July 7, 2008

Manifestation Exercise #16 - Manifesting Pink Flamingos and Yellow Cars: Improve Your Manifesting Ability

I have been studying the Law of Attraction for quite a few years now. Sometimes I get so caught up in the “new” stuff I am learning that I forget how much fun going back to the basics is.

I was reminded the other day when I saw a Pink Yard Flamingo on someone’s front lawn.

In my “early” days, Pink Flamingos was one of the fun things I used to manifest as a reminder that Universe was indeed listening to me.

Universe has come through for me in so many different ways since then that I now trust it wholeheartedly but the other day I felt like just playing with the basics again.

If you are having a hard time manifesting what you want in life, there is a good chance that you simply need some practice.

After all you wouldn’t attempt to run a marathon without a little prior training first. The same goes for the big Manifestations. You can see how it might be difficult going from very poor to very rich in one fell swoop (not impossible), but more difficult, if you haven’t practiced your manifesting technique yet.

The following are some simple manifestations you can play around with. Personally, I like the unusual. Things you don’t see everyday, so they will stand out more when they show up in your reality. But of coarse the choice is up to you.

Here are a few examples:

1. Pink Flamingos
2. Yellow or Purple Cars
3. H.R. Pufinstuf (or any old cartoon character)
4. A Toucan bird
5. Snow in summer (I will explain)
6. A rainbow
7. Parking Spaces
8. An orange ski cap
9. A leprechaun
10. A monkey

Now understand, these things do not have to show up in actual live, physical form (After all, a Pufinstuf might be hard to come by). But if you tell Universe that you want to manifest one of the things mentioned above, it will find a way to somehow deliver it. Maybe you will see a picture of it on a side of a bus, maybe overhear someone discussing it, maybe see it in a print ad of a magazine, or even hear it mentioned in the news in some form.

For instance, let’s say you choose to manifest monkeys. Then on the evening news you hear a news story about how a bunch of monkeys escaped from the local zoo. That’s not a news story you hear everyday. Maybe you will see a child walk by with a stuffed monkey in their hands, maybe some crazy lady will have one on her hat. Or who knows, maybe you will see a man walking down the street with a live monkey on his shoulder.

I’ll tell you a fun one I once did. I don’t know why this popped into my head at the time, maybe I was just being a smart alec, but once I told Universe I wanted to see snow in the summer. “Hah!” I thought. “Let’s see Universe come up with that one!” Don’t you know a few days later I am at a friends house for a barbeque when their 4 year old daughter walks out into the yard playing and shaking a snow globe. There you go... Snow in the summer.

Law of Attraction is like a muscle. The more use you use it the stronger it becomes.

Make your request simple and clear.

“Universe I choose to manifest (whatever it is) Thank you!”

Then keep your eyes and ears open.

The first couple of times that you do this exercise and you witness Universe delivering what you asked it to, you might be tempted to think it is merely a “coincidence”. This is easily resolved.

Simply ask again. For the same thing or something different. Trust me. In time you begin to realize that the odds of having so many different “coincidences” occur is almost impossible.

You may have heard other people mention manifesting parking spaces. This is a fun one to do and you get the added benefit of convenience. The next time you go someplace that is usually crowded tell Universe you would like to manifest an open parking spot right out front as soon as you arrive.

Keep practicing! You will be amazed at how many times a person will just be pulling out the second that you are pulling up.

The more often your manifestations occur, the stronger your belief muscle becomes. The stronger your belief muscle becomes, the faster new manifestations are granted because “belief” is one the most important ingredients in the Law of Attraction.

So go have fun with this! Go manifest something crazy and enjoy the “thrill-chills” you will experience when you see the unique way that Universe delivers it. After some practice you will be absolutely ready to create the really “big” stuff!

Happy Creating!


Unknown said...

I wanted to manifest a pink flamingo as in the example and it appeared in my dreams, does it count? :D

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