July 6, 2008

A message From Abraham-Hicks

As some of you might know I am a big fan of Abraham-Hicks. I have had many teachers over the years, quite a lot of them in the form of authors. And while I am grateful for every one of them, I have to admit Abraham is by far one of my all time favorites. Their message is so clear, so easy to read and understand, but they have a way of getting through to me at a level most others can only touch upon lightly.

Connee Chandler is an awesome “Aber” on the Abraham website who really gets it. She has been following Abraham for years and her posts are so unbelievably inspiring! She attends quite a few of their conferences and cruises and then writes an awesome list of highlights that are quick little bits of inspiration.

The following is a post she just put up yesterday that I absolutely love. It is from one of the Abraham-Hicks tapes and she took out some of the best highlights. I hope it inspires you as well.

Hi, Friends,

It still blows me away that I can listen to Abraham and get as excited now,
13 years later, as I did when I heard my first tapes in 1995!

This segment from the Los Angeles tape is as powerful as anything I've ever
heard them say. I love their promises to us, that we ARE shifting, that
things are changing, that the Universe is responsive to us, that we ARE the
creators of our reality with every thought, word and action.

Love and hugs,


Abraham: "Make a distinction between the thought that you're thinking about what is,
and the thought you *could* be thinking about what is coming.

You could begin to deliberately tweak your story into a better feeling, a
better feeling story. Just telling it a little different every time. Just
telling it slightly different every time, the cooperative Universe would
begin to give you evidence as soon as five minutes from now, as soon as this
afternoon, as soon as when you awaken in the morning, as soon as tomorrow,
new vibrational indicators that better reflect your new vibrational story.

You are the creator of your experience and you do it when you are not
looking. You are the creator of your experience and you don't do it with
the big stories you tell. You do it with the day in and day out stories
that you tell about what is.

So it is our desire, we will joyously observe, as you are moving through
your days, in the next few days, something remarkable is going to happen to
you. We know it, we've seen it again and again.

You are going to be right in the middle of expressing something as it is,
and realize that even though you are reflecting accurately and truthfully,
it's not something you want to keep going.

And you are going stop right in the middle of your rendition, practiced,
articulate and humorous as it is, and you are going to choke on your own
words just a little bit. And you are going to say, "I think I have a better
way of telling that!"

And whether you tell it to that person in that moment, or if you wait until
you are in bed that night, as you begin telling that story differently, it
is our promise to you that the Universe will back your story up with
evidence. You can literally place the characters, their personality, you
can put the money in your bank account. You can control the condition of
your body, you can control the traffic that you drive in. You can control
everything in your experience with time.

You begin to tell the stories for the purpose of feeling better, not for the
purpose of changing the outcome. For the purpose of feeling better now,
feeling better now, feeling better now, feeling better now! The outcome
will begin to morph around you and people will watch you in amazement...

"I create with my every word. Not just the words I say in my doing my goal
setting session, my every word! Not just the words I speak with someone I
care about what they think about what I say. I speak and I create with my
EVERY word. And now I'm in charge of that. I speak on purpose. I think on
purpose! I behave on purpose. And at the core of EVERY thought that I
think or word that I speak or action that I offer, is one inspiring reason:
I want to feel good.

I want to feel as good as I can feel right now. I want to see the world
through the eyes of Source. I want to smell the world through the nose of
Source. I want to hear and taste and feel the world, I want to BE Source in
a physical body.

That's what I said I would do. I want to be Source in a physical body."

And Friends, that's who you are!!! Have fun with this!

There is great love here for you."

Los Angeles 2/3/08