.) Sure enough I bought it and kept it on my desk for years. (It made the exercise that more realistic.) I'm sure if you look online you can find one easily enough, but it really isn't necessary.

If you do the simply physical act of looking at your hand and imaging a little globe there you will automatically feel your immenseness.

So go play with this exercise today. The more your practice it the more natural it becomes to go right to that giant place when some "tiny" problem comes up in your life and also makes it that much easier for you to deal with it.

Happy Creating!

July 29, 2008

The Power of 11:11 and Aligned Numbers - Is it A Message To You?

The Power of 11:11 and Aligned Numbers - Is it A Message To You?

It's back again. The synchronized and aligned numbers. I am seeing them constantly every where I look: my cable box, digital clock radio, at the bottom of my computer screen.

11:11, 5:55, 3:33, etc.

This has happened to me many times before over the years. A couple of weeks go by and I don't catch them once, then I see them at least 5 or 6 times in one week.

So, does it mean something?

I have been studying spiritual concepts for almost 20 years now. Over those years I have come across many different definitions of what this "alignment of numbers" is all about. I have always "known" deep down that it is more than just simple coincidence and that there is some kind of message in it for me anytime I see them.

But what can the message mean for you? The following are some ideas from others describing their thoughts behind this phenomenon.

One site described 11:11 as a wake up call to all lightworkers on this planet at this time. They believe that Lightworkers are people who signed up for a "green beret" type of mission when they were on the spirit plane and before being incarnated on Earth. What the mission is, in short, is to hold as much Light as possible, as strongly as possible, on this planet.

They believe that there is a twenty year period (starting on January 11, 1991) that will see matter holding more light than it has ever held before. That the reason why it is so difficult to remember our origin, remember that we are all connected, remember who we really are is because the vibration on this planet has dropped to a very, very low frequency.

11:11 is the wake up call during this period to the light workers reminding them that they are part of this mission.

In my own personal opinion, I believe each one of us studying these types of spiritual concepts is a "light worker" right now. I could absolutely agree with the "20 year period" concept that started in 1991 because I can see with my own eyes how many more people have "woken up" starting around that time as well as continue to on a daily basis.

Then there is this description I found on Crystalinks.com. It explains how 11:11 is believed to be an activator of our DNA.

They believe that physical reality is a consciousness program created by digital codes. That numbers, numeric codes, define our existence. Human DNA, our genetic memory, is encoded to be triggered by digital codes at specific times and frequencies. Those codes awaken the mind to the change and evolution of consciousness. 11:11 is one of those codes, meaning activation of DNA.

They note that seeing 11:11 frequently creates synchronicities in your life.

They also believe that the year 2011 will have great significance and consciousness will evolve in full swing. January 1, 2011 we find - 1/1/11 which could be seen as 1111. November 11 - 11/11/11. And that this promises to accelerate consciousness toward 2012.

It can also be seen as a key to unlock the subconscious mind, our genetic encoded memories, that we are spirits having a physical experience, not physical beings embarking on a spiritual experience.

For example, a person named Joe noticed that each time he was about to go through another major spiritual awakening, an epiphany of some kind, those numbers would appear in his physical experience to signal the upcoming change. The numbers would say to him, "Pay attention!"

Stacey Wolf, the author of Get Psychic!: Discover Your Hidden Powers describes 11:11 this way: "Seeing sets of the number 11, especially in this form, means that someone high up on the other side is giving you a message that you are not alone, ...”

Then there is this quote from Solara "11:11: Inside the Doorway". “For many years, the numbers 11:11 have been mysteriously and repeatedly appearing to people all over the world. Often appearing on digital clocks, the sightings of 11:11 tend to occur during times of heightened awareness, having a powerful effect on those involved. They cause a reactivation of our cellular memory banks and a stirring deep inside of something long forgotten. The appearance of 11:11 is also a powerful confirmation that we are on the right track, aligned with the beam of our Highest Truth.”

Another source claims that 11:11 is simply a hug from Universe.

Uri Geller was also a big believer in the fascinating sequence of these numbers.

So which is it? A message in our DNA? A hug from Universe? A message from our higher selves? A message meant for light workers? A wake-up call to get on track? Or a sign that you already on the right track?

Personally I believe it can mean any of the above; it simply depends on your current circumstances.

There have been times when I have been on a real "spiritual roll" manifesting quicker than ever and the numbers have appeared to me constantly. Then again, there have been other times when I have been out of alignment due to something that might have happened and when I see those numbers it is an immediate message to me to get back on track.

There have also been instances when I have had my doubts about something not working out as I originally planned and seeing those numbers was my actual "hug from Universe", my reminder to not lose faith and that everything is always working in my best interest.

And yet again times when I have seen the numbers and it did mean that another "spiritual leap" was about to happen.

As for the lightworker theory. As I mentioned before, I believe that all of us studying these concepts right now are lightworkers who chose to be here during this Earth time to do all that we can to help raise the energy on the planet.

So the next time you see those numbers, remember it is not simply a coincidence. It is some kind of message to you. A message for you too to "Pay Attention!"

Then you simply need to "feel" out what the message means. It really isn't difficult. As soon as you hit on the right answer you too will "know it" deep down.

Happy Creating!

July 28, 2008

How To Stay Positive When Surrounded By Constant Negativity

Wow! You've just got to love these recent newspaper headlines and news broadcasts, don't you?

According to them our world is completely falling apart. Oh wait…that's right, according to them it is always falling apart…Oh well.

Shocking how we somehow keep surviving isn't it?

It is not only the newspapers that surround us with negative thoughts and energy but also the people we work with, friends and even family members.

So how are we supposed to maintain a higher positive vibration when almost everyone around us is predicting doom and gloom for our future and our economy?

The following steps might help:

1. Go Back To Appreciating The Basics

If you have food you can eat today, clothes to keep you warm, a roof over your head, a mind that works and a heart that is still beating - you are GOOD!

Anything beyond that can be considered an added bonus.

It really doesn't matter if the food is not lobster, the clothes designer, the house a mansion, you don’t have the perfect body or the perfect romance. As long as you have the basics listed above you will be able to obtain the rest.

Do not waste your energy thinking negatively about yourself because you do not have some of the extras just mentioned. There's always tomorrow and you'll find a way.

2. STOP Reading the papers and watching the news for awhile.

Simply STOP! Even if it is for only a couple of weeks. Turn it off. Play music instead, watch some of your favorite comedy DVD's, listen to inspirational books on tape. Don't worry about missing anything. I promise you, next month they will have the same exact horror stories in the paper - it 'll be like you never left. (For more information on this see Watch What You Watch Post.)

3. If You Have The Ability To Leave A Negative Conversation - Run For The Hills

Here is the scenario. Someone starts the conversation about how horrible things are in the world. You respond in agreement, so do the others in the group. Now you all feel the fear.

Depression and hopelessness settles over the group. The subject now moves to politics. You all disagree with each other (which of coarse you do because it seems lately NO ONE can agree on the politics thing.)

Now you all get angry. You yell, call each other naïve, strive to get your point across but nobody hears it anyway. Now you all walk away angry and frustrated.

So where did this conversation get you? Depressed, hopeless, fearful, angry and frustrated. And guess what? Absolutely nothing was accomplished! Nothing has changed in Washington. You didn't solve the housing crisis or lower gas prices, but you probably just made enemies with some of your best friends of family members. So what is the point?

Decide that you no longer want to participate in these useless negative battles. Life is too short to spend it arguing with loved ones when nothing get resolved anyway. Besides, it certainly isn't going to help you keep a positive vibration. Go do something that will make you happy. Go online to a comedy site - go read a book. Keep in mind that maintaining a positive vibration is the healthiest and most important thing you can do for yourself right now.

4. If You Do Not Have The Ability to Leave A Negative Conversation - Put Yourself In Your Own Happy Mental Bubble.

Now let's say this negative conversation takes place over a business dinner or around the Thanksgiving table and leaving is not an option.

Put yourself in an invisible Happy bubble. Inside this bubble you are always peaceful. You are not affected by what is going on outside of it. You may observe, you may listen to what is going on, but you refuse to participate in any way.

Imagine that you are watching a fictional movie. None of what you are hearing is affecting you personally. It is simply entertainment. Hum you favorite song in your head. Think of a funny memory. If someone asks your opinion tell them you weren't paying attention. You were in your "happy place".

They might look at you like you are crazy or attempt to draw you in to the conversation anyway, but eventually they will get it. And the next time they are arguing and see you with that silly smile on your face they will simply inform the others "Oh don't bother with them, they are in their happy place" and you go back to having fun.

5. Don't Let The Nay-sayers Get To You

Keep in mind that according to people the world is "always" falling apart. You could go back 100 years or more and you would hear the same exact complaints you hear today. "Things are getting way too expensive", "the next generation is so spoiled" the next generation is so disrespectful or irresponsible" "there is no one good to vote for" "the economy is in trouble" "an energy crisis looms" and the all most important "this country is going to hell in a hand basket" scenario.

Here's the deal. Energy moves and changes constantly. It always has and always will. The people going through those energy changes have always felt uncomfortable when those changes come about and automatically assume the outcome is gong to be negative. Yet, we are all still here and creating more than ever. In fact we have more conveniences and are more technologically advanced than we ever thought was possible in so short a period of time.

Don't feed into the "fear of the future" nonsense. Change is normal. Change is good. Change is growth. Go with the flow instead of fighting it. Look for the opportunities these new changes can bring you instead of fighting the current and trying to keep things the same, because it won't work anyway.

6. Remember that even in times of "crisis" people can be successful and flourish.

Just because you hear about the negative around you, doesn't mean you need to be affected by it personally. There have always been people who have prospered during what others called "hard times". People who were successful even when there was a war on, when real estate was depressed, when there was a recession or even the Depression.

Decide that not only will you not be negatively affected by the changes going on around you but that you are absolutely going to find a way to prosper from them.

Think positively and constantly ask your higher self "What move can I make right now that will make me prosper." Keep asking and asking. Suddenly inspirational thoughts will seem to come out of nowhere. Keep your thoughts on possibilities - not fear.

Focusing on fear only lowers your vibration and makes you much less effective. Keep your mind and eyes open for opportunities. Keep your vibration high. Remind yourself daily that you are safe and healthy and abundant regardless of what is going on around you. Which leads us to…

7. Remember Who You Really Are

Remember "you are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience".

When you keep this in mind, you remember how big you really are and where your true power lies.

You may be "on" this planet but not "of" it - which means the planet does not dictate what happens to you - only you can do that.

Fear comes from thinking that you have no control. That others are making decisions that affect you and there is nothing you can do about it.

But that is not the case. YOU create every experience you have while down here and YOU decide what you are going to create.

This is the most important thing of all to remember.

Imagine it as if you are going to an amusement park for the day.

The "park" doesn't decide what you are going to do all day - You do. You decide the rides you want to go on or the rides that don't interest you. Just because the rides are "there" does not mean you are forced to go on them.

The same with our planet. Just because the "negative experiences" exist, does not mean you have to participate in them. The choice is up to you.

So go be positive, look ahead. Find ways to be abundant regardless of what is happening around you. Keep your vibration high. Do something everyday that increases that vibration until the momentum is so great that you are manifesting wonderful things almost instantaneously! The power is in your hands.

Happy Creating!

July 26, 2008

Something New For Your Vision Board

I have written before how effective creating a vision board can be in helping you attain your goals. (Please see The Vision Board post.)

It is an awesome way to keep your focus on the things that you do want to create as opposed to the things you are unhappy about.

With this being the weekend however and assuming you have a little free time this is another fun way you can add to it. All it requires is a camera (or cell phone that can take pictures).

Today if you have free time or even if you are out and about running errands, bring your camera or phone with you and take pictures of things that you are wanting to add to your board and to your life.

While it is usually easier to get pictures out of magazines or from the internet, this is a more personal way of getting closer to what you want to create; because the item is right in front of you in 3 dimensional form.

You can feel it, touch it, see all sides of it. It is much easier for you to actually envision yourself having it when you see it live in its physical form. It makes your association with it that much stronger. And when you take a picture of it - the feelings you experienced while in its presence all come back to you each time you look at that picture.

So for this weekend, go out and take actual pictures of the things you are wanting to create.

Have you always loved the garden or gazebo at the house on the corner? Take a picture of it so one day it will be easier for you to duplicate it.

Is there a building, office or company that you have always wanted to work for? Go to that building and take a picture of it.

A car you have always wanted to own. Go to a lot that has one or find one on the street.

A certain kind of house you have always wanted, an outfit on display in the front window of a store, a piece of jewelry or a ring you have had your eye on. A hairstyle or a certain kind of dog you have always wanted to own?

If you have the option of actually touching the item you are wanting to create even better. As you are observing it or touching it ask yourself these simple questions.

Is there any earthly reason why I can't have one of these for myself?
It is merely a physical object and surely I am deserving and allowed to enjoy a simple physical object.
There is no one "out there" who would not want me to have and enjoy something so simple.
While I know owning this object is not the be-all and end-all to happiness, I also know it would simply be fun to have. It doesn't have to be "the most important thing in life" I just want to have fun and appreciate it.

Sometimes we need to remove the mental blocks we unconsciously have in regard to being deserving of certain things.

We need to see them for the simple things that they are and stop making mountains out of molehills when it comes to attaining them.

So for today, go and have some fun. Go by yourself or with someone who also wants to create fun things in their life.

Just spend the day being happy and looking forward to creating new fun things for yourself. If you really want to get into it - pretend your camera is magic. And just by the simple act of taking a picture it guarantees that the item is on its way to you. Like a genie in a bottle imagine that as soon as the shutter clicks - Universe is getting busy packing and shipping the item to you.

Chances are you have spent most of this past week working your butt off and worried about all the problems in your life.

So give yourself a break this weekend and spend it being excited about all the fun possibilities that await you. Make this weekend fun and inspiring!

Happy Creating!

July 25, 2008

Manifestation Exercise #22 - Today is the Day To Do Something Different

It happens to all of us at one time or another. We get stuck in a rut. Same things day in and day out.

Every day you go to work at the same job, every night you come home and have the same arguments with the kids or spouse, every night the same dinners, every month the same bills to pay.

It can get so bad you may even find yourself questioning it all. Like why the heck am I here? What is the point in living? This really can’t be all there is. Going through every day like a robot watching days, weeks, even months fly by dong the same exact things all the time. Nothing new…nothing to get excited about.

Maybe it wouldn’t even be so bad if it wasn’t for the frustration that you feel deep down that there really is something else that you should be doing, but you just have no idea what it is.

That is where this exercise comes in. Today is the day to do something different.

It doesn’t have to be drastic, it can be the smallest thing. But that smallest thing can be the catalyst to so much more. Imagine that something is jammed in a tight space. Only by rocking it back and forth gently with little moves is it going to loosen enough for you to get it free.

It works the same way for you. Sometimes you can be so “stuck” in your current circumstances that the only way you will be able to free yourself is with some gentle rocking to loosen things up.

You see, even though it may seem as if things never change in your life, in truth everything around you is changing constantly. Energy is always moving and changing. But if it feels that nothing is ever changing for you personally, it is for a very simple reason. Day after day you keep making the same decisions.

There it is. See? Very simple.

Have different thoughts…make different decisions… have a different life.

But where do I begin you may ask? Start with the small. Take out a piece of paper and write down your daily routine. Everything from the time you wake up until you go to bed at night.

For instance:

Wake up 5:30am.
Take a shower.
Have a cup of coffee
On the bus or train by 7:00am
Check emails at office
Eat at “this restaurant” for lunch

When you are finished, look down your list and decide to do just one single thing differently today than you normally do. Just one little thing.

For instance, Instead of having your coffee at home why don’t you decide to have it at the local Starbucks near work and people watch for 15 minutes this morning.

Instead of your usual mode of transportation take an alternate mode and see different things than you normally do. Instead of the normal place you eat lunch tell your boss you need at extra ten minutes today to run an errand and walk 3 blocks further to a new restaurant you’ve never tried before.

If you are a homemaker, look up a different recipe to cook for dinner. Go shopping at a different store than usual for the ingredients. Decide to have a picnic in the backyard instead of eating at the dinner table (your family might think you are crazy, but if you have little ones, they will love it!)

The point is to gently shake things up a bit. Remind yourself of the myriad of possibilities that really exist for you on this awesome planet. Doing even a little something different gives you a whole new perspective. It makes you wonder “Wow! What else is out there? What else can I experience? What else might be fun to try? And as you try this “new” thing be proud of yourself. Feel good that you are taking this new step, however small. Truly appreciate the new experience and look at every detail and impression that you get from it.

You need to remember that your feeling stuck is only an illusion. It is simply because you keep making the same decisions today that you made yesterday that makes it feel as if nothing is changing.

So today…do something different. Make a different decision. Have a different thought.

But be warned…it can be very addicting! Before you know it you might have a whole new and exciting life.

Happy Creating!

July 23, 2008

The Garden Meditation

The Garden Meditation

Normally the posts that I write daily are my own. It is extremely rare when I use something that someone else wrote, but I came across this meditation awhile back that is so mentally visually appealing to me that I wanted to share it.

The following is an awesome meditation I found on Mystic Familiar. I have found it a perfect tool to use if you are looking for answers.

We all have "spiritual guides" that can help us during the rough times and give us insight when we need it.

Some people believe that these guides are "teachers out there" who can help us, while others believe that our "spiritual guides" are really just our higher non-physical selves waiting for us to reconnect and retrieve information "we" have both always known.

It does not matter which you personally believe to make this meditation effective.

Make sure you find a place where you can have at least 10 or 15 minutes of undisturbed silence.

"Now… relax and breathe slowly, in though your nose and out through your mouth, in, out, in, out take some time to breath and relax.

Imagine yourself on a path in the countryside, look around… you see the tree and hear the birds.. take time to listen to their songs.

It is a warm sunny day and you can feel the warmth of the sun touching you. As you walk you can see a hedge and as you walk along you see an arch in the hedge. As you approach the arch you see the path leads towards a gate. Take time to look at the gate.

Now walk up to the gate open it and walk in through it, look around and see some steps that leading upwards. Walk to the steps and start to climb. Count each step as you climb remembering how many there are as you reach the top.

At the top turn to your left there you will see some steps going down, there are only a few, take these steps which lead you to the walled garden. As you approach the garden you see a door which leads inside. Take some time to look at the door.

Open the door and walk in to the garden turn and close the door remembering what the door looks like.

Take time to look round the garden take in all that is around you, see the flowers, paths, grass and anything else that may be in your garden. If you want to change what it looks like, you can.. as this is your garden.
On your right you see a patch of earth, now look in your right hand and see a seed there, this is your spiritual seed, now plant it and water it. Watch and see how it grows in front of your eyes.

Now look to the back of your garden and see what you can see there, get to know your garden. Walk through it, look around and see if you have a seat in your garden, walk up to the seat and sit down on it.

Look beside you on the seat and you will see that your spirit guide has left something there for you, take time to look at it pick it up and become aware of it.

Now look around your garden take it in and enjoy it, do you see anyone in your garden with you? If you do, speak to them. If not, just sit and relax in your garden.

If you see someone there take time to speak with them ask them who they are, ask if they have any messages for you and ask any questions you may have.

It is now time to say goodbye and know you will meet again soon. Look around your garden and remember what it looks like. Walk to the door, open it and walk through closing the door behind you. Turn and walk up the few steps, now turn to your right and take the steps going, remembering how many steps you came climbed you are now to descend down the same amount.

Once you have reached the bottom walk to the gate, go through the gate and close it behind you. Walk down the country path back the way you cam, reflecting on that which you have just seen and been told.

When you are ready allow yourself to come back to the present time.

I hope you enjoyed this meditation, this is a gift from your spirit guides, you can go there anytime you like and always remember how many steps you take and come down the same amount."

At times I have found this to be a surprisingly insightful meditation. We sometimes forget that we have help in all forms if we need it. This is a fun new way to call our attention to the next step we need to take in our own spiritual evolution.

Happy Creating!

July 22, 2008

See A Penny - Pick It Up!

See A Penny - Pick It Up - All Day Long - You'll have good luck.

I used to love that saying when I was younger and I guess I was always looking for the "magic" even back then. The same way that even today I can't pass up a dandelion that has turned into a "wish" or blowing on a stray eyelash.

But when it comes to picking up pennies nowadays I see it as much more than just a token of "good luck." I now see it as a direct message from Universe of the unlimited abundance that it is being delivered to me constantly.

When I see a penny on the ground I pick it up every time, regardless of how inconvenient it may be to get it. It doesn't matter if I am fully dressed ready to attend a special function or if it is peeping out of a hard-to-reach floorboard.

You see I've learned that Universe doesn't see money in actual amounts the way that we tend to. It will just as soon give us a thousand dollars as it will a penny. It doesn't judge us worthy or deserving. It simply delivers in every way possible when we request it to. Like the law of gravity, the law of attraction works the same way. Gravity doesn't care what object is thrown off a building it is still going to fall and the Law of Attraction doesn't care who or what is requested, it simply delivers based on the vibration it is receiving in regard to the request.

With that being the case, if we would like our abundance to continue to arrive in all forms, it is our job to accept the gift, be grateful for it and encourage Universe to deliver more of it. It is important for us to maintain our vibrational momentum when it comes to abundance.

Any time I find coins on the ground the first thing I say is "Thank you Universe and more of that please!" It is my personal way of acknowledging Universe's generosity as well as confirming that it should keep on delivering.

So if I find a penny I get excited. Universe is listening! Yeah - More of that please!! A couple of hours later I find a dime! I get more excited. Universe is now delivering ten-fold in as little as a couple of hours. Yes! I'm loving it - more of that please!

I go over to a girlfriend's house and she gives me a great blouse that she no longer wants but that I love! Now Universe is now granting me abundance in gifts! Thank you -- thank you! Next I look in an old jacket pocket and find $20 I forgot about from last season!

Momentum is growing, I am getting more excited and Universe is delivering faster and faster! How awesome!

But now think about what message you are sending out if you don't accept that penny? If you immediately deem it as "not enough" or not worth your time or effort to pick it up? What vibration do you think you are sending out then? If your thoughts are "What the heck is a penny going to do for me? It's worthless. That is not going to help me!"

Your vibration goes down, your energy goes down, and Universe again responds to the messages you are sending it. Not enough, worthless, this is not going to help?…oh well then …moving on…"

So the next time even the smallest gift is delivered to you, a free gift, a small prize or even a penny on the sidewalk…appreciate it…be grateful for it…and ask for more of it!

Get excited over the little things that Universe delivers, encourage it to bring you more..get in the flow of abundance and watch what happens! You will be amazed at what Universe will continue to deliver when you let your abundance muscles grow!

Happy Creating!

July 21, 2008

Ho'Oponopono Healing Technique

What is Ho’Oponopono?

So I am cruising the net early this morning looking for a new “a-ha moment” as I so often do every day (isn‘t the internet great?!) when I come across this article written by Joe Vitale in 2006.

It surprises me that I haven’t come across it before because Joe is a favorite of mine and I thought I was pretty up-to-date on most of what he has written about.

To miss this article from 2 years ago surprised me, but then again “When the student is ready, the teacher appears” so I guess for whatever the reason, Universe saved this for me until now.

The article is about Ho’oponopono. Ho'oponopono is a ancient Hawaiian healing process. It’s literal translation is “making right.” It is based on the principles of total responsibility. In other words, taking responsibility for every person's actions who appears in your life.

I have written other articles myself about how every person and situation that appears in our life is for a reason. If we create our entire reality around us, then we create the people who are in it as well as the back drops where our experiences take place. But I never thought about it to the level of what Ho’oponopono entails.

Joe tells the story of how he heard about a therapist in Hawaii who had cured a complete ward of criminally insane patients--without ever seeing any of them.

The psychologist would study an inmate's chart and then look within himself to see how he created that person's illness. As he improved himself, the patient improved.

Curious for more information Joe called him and they talked for more than an hour as the doctor explained to him how many mental patients had been cured by using this method.

So naturally Joe’s next question was “What was the doctor doing exactly when he was looking at each patients file?

The doctor replied that he kept saying “I‘m sorry and I love you over and over again.”

“That’s it?” Joe asked

“That’s it.” the doctor replied.

The doctor’s reasoning was "If you want to improve your life, you have to heal your life. If you want to cure anyone, even a mentally ill criminal you do it by healing you.”

The philosophy behind all of this is that loving yourself is the greatest way to improve yourself, and as you improve yourself, you improve your world.

Joe then tells a story about how he used this new information for himself. He had gotten an email from someone that had upset him. Instead of responding angrily or fighting against it he used the doctor’s model of saying “I’m sorry and I love you” over and over again.

He says he didn’t say it to anyone in particular but “ was simply evoking the spirit of love to heal within me what was creating the outer circumstance.”

Sure enough, within an hour he received an email from that same person who apologized for the previous email.

Joe said he hadn‘t taken any kind of outward action. He didn‘t email the guy or respond in any way. But by saying I love you, “I somehow healed within me what was creating him“.

While this may seem a little farfetched at first read, it really isn’t all that surprising from whatever point of view you look at it.

If we indeed all share the same energy (which we do) it is not at all improbable that we have the ability to affect others. And if we are all one (which we are) it is not too “out there” to realize that all healing must take place inside ourselves. As we heal the “injured” part of us that brought around the negative circumstance, it stands to reason the negative circumstances around us has to change as a natural outcome.

If you would like to read Joe Vitale’s original article where most of this information came from you can find it here.

As for me, I am going to do further research on the subject. I just know there is a Manifestation Exericise in here somewhere!

Until tomorrow,
Happy Creating!

July 18, 2008

Meditation Reminder

This post is simply a reminder to meditate at some point in your day today.

I know sometimes it is tricky. Tricky to remember to do it, tricky to find time to do it, tricky to find a place to do it. And there are times when even you do accomplish the above that you find it tricky to quiet your mind.

But do not worry. With practice it gets easier. I found this quote while web surfing this morning. Really focus on the words.

Meditation has a few essential things in it, whatever the method,
but those few essentials are necessary in every method.
The first is a relaxed state: no fight with the mind,
no control over the mind, no concentration.
Second, just watch with a relaxed awareness
whatever is going on, without any interference
- just watching the mind, silently,
without any judgement, evaluation.
These are the three things:
relaxation, watching, no judgement.

As quoted by Wayne Dyer "You are not a human having a spiritual experience but a spiritual being having a human experience".

Meditation reminds you of this. Meditation brings you back to the real "you" and not the delusional physical body that your ego tells you that you are.

It is important to make that connection at least once a day. To remind yourself that almost everything around you is an illusion you have created, but that you are truly so much more than that.

If you make a conscious effort to remember that every day of your life, EVERYTHING else falls into place.

There is no struggle, anger, fear, anxiety, poverty, stress when you are your "higher" self.

You are timeless, ageless, formless, pure loving energy. There is not a single thing out of your control. You are always safe, you can never hurt, your are pure love and perfect energy. You are eternal and you are part of the one and only I AM..

So take some time to remember this today. Even if it is 15 minutes while you are on the bus going to work, or 15 minutes before you go to sleep tonight.

I have been working on putting together some excellent meditation techniques that work awesomely.

In the meantime however, take 15 minutes today to be still and silent. Breathe deeply from your diaphragm.

Breathe in to the count of 4, hold until the count of 4, breathe out to the count of 4, then be without breathe until the count of 4.

Try this a few times and see how it instantly relaxes you. This is a good place to start.

Until tomorrow,

Happy Creating!

July 17, 2008

You Can Never Get It Wrong And You Can Never Get It Done

“You can never get it wrong and you can never get it done.” - Abraham-Hicks

This is another great quote of Abraham-Hicks that really clicked for me the first time I heard it and it still does today.

The quote pretty much says it all. No matter what choices you make in your life, you can never get it "wrong" and no matter how many tasks you have accomplished you can never get it all "done".

Once you really get the true beauty of this quote you will be able to relax and maybe for the first time in your life just simply “be”.

Why You Can't Get It Wrong

It's important to realize that every decision that you make is the “right” one according to the time and the circumstances that you make it as well as the person you are in that moment. The only "mistake" that we make is when we attempt to look back and say to ourselves well if only I had done such and such things would be so different.

And yes they probably would be different, but it still doesn’t mean it was the choice you should have made at that moment.

As you have probably realized by now, everything “happens” for a reason. Every road we choose leads us to a new experience which births a new desire and that is exactly as it should be.

The problem begins if we find ourselves in circumstances that we are less than thrilled at and we make the mistake of looking back and saying “it is only due to this mistake that I am here now” as opposed to saying to ourselves “O.K. - This is where I am. Where do I want to go from here?“

For example, if you had a choice between two jobs. And you chose one that you eventually end up disliking. Do you make the mistake of saying “I knew I should have taken the other one!“ Well, my question to you is how do you know? There is obviously a “higher reason” you took this one, even if at the moment you are unaware of what it is.

So, instead of spending your time having regrets, figure out now what that reason is. Maybe you ended up making a life long friend out of a co-worker you wouldn‘t have met otherwise, maybe you will be making a connection with someone you will end up doing business with in the future, maybe you simply just needed to “kill some time here” as the perfect job is being set up for you and the day you decide to quit this one - the new perfect one will be ready.

If you start realizing that you can’t get it wrong, and start realizing there is no rule book that you are supposed to follow, you start to understand that where you are right now is exactly where you are supposed to be and the pressure is off. Which leads us to part 2 of the quote.

Why You Can Never Get It Done.

It is very simple. You don’t ever get it all done. The day you do not have a goal you would like to accomplish or a manifestation that you wish to create, is the day you are ready to leave this planet. But even then it is not done. Because even when you are in the non-physical you will be getting busy planning your next lifetime.

We are creative beings. We can only know all that we are capable of by every new creation we create. And as we accomplish one creation we just naturally birth a desire for a better and greater one. And that is what existence is all about and it goes on eternally.

We learn, we discover, we create which teaches us more to learn and discover and create.

So if that is the case…then where is your finish line? The answer: There simply isn’t one.

You have probably already noticed this for yourself. For years you have kept telling yourself things such as "when I accomplish this…then I will be happy." When you are in high school then you will be happy, when you graduate then you will be happy, when you are in college, then when you graduate, when you get your first job, then when you get your promotion, when you get married, then buy a house, then have kids, then have the kids old enough to be out of the house, when you retire…

If you keep waiting for all of these things to be accomplished in order for you to be happy…then you are completely missing it! Missing Life! Missing the joy of the process of creating! Missing some of the best moments of your life that I can promise you will look back some day on and wish you had appreciated more.

So start now! Appreciate now! Get excited when a new idea pops into your head. Love the process - the inspiration that comes as you go along creating. Even love the so-called mistakes that will then point you in the right direction. Don’t wait to be happy - be happy now! Remember…

"You can never get it wrong and you never get it done."

Happy Creating!

July 16, 2008

Today Is The Day You Should Conquer a Fear

Every once in awhile we need to stretch ourselves out beyond our normal boundries and feel proud of ourselves.

Every once in awhile we need to take a noticeable step that makes us grow.

So today is that day. Today is the day you should conquer a fear.

So what fear will it be? What have you been putting off that you have not wanted to face?

A bill or creditor that you need to deal with?
A loan you need to ask for?
A phone call to a friend or relative that you had a disagreement with and have been putting off making up with?
A relationship that you need to end?
Maybe a relationship that you would like to start?
Vacation time or a raise you haven't wanted to ask for?
Going someplace by yourself?
Seriously starting that diet or quitting smoking?
Riding a horse, driving a car?
Dealing with your finances?

Whatever your fears might be (and you obviously know what they are) it is time to pick one and deal with it. TODAY!

Consider this a message from Universe. Meant directly for you today. It doesn't even matter what this post is dated. If you are reading it right now - it is meant personally for you at this moment.

So Just Do It! -Take a deep breath and jump in!

And it doesn't matter if you fail. And it doesn't matter if it doesn't work out. Your world won't end. The only thing that matters is that You conquered a fear today and you should be proud of yourself.

You deserve to give yourself a pat on the back for your bravery and you deserve to feel good about yourself because you did the one thing that most others wouldn't. You looked at something that scared you and didn't let it stop you!

And you grew. And you are one step closer to your goal.

So stop looking for reasons to put it off, don't wait until a later date or until the "timing" is right.

The time is right Now! - Go for it!

Happy Creating!

July 15, 2008

Law of Attraction Manifestation Exercise #21 - Watching For The Signs From Universe

One of the most important things that proved to me that the Law of Attraction was indeed real was my personal experience with synchronicity.

The technical definition of Synchronicity is as follows: the experience of two or more events which occur in a meaningful manner, but which are causally un-related. In order to be 'synchronistic', the events must be related to one another temporally, and the chance that they would occur together by random chance must be very small when all things come together.

My definition of Synchronicity is "Universe doing it's thing".

So many synchronistic things have happened to me over the years that there is no possible way they could be dismissed as mere coincidences.

For instance a really fun one happened to me about a year ago when I first started putting articles on the web.

I wasn't drawing a lot of traffic to my site yet and it seemed that my articles were not attracting much attention. I was starting to have serious doubts about whether this was really what I was supposed to be doing with my life or if I was just simply wasting my time.

I went to one article directory where I had put up an article and found only two people had voted it worth reading -- and one of them was me! With a sarcastic laugh of frustration I said to myself "let's see who the only other person in the world who likes this article is" -- and I swear on my life this is true - when I clicked for more info the name of the other fan came back as "God".

Now, I have no idea who the person was who chose that as their screen name on that directory, but it probably changed the course of my life that day. While some may say this was simply a coincidence..I know better. I know the feeling I got when I saw that name…the shock I felt…but more important the "knowing" that it was indeed a personal message to me. "God" had liked my article and I couldn't have asked for a bigger sign or a more fun way to receive it at exactly the right time.

Needless to say I continued writing.

You have probably had a few experiences like this yourself. When you have a question on your mind or are unsure of what your next move might be and suddenly the right person or circumstance comes along with the answer. Times when you try to convince yourself it was mere coincidence, but a deeper part of you knows better -- knows that it is indeed a personal message to you.

It is awesome when these messages come through unexpectedly like in the example up above. But did you know there are also ways to "attract" the answers to yourself even quicker?

Below are some things you can do to help you attract the answers you are wanting in your own life.

Books - When I first starting studying the laws of the universe or the law of attraction if you will, it was almost 20 years ago and I had a LOT of questions. Now you have to remember at this time there was no internet and not many people at the time I could talk to about the subject. So I found my answer in books. Now you may be thinking "Duh! - what is so special about that?" I mean I literally found my answers in books.

I would have 2 or 3 questions on my mind before I left my office in Manhattan to go to lunch. I would go to a Strand's used bookstore, dig through hundreds of books in boxes, find a book that for some reason stood out to me a little bit more than the others - open to a page in the middle of the book - and there would be my answer! And quite often the book wasn't even about the subject I was looking for! I could ask a question like "how does the universe work exactly?" then suddenly be drawn to an unrelated book about relationships; open to a random page and the first sentence I read was "Like attracts Like" and would suddenly "know" I just got my answer.

This is a really fun one to try. Think about what your question is, go to your bookshelf, find whatever book seems to stand out to you more than the others, feel your way with your fingers until you feel a mental "click" and then open it where your fingers landed. There will something on that page you need to know. With a little practice it will come more naturally. It is a practice I still use all the time.

Tarot Cards - Like I said I have been studying this "stuff" for awhile and have pretty much given everything a shot at least once. Remember answers are everywhere and you can find them in tarot cards as well as anywhere else. You do not need to pay a "professional tarot card reader" to get an informative reading -- you can buy a deck for yourself. Any bookstore has tarot cards and easy-to-use books that explain how to use them at a reasonable price. Please don't get me wrong. I don't believe that tarot cards "predict your future" by any means -- only you can do that -- but they are a fun and easy way to get some insight and answers to your questions. I actually prefer doing it myself as opposed to going to a reader because then the opinion and energy of the "reader" does not interfere with the answers.

IChing - Similar to tarot cards but in this instance you use coins. Again you can easily find a book in the bookstore that will take you step by step through the process. You throw 3 coins and depending on how they land -- you interpret the answer. If you would rather not use a book there are a couple of free websites on the internet that can do the process for you. You can use it for either IChing or Tarot readings - Free Site

Internet - Of coarse this is one of the easier ways to find what you are looking for, but could sometimes be a little overwhelming with too much conflicting information. The only advice I can give you with this is to "go with your gut feeling." The answer that "feels" right to you is the answer you are looking for.

Road Signs - I have had some real fun with road signs, bumper stickers and even billboard ads at times when I've needed some spiritual advice. Sometimes we do some of our best "heavy" thinking while driving and Universe has a great sense of humor when it comes to answering you this way.

For instance if you are thinking about making a business decision and you come across a "slow down" sign that stands out to you; there's your answer. Then again maybe it says "Merge Ahead" and there again is your answer. Maybe you're having a fight with a loved one and aren't sure what your next move should be, suddenly a bumper sticker on the car in front of you "asks" you What Would Jesus Do? Some billboards have really cracked me up - because my answer will not only be in front of me but will be literally 6 feet tall! (Not easily ignored.)

Television - Believe it or not I have even gotten some great answers from this so-called mind numbing device. I can't tell you how many times a character in a movie or sitcom was "going through" exactly the same thing I was experiencing at the time and a piece of advice they receive or an action they take "feels" like the right answer to me as well. Hey I already warned you that Universe works in mysterious ways!

Listening to Others - Sometimes your answers can come in the most obvious of places. Simply ask the advice of friends or loved ones. Again, when you hear the right answer you will know it. (Just make sure you go with your gut feeling as opposed to doing what "others" think is right for you. Believe me, you will "know" the difference.)

There are so many countless ways that Universe can give you guidance if you just pay attention. It can be through a song you hear playing or a strangers conversation that you happen to overhear. Maybe the headline of a newspaper or magazine you just happen to notice while waiting for the bus.

The most important part is in paying attention! Universe (or your higher self, if you prefer) is always there for you! Simply ask your question and then consciously look for your answer. It will show up in an undeniable and often very funny way!

Happy Creating!

July 14, 2008

Manifestation Exercise #20 - Give Your Ego A Day Off And Manifest A Truly Peaceful Day

What if for just one single day you gave your ego the day off? That might sound a little crazy at first, but if you would like to experience what true peace feels like this is an exercise you should try.

It will not be easy, I assure you. You are about to find out how difficult it can be. But as with anything, with practice…you will get better.

So imagine this.

For one day you will not listen to your ego's nagging, criticism, or worry. For just for one day you are simply going to "be".

A good day to try this is on your day off from work when you will not have others trying to drag you back into "doing" constantly.

Choose a day when you have no specific plans. Believe it or not (regardless of what your ego tries to tell you) your world will not fall apart from taking a day off. Instead just the opposite will happen. You will actually discover and appreciate what life is really all about.

Just for this one day you are going to simply be. Your are not going to "think"..you are going to "appreciate". You are not going to "do" you are simply going to "experience".

Here Are Some Simple Steps:

1. Pay Extraordinary Attention To All Of Your Five Senses Today.

Sight - Really look around you today. Notice things you have never noticed before. How many beautiful trees are on your block, what kind of flowers someone is growing in their corner yard. How many different colors you can spot in one place. The different colors and styles of clothes that people are wearing, or the cars that they drive. Lay on the grass and look for shapes and pictures in the clouds like you used to when you were a child. Just watch.

Listen - Listen to sounds you normally do not pay attention to. Did you ever notice that normal passing cars can sound like ocean waves breaking on a beach if you imagine it hard enough? Listen for birds, crickets, cicadas. They are all there, even in the city, you just haven't noticed lately.

Feel - Appreciate the feel and texture of things today. Appreciate the softness of the fur on your pet. The smooth skin of your child, the feel of a silk blouse, or the warmth of the cup for your morning coffee or tea this morning.

Taste - Just for today eat whatever you want. Forget the calories your ego is trying to make you feel guilty about. As you are eating one of your favorite meals, eat slowly and appreciate very single bite. Roll it around your mouth. Enjoy the texture and the flavor. Anything from lobster to ice cream can be appreciated in this way. Instead of feeling any kind of guilt about food - make sure you enjoy every single bite, taste and smell of it. Food really can be such an enjoyable experience.

Smell - When was the last time you literally stopped and smelled the roses, or a blade of grass? Or burnt a candle in your home with your favorite scent? Or put on your favorite perfume or cologne just to appreciate it, instead of wearing it only on special occasions? Purposely take a whiff of baby powder and be reminded of when your little ones were young. Stand outside your house by the dryer vent and smell the fabric softener as your clothes dry. (That's always a crowd pleaser.)

2. Become invisible to others for just today.

How often do you worry about the way you look? Do you often "think" about what others are thinking when they look at you? Do you normally worry about what you are wearing, your weight, your hair color or if you have something in your teeth? Just for today pretend you are physically invisible. Get yourself dressed and showered and the minute you walk out the door - completely forget about what you look like. If your ego tries to get on your case - remind it that it has the day off - and today is your day to simply experience. You are invisible - so looks do not matter today.

3. Simply listen when others talk to you today.

Do you normally worry more about what your response is going to be than actually listening to what another person is actually saying? That is just your ego butting in again. It is looking for an intelligent response or searching its memory banks to attempt to "one up" someone else's story. Give it a break today. Simply listen, nod and really feel what the other person is trying to say. Don’t try and come back with anything witty or smart. Simply listen and give your full attention to the other person.

4. Watch children at play

Be it your own child or someone else's. Simply watch and appreciate how they live in the total NOW moment. Watch a child be fascinated with a sand box. Watch them laugh with glee in a swimming pool or running through a sprinkler. Watch them watch a bug. They are not worried about bills or gas prices. They are so totally in the moment. Appreciate how much calmer you would be if you consciously did that yourself for even a few hours a day.

5. Appreciate your pet or other animals.

If you have your own pet, notice today their absolute love and devotion to you. Appreciate what you bring to their lives as much as what they bring to yours. They too only exist in the now moment. Absolutely at peace with where they are. If you do not have a pet, notice the birds in the trees simply flying from one branch to another. Nothing else on their minds except what they feel like doing at the moment. We too can be this peaceful if we give our ego's time off once in awhile.

You see, life is happening all around you and you are missing it! We can all get so involved in our to-do lists we forget to simply BE. Which is really the only reason we are here in the first place.

Important Note: If your ego is arguing with you even at this moment that you don't have "time" to do this exercise for a day it is all the more reason why you NEED to do it.

It means your ego is already "out of control" and self inflated with its own importance. It is trying to brainwash you into believing that YOU can't do without it for even one day. If it is acting like your whole life is going to fall apart if even one day goes by without you doing "what you are supposed to" you can easily see who is really in control here and it is time to pull in the reins and let your higher-self take over.

Your life will not fall apart if you take a day off. As a matter of fact it is just the opposite. It will eventually fall apart if you do not.

Your mind and body can only take so much stress…so much negative thinking. This has been proven time and time again by others.

You deserve this! You work hard…too hard…all the time! It is time to give yourself some time off.

Make a conscious effort to truly enjoy life for one whole day. It is awesomely addicting! It is also the first step to learning how to do it a little more each day to make life truly more enjoyable.

Happy Creating!

July 12, 2008

How One Of The Best Things That Ever Happened To Me Was A Flood

Approximately two years ago we had a flood in our basement and storage room that was caused by a backed up sewer line. We didn't have an attic so this was where we kept all our "stuff".

When it first happened I was naturally very upset the first few hours. So much destroyed and gone, and because it was sewer water, pretty much nothing was salvageable unless it had been on a shelf.

After awhile however I started to see it as the blessing it really was.

As I have been becoming more open to the spiritual laws that govern our universe I have found myself trying much more often to look for the positive behind every negative. Sometime it is hard to find, it might even take a few weeks or months for the answer to become clear to me, but in this case it didn't take more than about 2 hours.

The truth was my basement and storage room was filled with "crap." Stuff I should have gotten rid of years ago. Now if you had asked me to empty those rooms the day before the flood I probably would have come up with a million reasons why I couldn't get rid of most of it. "That ugly turkey platter? Of coarse I need to keep that - who's knows when we might have a lot of people over and I will need to cook more than one bird?" (Really now! How often does anyone actually need to cook 2 turkeys at one time? Even if I did - I still wouldn't think of pulling out the ugly Turkey platter to serve it on!)

As we went through more and more stuff with our gloves and black garbage bags I realized how many ridiculous things I had kept for ridiculous reasons. The winter clothes that I put away five years ago that are completely out of style? My son's old skates that don't fit him anymore? The lamp from his nursery? So much of it I had kept for what I had labeled "sentimental reasons" but the truth was I could get just as sentimental over a picture of it! I didn't have to actually "hold" the item that was taking up so much space to remember it. I mean really what was I going to do? One moment of "Awwhh! Remember this?" and two seconds later put it back up on the shelf to take up more space again? I could just as soon look at a photograph of his nursery to get the same "Awwhh!" moment and it would take up less than a hundreth of the space!

As time went on I found myself actually feeling good about getting rid of everything. I found myself saying "Out with the old - and in with the new!" every half hour or so. I thought about all the extra space I would have for new fun things we could actually use. The extra storage I could have upstairs if I put my comforters, blow up mattresses, etc. downstairs, nice and neatly.

An unexpected benefit however, was that I also started to feel a lot freer emotionally! At the time I had already been working towards simplifying my life a little. I believe the flood was Universe's sign to me that I was heading in the right direction. It was Universe's (or my higher self's) way of telling me to get rid of all my old "crap" in more ways than one.

So if you too are starting to feel overwhelmed by "all your stuff" physically and mentally - it may be time to start getting rid of some of your "crap".

Mentally… slow it down a little bit. Don't accept invitations that you do not really need to attend. Volunteer at the kids school only once or twice a month instead of 4 or 5. Take a ½ hour walk sometime during your day just to have some quiet time and peace to appreciate life a little. Read a book for half an hour. Meditate for 20 minutes.

As for your physical stuff, start today by picking a small drawer or closet you can start to clean out. Make three piles. In the first pile put the stuff you definitely need to keep, in the second pile put the stuff you are definitely throwing out (or better yet throw it directly in a garbage bag) and in the third pile put the stuff you are unsure of.

Now when you have all three piles done, put the stuff you "definitely need" back in the drawer. Look at it and admire it. How clean and organized it is. How accomplished do you feel?

Now…look at the pile of things you were unsure of. Do you really want to mess up that nice clean drawer with that stuff you will never really use? Watch how quickly you will then toss that pile into the garbage bag as well.

I don’t believe life has to be nearly as hectic as we have all made it.

We are so busy trying to get around all of our "stuff" we sometimes forget we have the option to just "get rid of it" and that means mentally as well as physically.

So get started today! Start getting rid of the "crap" you no longer need to make more room for the fun stuff coming your way!

Happy Creating!

July 11, 2008

Law of Attraction: Manifestation Exercise #19: Write a "Future You" Journal

Do you want to have a little fun? If so, then start a "Future You Journal" today. Write a journal describing what your Future You is experiencing and feeling. What your Future You looks like and what a day in the life of the Future You does.

So often we are unhappy because we do not have what we want in our lives. But also quite as often we are not even sure exactly what it is we are wanting. This exercise will help give you clarity on that as well.

So to begin -- answer the following questions. Really picture these images in your mind as you come up with them.

What do you look like?
What do you weigh?
What is your hair color?
How do you dress?
Are you happily married, happily divorced, or happily seeing one or more people who are happy to share you?
Are you so sought after that you are having to turn dates down simply due to lack of time?
Are you happily single because right now you are so focused on your career?

What is your career?

Are you a famous author, a multi-million dollar inventor or entrepreneur?. Do you have the position you have always wanted in your company? Maybe you always wanted to own your own restaurant, your own hotel, your own health spa or spiritual retreat.

Or maybe are you happily retired with millions of dollars spending your days on the golf course? Maybe you own the "mansion" by the lake or the ocean. You know the one with the huge glass windows with the gorgeous view that everyone in passing boats points to as they go by and wishing that they lived there?

Maybe it’s a rustic cabin in the woods, where you go fishing and hiking every day. Or maybe that is just your summer place.

Where do you live most of the year? Mansion, a littleVictorian, an apartment in the city? Do you have servants or do you happily take care of it yourself at your leisure?

Now that you have the basics down start to write your journal as if you already ARE that person!

So let's start with breakfast. Depending on what life style you have created where do you have it?

By yourself while enjoying the view? Brought to you by servants (no cooking or cleaning necessary) or are you too busy for breakfast because you have to get to "whatever your dream job is" early?

What do you decide to wear today as you are about to leave? The Armani suit, the awesome leather skirt, or simply the very comfortable jeans or khaki's that you love wearing to work every day because you are the boss?

What are your driving? The BMW, the Mustang, the new SUV or your favorite knock around truck or car that you wouldn't want to give up in a million years due to sentimental reasons?

Where do you lunch? Who do you lunch with? What do you eat?

Where do you spend your weekend, holidays or vacations?

You get the idea. Write in this journal daily as the "new" you. What are you excited about? What are you looking forward to? What are you appreciating the heck out of? Write how you sat down and paid every one of your bills in full! You own no one anything and it feels awesome!

Write of the irony of how so many credit card offers now arrive in your mail at the one time you don't need them. Heck you can pay for everything in cash! Who needs to pay someone else interest?

You see, there are three different benefits to this exercise.

The first is to get clarity on exactly what it is you are wanting. Not just materially, but describe how you want to feel spiritually and physically as well. Awakened, alive, appreciative, full of life!

Know exactly how you want to look, feel, work and live. You would be surprised at how many of us do not get into that kind of detail when we are wanting changes in our life. How can Universe know what to deliver if you are not even sure what you are asking for?

The second benefit to this exercise is that you now have a full list of "stuff" you can start working on attaining. What do you weigh as your future you? You can start working on that part easily right now with some diet and exercise! Want that Armani suit? Start putting $20 away a week for it right now until you have saved enough to own it. Decided what you wanted your new career to be? Start taking the first step or second step towards that goal.

The third benefit to this exercise is the time you are spending focused on the positive! Instead of wasting that time worried or complaining about what you do not have (which will only bring more of that) you are spending you time focused on what you do want (which you will then get more of as well).

So go have some fun! Write your "Future You" journal and describe exactly what awesome life you are headed to!

Happy Creating!

July 10, 2008

Manifestation Exercise #18 - How To Change A Negative Thought or Habit In As Little As 21 Days

Did you know that you can change a negative core belief in only 21 days? Even if it is a thought you have had for 30 years?

Or that you can create a new positive habit in as little as 21 days that can last a lifetime?

I have always loved that scientific statistic and it is a great exercise to use when learning how to apply the Law of Attraction.

The great part about it is there are so many different things you can use it for.

The first thing to do is to draw or print out a calendar for the month. I found a free one you can use here. I like this particular site because you can also add a personal picture on top that will help inspire you and you do not have to sign up for anything to use the program.

Or if you do not have a printer available you can simply draw up a calendar yourself.

Now decide what is it you want to change or accomplish.

I suggest starting with one thing at a time until the old habit is broken before starting a new one so you do not feel overwhelmed, but if you can handle more than one -- go for it! Just make sure you print up a separate calendar for each idea.

So what is the new habit you would like to create? Do you want to start meditating, taking your vitamins, exercising, eating healthier? Do you want to start getting better organized? Start staying on top of your mail, on top of your house cleaning, on top of things at work, on top of your money more?

Whatever new habit you would like to create MUST be done for 21 days in a row. Remember, if you miss a day you have to start over from the beginning. But having the calendar in front of you is what makes it more fun and gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

For everyday you accomplish your task you mark off the date with a big X. If at anytime you feel like slacking off, repeat to yourself "Don’t Break The Chain!"…"Don’t Break The Chain!" Look at your calendar at all those pretty X's in a row. You don't want to stop now!

You want to see at least 21 of those x's in a row. After 21 days your new behavior has now become a new habit and marking off the x's after that will be just plain fun.

Now what if you want to use it to change an old negative belief?

Use an affirmation! At least 5 times a day for 21 days in a row. Again mark off each day with an "X" when you have done it. Say the affirmation when you first wake up, mid-morning, lunch time, mid-afternoon and before you go to bed. (The time of day doesn't really matter and if you choose to say it even more often than 5 - even better! As long as you do it.)

Here are some examples of affirmations you can use:

If you are feeling negative about money: "Money comes to me effortlessly and easily every day and in every way" or "I am entitled to always have more than enough money simply because IAM"

If you are feeling anxious: "At the core of my being I am always peaceful and calm"

If you are have not been feeling 100% physically: "I am perfect physical health and have never felt better in my life!"

If you want to feel really good overall try this one: "Every day and in every way I am getting better and better" (This one works really great by the way! It covers everything from health, to work, to exercise, to relationships, to creating new habits. With those simple words you are covering the spectrum!)

Of coarse there are tons of other affirmations you can find on the internet if those don't feel right to you.

Make sure you keep your calendar somewhere that you can see it. On your refrigerator, bulletin board at work, or even your bedroom wall so you see it every night and every morning.

So give this simple exercise a try! We all know how fast 21 days goes, especially if you are trying to break a bad habit or get rid of a negative thought you have had for years! 21 days is merely a drop in the bucket.

Happy Creating!

July 9, 2008

Law of Attraction: The Secret Is Only Step One -- Discover What Comes Next

I have gone through such a roller-coaster of feelings about the movie The Secret it's probably laughable.

I knew about the movie at least a year before it was released. I had heard about it on the Abraham-Hicks website (which I visit constantly) because Esther Hicks was a major participant in the first version of the movie.

I must have watched the trailer at least 30 times because of the excitement it induced. The trailer showed dark streets filled with horses and carriages carrying red wax sealed envelopes from one famous historic person to another. It told how some of the greatest minds in history were aware of this secret and how throughout the years whoever the people in power were at the time didn't want the Secret released.

The trailer made the movie look like it was going to be an awesome adventure movie where you got to see how Benjamin Franklin used the Secret and then passed it on clandestinely to Thomas Jefferson on some dark cobbled stone street. Maybe it would show how the leaders of churches actually tried to squelch it and I pictured some fantastic hero in the end would manage to get the Secret out to the public and we would finally get to know what The Secret really is.

I bought the movie online on its first day of release and within the first 10 minutes of watching it I was sorely disappointed. Watching a bunch of people simply sitting in a chair talking was not at all what I had expected after watching the trailer.

Seeing as how I already paid for the movie however, I decided to try and give it the benefit of the doubt. By the end of the first viewing I was inspired again. O.K. to me personally it was not much of a secret because it was a subject I had already been studying for at least 15 years, but it could be really great vehicle for people who had never heard about it before.

As I watched the movie grow in popularity I became even more excited! Even if it wasn't what was originally promised it was starting to affect people the world over! People were becoming inspired and were learning about the Law of Attraction in far greater numbers than I ever believed could happen in such a short period of time.

However, that is also when the problems began to arise.

The first problem was when Esther Hicks dropped out of the project. Apparently original promises that were made before the release of the movie was not kept or were changed and it pretty much left Esther no choice but to drop out. It is really a shame because many of the things she said were an extremely important part of the movie and the new version now seems very choppy and disconnected.

The second problem occurred when we realized from the other participants of the movie how much of their interviews were left on the cutting room floor. One of the most important things being "How" to apply the Law of Attraction through inspired action. This is a very important part to leave out!

Be it due to time constraints or if it was done on purpose to make The Secret appear more magical and inspiring, it has unfortunately tested the credibility of some the major participants. John Assaraf, Bob Doyle and Joe Vitale (just to name a few) are some of the hardest working men on the planet! They are constantly giving classes, seminars and providing information on the internet.

These successful men are taking many inspired actions daily to create the lives that they desire! And they had no problem stating this many times in their interviews. Yet due to circumstances beyond their control in the final editing process, they are now taking undeserved criticism for making "it all sound so easy".

My biggest concern now with The Secret however is that due to its "easy as pie" message many people are starting to criticize and discount the Law of Attraction altogether as not workable - and that really concerns me. It is almost worse than people not knowing about it at all, because if people who haven't tried it yet are hearing that it doesn’t work before they even give it a shot, they are losing out on so much!

The Law of Attraction is very real. Your thoughts and feelings absolutely affect every area of your life! All it takes is practice. There are as many different ways to apply it as there are people in the world and not every way works for every person - but the Law itself works for all.

So do not be discouraged if simply "thinking thin" or "thinking rich" hasn't changed your life yet. Try meditation, EFT, self-hypnosis, affirmations or so many of the other ways that will be effective to you particularly.

I have a bunch of Manifestation Exercises on this site that show absolute results or you can simply type Law of Attraction in Google to see all the different ideas and processes that might work for you.

Do yourself a favor and try them all until you find the one that works for you personally. Do not give up! If you are not happy with the way your life is going right now it does not make sense to continue living it that way.

You are growing as a person every day and every day is another opportunity to do it better.

Remember the movie The Secret is not the "be-all" "end-all" It is just merely Step One in the process. Step Two is simply out there waiting to be discovered by you!

Happy Creating!

July 8, 2008

Manifestation Exercise #17 - Another Fun Way To Communicate With Your Higher Self

The first time I saw someone use this type of format for communicating with their higher selves was the Conversation With God series by Neale Donald Walsh. I absolutely loved those books when I first read them, and even now, every once in awhile, I am inspired to open one if I am looking for an answer to a question. (That is another Manifestation exercise I will be writing about in the future. The strange and different places you can find answers to your personal questions.- sometimes it is simply opening a book to any page.)

Any way, when I first started reading these books I was of envious of Mr. Walsh. How awesome would that be?! I thought to myself. To simply write down a question and have “God” answer it. It would certainly save me a lot of time and frustration in doing hours of research in other ways. But I believed that “automatic writing” was a gift only given to certain people and I was just going to have to do it the old fashioned way until I became “enlightened” enough to be able to do it for myself.

The next time I saw something like that done was when I started listening to Abraham-Hicks. Only it was Jerry Hicks asking the questions and Abraham answering them through Esther Hicks. Again, I envied them. Wow! How cool to have that kind of guidance in front of you at all times and not have to wait for a conference to come around or pay a ton of money to have someone else answer my question.

You see, even though I was learning that “we are all God and all one” and that God, our higher selves, or the IAM if you will, are in each of one of us, I thought a person had to be “some kind of special” to have a direct communication with that higher part.

I found out however, quite by accident, that this wasn’t the case at all.

Writing has always been my favorite form of communication and therefore I have kept a personal journal since I was about 11 years old.

When I wrote though it was only using my “own” voice. My own “ego” voice. You know the one -- the one that nags you all the time, the one that complains, insults you, puts you down. Also when I wrote, I would simply state purported facts “You know such and such did this to me and I got so mad. The next time they do that I am going to….whatever torture or belated comeback I could come up with.

What I hadn’t ever thought to do however was to simply “ask” a question and wait for an answer. As far as I was concerned I “had” all the answers about “me” and was just using writing as my way of complaining about it all.

Until one day when I was having a particularly hard time in a personal relationship. I was doing my usual bashing about how this person was selfish and mistreating me and made me so angry! While I don’t remember the exact question I asked, it was something like How am I going to get them to treat me the way I want to be treated? And then I just sat there for a moment and stopped writing because I didn‘t have the answer. I pounded the return key twice on my keyboard (I write everything in a word processor nowadays by the way -it‘s quicker) and just stared at the new blank line when suddenly I felt compelled to put my hands back on the keyboard and typed “What makes you think they are the one who needs to do the changing?”

I sat there confused for a minute because believe me, with as angry as I was, that thought hadn‘t come from my ego. Heck I was the one being wronged here!

So my next typed line to myself was something like “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

I hit the return twice again and waited.

I suddenly had the urge to type again and it said “What makes you think it is their job to make you happy? Only you can make you happy.”

After that we were off and running! And I’m happy to say I still do it today - everyday!

You see the second “voice“ -- the one that “answered” had a different tone to it. A deeper, lower, slower tone than my normal run-amok ego voice.

This “other” voice had a calming effect - a slow it down and take it easy kind of feel to it. It just simply felt like it was coming from a deeper place.

Now please don’t get me wrong. I am still not at the level that Esther Hicks is. I can’t effortlessly answer any question thrown at me by any person, but I found I can answer my own questions about my life from this deeper place and for now that is more than enough for me.

Maybe someday I will feel the urge to take it a step further. I know that it is possible to do it. I know that we all have access to “all the answers” and that with deeper meditations and practice I can accomplish it, but for now I haven’t felt that urge yet, so I am happy with where I am.

So if you would like to receive some of your personal answers…start asking the questions.

Take a few minutes of silence, grab a piece of paper or open a word document. Type out what your issue is and then directly ask a question and wait for the answer. Give it a few moments. If nothing pops into your head automatically prompt it a little. Like hello!? Have a question here! Where are you? And restate the question.

You might be very surprised at the answer that pops up! Don’t analyze it or second guess it. Just write down or type whatever comes to you.

How will you know the difference between your ego voice and higher self voice? When your higher self voice comes up with an answer your ego wouldn’t in a million years! When the answer feels deeper and somehow right, even though your ego might initially disagree with what the answer is.

Believe it or not I know immediately when my “I AM” voice is coming through because it always leads me back to my coffee. Anytime I sit down and start ranting about something it will stop me in my tracks and ask my how my coffee is or was this morning. I know… I know…sounds crazy.. but then again you don’t know how I feel about my coffee.

I LOVE my coffee in the morning and I appreciate it everyday. The smell, the warmth of the cup and the taste of it. So when I sit down and start typing furiously about some issue I am having and I start getting into an emotional rant, my deeper voice will stop me in my tracks and ask “so how good is that coffee you are drinking?“ Like I said I know it sounds crazy but that always stops my rant immediately and makes me laugh with appreciation for my stupid cup of coffee. Then I calm down and get the answers I am looking for.

So give it a shot. You have nothing to lose. Simply write out your question and wait for your higher self to answer. You will be surprised at some of the awesome things you can learn!

Happy Creating!

July 7, 2008

Manifestation Exercise #16 - Manifesting Pink Flamingos and Yellow Cars: Improve Your Manifesting Ability

I have been studying the Law of Attraction for quite a few years now. Sometimes I get so caught up in the “new” stuff I am learning that I forget how much fun going back to the basics is.

I was reminded the other day when I saw a Pink Yard Flamingo on someone’s front lawn.

In my “early” days, Pink Flamingos was one of the fun things I used to manifest as a reminder that Universe was indeed listening to me.

Universe has come through for me in so many different ways since then that I now trust it wholeheartedly but the other day I felt like just playing with the basics again.

If you are having a hard time manifesting what you want in life, there is a good chance that you simply need some practice.

After all you wouldn’t attempt to run a marathon without a little prior training first. The same goes for the big Manifestations. You can see how it might be difficult going from very poor to very rich in one fell swoop (not impossible), but more difficult, if you haven’t practiced your manifesting technique yet.

The following are some simple manifestations you can play around with. Personally, I like the unusual. Things you don’t see everyday, so they will stand out more when they show up in your reality. But of coarse the choice is up to you.

Here are a few examples:

1. Pink Flamingos
2. Yellow or Purple Cars
3. H.R. Pufinstuf (or any old cartoon character)
4. A Toucan bird
5. Snow in summer (I will explain)
6. A rainbow
7. Parking Spaces
8. An orange ski cap
9. A leprechaun
10. A monkey

Now understand, these things do not have to show up in actual live, physical form (After all, a Pufinstuf might be hard to come by). But if you tell Universe that you want to manifest one of the things mentioned above, it will find a way to somehow deliver it. Maybe you will see a picture of it on a side of a bus, maybe overhear someone discussing it, maybe see it in a print ad of a magazine, or even hear it mentioned in the news in some form.

For instance, let’s say you choose to manifest monkeys. Then on the evening news you hear a news story about how a bunch of monkeys escaped from the local zoo. That’s not a news story you hear everyday. Maybe you will see a child walk by with a stuffed monkey in their hands, maybe some crazy lady will have one on her hat. Or who knows, maybe you will see a man walking down the street with a live monkey on his shoulder.

I’ll tell you a fun one I once did. I don’t know why this popped into my head at the time, maybe I was just being a smart alec, but once I told Universe I wanted to see snow in the summer. “Hah!” I thought. “Let’s see Universe come up with that one!” Don’t you know a few days later I am at a friends house for a barbeque when their 4 year old daughter walks out into the yard playing and shaking a snow globe. There you go... Snow in the summer.

Law of Attraction is like a muscle. The more use you use it the stronger it becomes.

Make your request simple and clear.

“Universe I choose to manifest (whatever it is) Thank you!”

Then keep your eyes and ears open.

The first couple of times that you do this exercise and you witness Universe delivering what you asked it to, you might be tempted to think it is merely a “coincidence”. This is easily resolved.

Simply ask again. For the same thing or something different. Trust me. In time you begin to realize that the odds of having so many different “coincidences” occur is almost impossible.

You may have heard other people mention manifesting parking spaces. This is a fun one to do and you get the added benefit of convenience. The next time you go someplace that is usually crowded tell Universe you would like to manifest an open parking spot right out front as soon as you arrive.

Keep practicing! You will be amazed at how many times a person will just be pulling out the second that you are pulling up.

The more often your manifestations occur, the stronger your belief muscle becomes. The stronger your belief muscle becomes, the faster new manifestations are granted because “belief” is one the most important ingredients in the Law of Attraction.

So go have fun with this! Go manifest something crazy and enjoy the “thrill-chills” you will experience when you see the unique way that Universe delivers it. After some practice you will be absolutely ready to create the really “big” stuff!

Happy Creating!

July 6, 2008

A message From Abraham-Hicks

As some of you might know I am a big fan of Abraham-Hicks. I have had many teachers over the years, quite a lot of them in the form of authors. And while I am grateful for every one of them, I have to admit Abraham is by far one of my all time favorites. Their message is so clear, so easy to read and understand, but they have a way of getting through to me at a level most others can only touch upon lightly.

Connee Chandler is an awesome “Aber” on the Abraham website who really gets it. She has been following Abraham for years and her posts are so unbelievably inspiring! She attends quite a few of their conferences and cruises and then writes an awesome list of highlights that are quick little bits of inspiration.

The following is a post she just put up yesterday that I absolutely love. It is from one of the Abraham-Hicks tapes and she took out some of the best highlights. I hope it inspires you as well.

Hi, Friends,

It still blows me away that I can listen to Abraham and get as excited now,
13 years later, as I did when I heard my first tapes in 1995!

This segment from the Los Angeles tape is as powerful as anything I've ever
heard them say. I love their promises to us, that we ARE shifting, that
things are changing, that the Universe is responsive to us, that we ARE the
creators of our reality with every thought, word and action.

Love and hugs,


Abraham: "Make a distinction between the thought that you're thinking about what is,
and the thought you *could* be thinking about what is coming.

You could begin to deliberately tweak your story into a better feeling, a
better feeling story. Just telling it a little different every time. Just
telling it slightly different every time, the cooperative Universe would
begin to give you evidence as soon as five minutes from now, as soon as this
afternoon, as soon as when you awaken in the morning, as soon as tomorrow,
new vibrational indicators that better reflect your new vibrational story.

You are the creator of your experience and you do it when you are not
looking. You are the creator of your experience and you don't do it with
the big stories you tell. You do it with the day in and day out stories
that you tell about what is.

So it is our desire, we will joyously observe, as you are moving through
your days, in the next few days, something remarkable is going to happen to
you. We know it, we've seen it again and again.

You are going to be right in the middle of expressing something as it is,
and realize that even though you are reflecting accurately and truthfully,
it's not something you want to keep going.

And you are going stop right in the middle of your rendition, practiced,
articulate and humorous as it is, and you are going to choke on your own
words just a little bit. And you are going to say, "I think I have a better
way of telling that!"

And whether you tell it to that person in that moment, or if you wait until
you are in bed that night, as you begin telling that story differently, it
is our promise to you that the Universe will back your story up with
evidence. You can literally place the characters, their personality, you
can put the money in your bank account. You can control the condition of
your body, you can control the traffic that you drive in. You can control
everything in your experience with time.

You begin to tell the stories for the purpose of feeling better, not for the
purpose of changing the outcome. For the purpose of feeling better now,
feeling better now, feeling better now, feeling better now! The outcome
will begin to morph around you and people will watch you in amazement...

"I create with my every word. Not just the words I say in my doing my goal
setting session, my every word! Not just the words I speak with someone I
care about what they think about what I say. I speak and I create with my
EVERY word. And now I'm in charge of that. I speak on purpose. I think on
purpose! I behave on purpose. And at the core of EVERY thought that I
think or word that I speak or action that I offer, is one inspiring reason:
I want to feel good.

I want to feel as good as I can feel right now. I want to see the world
through the eyes of Source. I want to smell the world through the nose of
Source. I want to hear and taste and feel the world, I want to BE Source in
a physical body.

That's what I said I would do. I want to be Source in a physical body."

And Friends, that's who you are!!! Have fun with this!

There is great love here for you."

Los Angeles 2/3/08