May 21, 2010

Being Naturally Deserving

Imagine that you walk into an amusement park. From the minute you walk into the park you are automatically allowed and entitled to go on every ride in that park. No one is more entitled to those rides than you are and no one is less entitled. Everyone is entitled to all the rides in the park - simply because the rides are there.

Now imagine one person walks in and says “You know, I don’t feel right about just being able to go on the roller coaster. I feel as if I have to do something to deserve it. I know, I will sweep the park and then I will feel entitled to go on the roller coaster.”

And so they start sweeping. And then someone walks up to them and asks what they are doing and they say “I am sweeping up the park, so I will feel entitled to go on the roller coaster.”

So this new person says “Oh, O.K. I think I will also start sweeping up the park to feel better about going on the roller coaster. “ And then the new persons begins sweeping.

Now a few more people come in and ask what they are doing. And instead of saying they chose to sweep up the park, they instead say “We are sweeping up the park so we will be deserving of going on the roller coaster.“

Now these new people are under the impression that you HAVE to sweep up the park to be able to go on the roller coaster, -- they never even question who made up this rule or where it came from.

When the truth is “No ONE has to sweep up the park to go on the roller coaster and NO ONE ever said they did!

Some of the people actually get so caught up in the sweeping, they totally forget about the roller coaster all together!

This is the perfect example of many peoples attitudes towards being deserving of good things while on Earth.

Somewhere along the way they picked up the mistaken belief that they have to DO certain things to be deserving. Deserving of money, of success, of love, of happiness. That somehow they have to do things to earn it or be worthy. Or they somehow have to suffer before they can be allowed to enjoy life.

But the truth is, you are simply entitled to every good thing on this planet simply by being here and simply because it is all here at the same time that you are and no ONE up THERE has EVER said anything different!

Only people have come up with these misconceptions, and others have blindly followed without ever asking the simple question: Who SAYS?

Who SAYS I have to work at a job that I hate if I want to make enough money to live?
Who SAYS I am not entitled or deserving to have a lot of money?
Who SAYS that others are more entitled to it than I am?
Who SAYS that I have to do things I don’t want to do if I want to be in a loving relationship?
Who SAYS that manifesting things I want has to be difficult?
Who SAYS that I have to put my time in before I am deserving?
Who SAYS that I have to sacrifice in some areas if I want good in others?

NO ONE has said! No Powers That Be ever came up with that rule!! Only people with misguided beliefs.

So if you find yourself with these hidden misconceptions, it is time to take them out and examine them. Ask yourself the simple question - Who SAYS this is true? And where did they get that crazy idea that it is true? And Why should it be true?

And the more you examine these ideas and really, really try to get to the heart of where these ideas originated, you will begin to realize that most of these misconceptions you carry with you simply came from people who are “sweeping parks for absolutely no reason“.

YOU are entitled to every good thing this Earth and Universe has to offer - simply because you are HERE! This is the biggest playground in the world and you are entitled to go on every ride you desire just because the rides are here for your enjoyment.

And you do not have to earn it - you do not have to do anything to deserve it - you do not have to sacrifice other good things to enjoy it - and there is not and never has been anyone up there trying to keep it from you.

Only your misguided thoughts have kept your greatest manifestations at bay.

So start telling yourself a new story. When and if you feel that:

I can only have that if I....
I can only enjoy this after I....
I will only be entitled to this when...
If only I was....then I can have what I want

Stop yourself in your own tracks and ask yourself....WHO SAYS?

You will be delightfully surprised at the relief you will feel when you get to the heart of the matter and realize there is no good answer to that question, and you will be free to enjoy every ride while you are here.

Happy Creating!

February 28, 2010

Fun Manifestation

Good Morning Everyone!

Had an awesome (and just plain fun) manifestation that I wanted to share with you. My husband and I have just received a fairly generous income tax refund and we were talking about what we should spend some of the money on.

We’ve been flowing pretty nicely with the money manifesting lately so we decided we would treat ourselves to a gift or two and put the rest away.

I decided to buy myself the entire Bob Ross Starter Paint set. (For those of you who don’t know, Bob Ross was an awesome landscape painter that used to be on PBS television. He could create the most beautiful landscapes in under 30 minutes and it was something I always wanted to try.) It cost me about $250.00 to get everything from the easel to the paints (canvasses, brushes etc.)

My husband decided he wanted to buy himself a 46” Flat Screen television (men!) but the $1,600 for the television was a little more than he wanted to pay. He did some research online and found that he could get a refurbished 46” Flat Screen Aquos for around $700 which made more sense to him. He really liked the Aquos and decided to do a little more research before committing. This had happened on the Saturday before Superbowl Sunday.

Later that same Saturday afternoon we went to the supermarket together to pick up some food and beer to bring to a Superbowl party we were attending the next day. While my husband was looking for the food items, I went to get the beer and noticed this huge raffle display from Budweiser in the beer section. The prize? A 46“ Aquos Flatscreen television!

Hey! I am no Law of Attraction novice here -- I know when to take a hint! Especially when it was the EXACT television that he had decided he wanted that very morning.

Sure enough, I filled out a single raffle ticket with his name on it. This past Monday we got the call - HE WON!!

At first we thought that maybe this was a fairly small giveaway but have since found out that this was a country wide raffle! Budweiser had been running the promotion for quite a few months, even on the internet. Talk about a fun manifestation!

So keep your eyes open for possibilities and those positive thoughts flowing! You truly have no idea in what fun ways Universe will decide to deliver.

Happy Creating!

February 17, 2010

The Vortex - by Abraham-Hicks

Morning everyone!

I've recently picked up a copy of The Vortex by Abraham-Hicks and it is another winner! This is by far the best book they have written so far when it comes to how to use the Law of Attraction to deal with relationships.

It covers subjects such as:

* Learning to Attract Joyous Co-creators

* The Perfect Mate - Getting One, Being One, Attracting One

* Sexuality, Sensuality and the Opinion of Others

* Creating Positive Parent/Child Relationships in a World of Contrast

* Self-Appreciation and the Law of Attraction

The book is 237 pages long and chock-filled with delicious ideas, quotes and answers to your most pressing relationship issues.

I have already read the book cover to cover and find myself wanting to read it all over again. Here are a couple of awesome excerpts just from the first few pages alone:

Index - A quote from Jerry Hicks "Once I accepted the premise that everything is working out for everyone, then I was able to allow myself to let the floodgates to my financial well-being swing (almost) wide open. And from that decision, I went on to purchase a string of luxury vehicles, always knowing I was passing potential well-being on to anyone who was open to receive it." Jerry was explaining how many, many people benefit from the purchasing of merchandise, especially high ticket items and how important it is to change your mindset if you currently believe that by having something grand you are somehow taking away from another, when in fact it is just the opposite.

Page 3: Quote from Abraham "Before your birth, as you were making the decision to focus yourself into this Leading Edge time-space reality, it was your powerful intention to enjoy every moment of the process. You understood then, from your Non-Physical perspective, that you are a creator and that you were coming into an environment with enormous potential for joyful, satisfying experiences in creation. You understood that you were a creator, and that the Earth experience would be the perfect platform from which you would launch numerous satisfying creations -- and here you are.

Page 3: Quote from Abraham: "Before your birth into your physical body, you knew that once you were here you would be surrounded by others and that your relationships with those others would be the primary source of the contrast you would live. You understood, also, that these contrasting relationships would provide the very basis of your personal expansion, as well as the very basis of your enormous contribution to Eternal expansion, and you eagerly welcomed your interaction with all of them -- and here you are."

Page 3: Quote from Abraham: "There was nothing in your plan about being here that included struggle or hardship. You did not believe that you were coming into physical form to right past wrongs, or to fix a broken world, or even to evolve (in the sense that you were currently lacking in something)...."

Page 4: Quote From Abraham "Before your birth into your physical body, you knew the value of variety and of diversity, for you understood that every new preference, desire or idea would be born from that contrast. And you knew that this contrast not only provided the literal basis for expansion, but also the basis for joyous experience. And, most of all, you knew that your joyful experience would be the ultimate reason for every part of every part of every part of all of this being-ness. You knew that it all exists for the joyful moments that would constantly explode into your awareness along the way - and here you are."

I have become addicted to this new book and will be writing about it over the next few weeks. (I can't help myself when I am this hooked on something!)

There is also a great study group going on in the Yahoo Abe Forum regarding The Vortex. It is completely free to sign up for this group (all you need is a free yahoo email address) and I promise once you do you will be addicted! They are the most inspiring group of people I have ever come across and so very helpful if you need a question answered. I visit the site at least twice a day just for a dose of inspiration!

If this is the first time you have ever heard of the term The Vortex here are a couple of videos by Araham on YouTube that will explain it!

This book also comes with a great inspiring CD you can listen to at work, in the car, while exercising... anywhere or anytime you need an inspirational boost.

If you would like to purchase your own copy of The Vortex you can find it here.

Till Tomorrow...Happy Creating!