April 22, 2008

If You Want To Remain Positive, Watch What You Watch

O.K. I am about to start this article with a shocking statement. I don't ever watch the news or read the newspaper. Whew! -- There I said it!

I used to -- every day. I would watch at least one full hour of news on television and read at least one full newspaper. I didn't want to miss out on a single current important news story.

Then again, those were also the days I walked around worried about everything in the world I could do nothing about. The days I would go into work cranky, or snap at my husband after work. The days I wondered why I found it so hard to remain positive and upbeat like all of the Law of Attraction books I had been reading back then were telling me to be.

That was before I realized how much of an effect that negative people and news could have on my entire mental outlook.

It is not just enough for us to only focus on the negative thoughts that go through our minds if we want to learn how to effectively use the Law of Attraction. It is just as important that we are conscious of the people who surround us, and the information we take in on a conscious and subconscious basis.

Now I know this may be hard for a lot of people to digest. I've even had people say something to the effect of "People like you are the reason why the country is the way it is today. Not being properly informed of what is going on in the world is being totally irresponsible."
While on the outside I accept the criticism with a smile and an "everyone is entitled to their own opinion" look, on the inside I am actually incredulous and laughing.

First of all, what is printed in the media is not even close to what is really going on in the world today! By the time a story has passed through the filter of what our government will allow it to print, the political party slant given to it depending on the news organization that is putting it out, the frequent errors of journalists regarding the facts, and the dramatization of the headlines and lead-ins created by the publishers in order to outsell their competitors, the real story does not even resemble what the "unbiased" truth is.

Maybe once upon a time, but not anymore.

Secondly, if I am the one who is going to control and create a peaceful life for myself and my family, I am aware that one of the first things that needs to go is the fear factor.

Fear is a great motivator used by others to get what they want. And there are certain groups that wield it well. Like the IRS, our current government administration, the drug companies, the television news shows and all print media; they dedicate all of their resources into feeding into our fears in order to get us to do or buy what they want.

Ever catch one of those lead ins for the nightly news? Something like "Is the dinner you are eating right now killing your family?! Tune in tonight at 11:00 to find out!" Heck by 11 o'clock my family could already be dead.

Then there are the drug company commercials that start with "did you know 1 out of every 3 people will suffer from this in their lifetime? Or 1 out of 2 men are

diagnosed with this? According to them, what are the chances that you are not someday going to have to end up on one of those lists?

And of coarse there are the depression commercials. I get depressed just listening to them. The low drawling sympathetic voice asking if you are tired, feeling overwhelmed, having trouble concentrating...you might be suffering from depression. Well if I wasn't before, I certainly am now after hearing your commercial.

When I first started really understanding how the Law of Attraction worked, these news stories and ads got me angry. The power of suggestion is strong, and it angered me that they could possibly be making many people ill just subjected them to these subconscious fears on a daily basis; all in order to draw ratings and customers.

Until I realized the simple solution was to just not watch anymore. I decided to experiment and give it a break for a few weeks. I would pop in dvd's like The Secret or What The Bleep while I was getting ready in the morning for background noise instead of the news. I would listen to inspirational tapes instead of news reports on the radio and I would go to inspirational websites every morning while having coffee, instead of reading the newspaper.

I can't tell you the miraculous difference it made! Where I used to walk out of the house depressed and fearful at the 8 horrible news stories I just heard, I now found myself walking out feeling great and optimistic after hearing a dvd tell me for an entire half hour that I can be or create anything I want to!

The one fear I had when I first gave up the news, was that I might actually miss out on a news report that was important and could effect me personally. Such as a food or toy recall, traffic accident causing backups, etc. But I found to my delight that Law of Attraction being what it is, if there was something I needed to be made aware of, Universe found a way for me to hear about it. Be it from a co-worker or the man at the deli. A friend or family member. Sometimes even an email. Universe always made sure (and still does of coarse) that I somehow found out about anything that might concern me directly.

What little thrill bumps that always gives me in itself!

What started out as an experiment has now become my new way of life. And I can honestly say I don't miss a single minute of it. Instead of being glued to the set when the news comes on nowadays, I find myself jumping for the remote to change it immediately. I don't want to be afraid anymore. I want to create a peaceful and positive life.

So why don't you give it a try? Even for as little as 2 weeks and watch the difference it can make in your life. See how much calmer, confident and better you feel when you constantly feed yourself positive messages instead of negative ones. I'm willing to bet you won't want to go back either!

Happy Creating!