June 25, 2008

Create a Vision Board To Bring More Money Into Your Life

"O.K. I have asked Universe again and again for something I want. I have thought about it and envisioned it and it is no closer to showing up than the first day I asked."

Does this sound familiar to you? This is one of the most frequent complaints I hear from people who have learned, read and studied about the Law of Attraction but are having problems making it work for them personally.

It is usually pretty easy when I delve a little deeper into their situation to figure out what the problem is.

For instance, say you declare that you want to create a lot of money. You can see it in your minds eye, you may even be able to "feel" how it feels to have it (very important, by the way), and you do this for about an average of 10-20 seconds a day.

And you have done it exactly right. That is all that is required for the Universe to kick into action and start working its magic to bring it to you. However, a week later you find that you are no better off than you were before - sometimes you find your situation may even be worse.

So what is the problem? The problem is not in how or what you asked for. The Universe is totally neutral. It does not care what it delivers or to whom it brings it.

The problem lies in what you think about after you have asked for the money. While those 10 to 20 seconds are very important every day, what are you thinking about the other 14 to 16 hours you are awake?

What are you thinking if a creditor calls, when you open your mail and see the bills, when your kids want something extravagant? Do you feel a knot in your stomach. Do you say things like, "there is no way I can pay this, or that bill is outrageous, or we absolutely cannot afford that?"

You see, in having these thoughts the rest of the day Universe will again kick in to do its job. But now it will reverse its original direction of that mornings objective and now focus on the messages it is currently being given.

So what is the answer? Quite simply, is to keep your focus more often on what you do want during the day as opposed to what you do not want. You see, whichever thought gets more of the attention - wins! It is the law!

So then you may ask, "Well how am I supposed to do that? Most of my day is dealing with trying to figure out how I am going to pay for everything. Its great to dream and envision but I also have to deal with my current reality which is currently not very abundant".

This is where a Vision Board or Creation Board comes in. A Vision Board is a board or place where you put all of the things you are wanting Universe to provide to you. You simply go through magazines or the internet and find pictures of exactly what it is you are wanting. Clip them out and put them on your board.

If you can't find a picture of what you are wanting, you can type up a saying, a reminder or an affirmation. Make it fancy, print it out and put it on your board. The important part is to have it someplace where you can remind yourself constantly that your current financial state is only temporary and the things and places on that board is where you are headed.

So now your next question might be "But what if I work someplace where I can't display a board to look at all day long? or "What if I don't want the rest of the world knowing what it is that I am creating -- It is very personal to me."

To that I say - be creative! Write it down in one of those little notepads you can easily store in your pocketbook and look at it frequently. If you are a man, insert little cards into your wallet that you will see every time you open it.

Actually, one of my personal favorites is putting the board on your computer. Especially if you work in an office or do not want a large board hanging in your home for all to see.

There are great programs available that will help you create your Vision Board right on your own computer or laptop that you can glance at anytime you want.

You can add pictures to them, even music. You can create slide shows.

In truth I have found these to be the most effective. I have found that the boards I have made on the computer with these programs, where I have also inserted my favorite inspiring song or have used my own voice, stay with me all day even when I am not directly in front of the computer looking at it.

I find myself humming the song and the video replaying in my mind automatically and I find myself giving much more attention to what I do want as opposed to what I do not want quite naturally. Which of coarse in turn, brings to me what I want so much faster.

Some of these new programs even have the ability to download a mini version onto your iPod, cell phone, PDA and digital photo frames. How cool is that?! The one I most often use has a pop up balloon that displays my affirmations at a chosen time interval so it pops up and reminds me even if I am not consciously thinking about it.

So get started today! Get excited and go find the pictures of the things that you are wanting in your life! Cut and paste to make your own physical board or go make that video. Feel inspired as you know you are taking the first action towards changing your life. You will find yourself getting so caught up in it that you will not want to stop.

Watch the video or look at your board as often as possible and feel good and inspired by it! Remember the more time you spend focusing on what you do want, the faster it will come to you!

Happy Creating!