July 26, 2008

Something New For Your Vision Board

I have written before how effective creating a vision board can be in helping you attain your goals. (Please see The Vision Board post.)

It is an awesome way to keep your focus on the things that you do want to create as opposed to the things you are unhappy about.

With this being the weekend however and assuming you have a little free time this is another fun way you can add to it. All it requires is a camera (or cell phone that can take pictures).

Today if you have free time or even if you are out and about running errands, bring your camera or phone with you and take pictures of things that you are wanting to add to your board and to your life.

While it is usually easier to get pictures out of magazines or from the internet, this is a more personal way of getting closer to what you want to create; because the item is right in front of you in 3 dimensional form.

You can feel it, touch it, see all sides of it. It is much easier for you to actually envision yourself having it when you see it live in its physical form. It makes your association with it that much stronger. And when you take a picture of it - the feelings you experienced while in its presence all come back to you each time you look at that picture.

So for this weekend, go out and take actual pictures of the things you are wanting to create.

Have you always loved the garden or gazebo at the house on the corner? Take a picture of it so one day it will be easier for you to duplicate it.

Is there a building, office or company that you have always wanted to work for? Go to that building and take a picture of it.

A car you have always wanted to own. Go to a lot that has one or find one on the street.

A certain kind of house you have always wanted, an outfit on display in the front window of a store, a piece of jewelry or a ring you have had your eye on. A hairstyle or a certain kind of dog you have always wanted to own?

If you have the option of actually touching the item you are wanting to create even better. As you are observing it or touching it ask yourself these simple questions.

Is there any earthly reason why I can't have one of these for myself?
It is merely a physical object and surely I am deserving and allowed to enjoy a simple physical object.
There is no one "out there" who would not want me to have and enjoy something so simple.
While I know owning this object is not the be-all and end-all to happiness, I also know it would simply be fun to have. It doesn't have to be "the most important thing in life" I just want to have fun and appreciate it.

Sometimes we need to remove the mental blocks we unconsciously have in regard to being deserving of certain things.

We need to see them for the simple things that they are and stop making mountains out of molehills when it comes to attaining them.

So for today, go and have some fun. Go by yourself or with someone who also wants to create fun things in their life.

Just spend the day being happy and looking forward to creating new fun things for yourself. If you really want to get into it - pretend your camera is magic. And just by the simple act of taking a picture it guarantees that the item is on its way to you. Like a genie in a bottle imagine that as soon as the shutter clicks - Universe is getting busy packing and shipping the item to you.

Chances are you have spent most of this past week working your butt off and worried about all the problems in your life.

So give yourself a break this weekend and spend it being excited about all the fun possibilities that await you. Make this weekend fun and inspiring!

Happy Creating!