November 20, 2008

Law of Attraction: Do You Really Want Things to Change in Your Life?

"I knew it!"

"I told you so!"

"Just as I thought!"

"Just as I'd expected"

"I knew she was going to be difficult!"

"I knew he was going to turn out to be a cheater!"

"I knew I should never have hired him"

"I knew I was going to hate this class...this job...this assignment".

These are just some of the expressions we use when we experience a situation that we have been dreading or assuming that would turn out negative and then we prove ourselves right.

So are these "premonitions" or are we walking into these situations thinking negatively ahead of time - thereby creating them?

The answer is both, because they both stem from the same thing - our preconceived thoughts about them.

You see, our brains like "labels." When a new experience or situation is on the horizon, it is our brains' natural function to try and put it into a "category" that we can relate to. These categories are built around past experiences we have had, or even sometimes simply heard about.

So quite often without realizing it, we can put a "future" experience into a negative category in our minds that will then "predict" the outcome of the new experience. Because we are already assuming the negative and believing the negative...well, let's just say it's not difficult to see how this is going to end up.

Here's an example. Imagine that a third grader on his first day of school is either especially exuberant or nervous. So on his first day he is either talking a lot or upset and uncooperative.

Now the teacher... who doesn't know this child yet...automatically "labels" this child as "going to be a problem" for the rest of the year. It's hard to blame the teacher from a practical standpoint, because the teacher knows that "bad" behavior has to be nipped in the bud immediately if he/she is going to maintain any kind of control over the class for the rest of the year.

So now the teacher "knows" this child has to be reprimanded as soon as the "bad" behavior begins to prevent it from getting worse. So from here on in, any time the child talks to someone else, the teacher pounces on it. If there is a dispute between this child and another student, the teacher automatically assumes that it is the "troublemakers" fault. The "troublemaker" gets spoken to more harshly than the other children and gets reprimanded more often.

So now how do you think the third grader is going to interpret this? That the teacher doesn't like him - that the teacher is always picking on him - that the teacher doesn't talk to the other students that way, etc.

So, if that is true, how do you think this student is likely to behave in the future? With anger, with resentment, by acting out "just as the teacher assumed that he would", because the teacher just knew he was going to be a troublemaker; meanwhile the child is simply re-acting to the way he was being treated in the first place.

This is the kind of vicious circle many of us get caught up in. We have one bad experience, then immediately assume anything like it belongs in the same bad experience category, so we right off the bat start looking for the "problems."

Then of course, after we have brought these exact problems about we say "You see? I knew it! I knew it was going to turn out this way!"


What else can we expect to happen? We're expecting it to be a bad experience, we are focusing on all the "bad" in it... how can it end up being anything else?

If you feel you keep having the same "bad" experiences over and over again it might be time to look at your own "labeling system." Are you walking into a situation automatically assuming that you are not going to enjoy it? Automatically assuming it is going to be a bad experience, simply because of what has happened in the past?

For instance, a dreaded job, an invitation, a relationship, a financial situation, even something as mundane as a retail store? Do you ever find yourself saying things like "I hate going to that store, the lines are always so long," or I can never find a salesperson when I need one".

It is time to remember that you have the choice in every single minute to change your thoughts about something. It is time to remember that today is a new day and just because "this happened" last time - there is nothing outside of you that is saying that it has to happen the same way again. Only you can make that choice. Only you can decide what part of a situation you want to focus upon. Only you can decide what you would like the new outcome to be.

There is a favorite quote of mine from Wayne Dyer that says "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

Even though it may seem to you that "nothing ever changes" it is in fact changing constantly. Every single situation is different and brings something new to the table. However, if you keep having the same "old" thoughts about it -- then you are just going to naturally reproduce the same "old" outcomes.

So in the future, try to catch yourself when you start to go through this labeling practice. When you feel yourself automatically dreading something that reminds you of a past experience, catch yourself and soothe yourself into knowing that just because that is what happened last time, does not mean it has to happen again.

Keep your focus on a different outcome. Daydream and imagine different possibilities that you hadn't considered before. If a negative thought tries to pop in, pivot and think about what you would like to experience.

You will be amazed at how easily you can create an entirely different outcome simply by having an entirely different thought about it.

November 10, 2008

The Master Key System - Free Ebook - Freebie

Morning All!

Happy Monday. It has been awhile since I offered a free ebook, so today is that day.

Many of you might have heard about this book The Master Key System. It became popular when Rhonda Byrne - the author and producer of the movie The Secret - claimed it was one of the books (along with Wallace Wattles - The Science of Getting Rich) that truly inspired her to do the movie The Secret in the first place.

Some of you might even remember that the author of the The Master Key System, Charles Hanaal's picture even appeared in some of the promos for The Secret movie.

There have been some rumors about this book, that while inspiring, I am not sure are completely accurate.

One of the rumors is that when this book originally came out in 1912 - it was THE Secret. That is was only given to an elite few and hidden from the rest of the masses. That the people who were lucky enough to get their hands on it ended up becoming some of the most successful people on the planet due strictly to the information contained in this manuscript.

I love that story! Exciting...intriguing and I admit one of the things that had me watching the promo again and again in anticipation of The Secret's release.

In hindsight however, I realize that all of those successful people were, like yourselves, simply "ready" for the message. They were forward thinkers, already primed to think outside of the box, already more spiritually advanced than most, and while the information could give them better clarity and direction, the material itself was not responsible for their great leaps of accomplishment. Simple positive and correct thought was.

Another rumor that surrounds this book is that Bill Gates read it right before his explosion with Microsoft. A story again that is very enticing, but I believe Mr. Gates has since dispelled that notion.

So maybe the book is not "magic" -- but it is inspiring! I imagine it really did have an impact on anyone who read it back then, because there wasn't much information available at that time on the Law of Attraction. It was a totally new way to look at the world and the people who got "it" really got "it".

As forward thinkers yourselves, you have probably realized by now that EVERY new piece of information that you come across is another stepping stone in your spiritual advancement.

So with that said, read this manuscript until you find your "a-ha" moment of the day.

Happy Creating!

The Master Key System by Charles Hanaal

November 7, 2008

Using the Law of Attraction to Create More Money Exercise

While it might seem like there a ton of reasons that you don't have a lot of money right now - the fact of the matter is, when you break it all down it only comes down to two components.

1. Either you think you are undeserving of it; or

2. You somehow picked up the idea that money is "bad".

No matter which argument, doubt or excuse you can come up with, they will always lead back to one of those two core "mis"-beliefs.

So what do you do? How do you go about changing these mind sets?

Simple. You will need to address them at two different levels; consciously and sub-consciously.

Now believe it or not, this is not nearly as difficult as it might sound. All it takes is a little of your time.

The first thing we need to do is deal with your conscious thoughts around money, so let's start there.

Get out your trusty pen, pencil or word processing page and write down this sentence:

Why I don't think I deserve to have a lot of money.

Now your original reaction to this question might be - but I do think I deserve to have money - that's why I am so frustrated! If that was your answer then you are not going deep enough.

If you do not have a lot of money right now chances are there is a part of you that thinks you are undeserving. So let's see if we can uncover what it is.

Read the following examples and see if any of these strike a cord in you.

I have never been really successful at anything
I have failed at everything I have ever tried
I am a failure
I never stick with anything long enough to succeed
I constantly change my mind
I have no special talents
I've gotten fired in the past because I am not good enough
Everyone always told me I would never amount to anything.
My family never had money, what makes me think I'm special?
Other people don't have a lot of money, why should I?
People like "me" don't have money
I couldn't still be spiritual if I had money
I couldn't still be a good person if I had money
I wouldn't know how to handle a lot of money
I would just spend it stupidly like I have in the past
I was never very smart
I never finished high school
I never went to college
I never finished at the top of my class
I never got good grades
I don't work smart enough
I don't work hard enough or long enough
I am lazy
Idon't have any original ideas
I am not spiritual enough
I don't sacrifice enough
I don't take care of my health properly
I am a bad parent
I am a bad child
I am a bad spouse
I am a bad friend
I am a bad person
I don't think about others often enough

Now write down whichever ones you feel are even slightly true, plus any others you may come up with on your own. Make sure you leave at least 2 free spaces in between whichever item you write down because you are going to write underneath it in a few moments.

Part II

No write this down on the top of another piece of paper:

The reasons I think money is bad.

This is where you are going to delve into your past and pull out every negative cliché you have heard about money from your parents, your church, your neighbors, your teachers, television, etc.

Money doesn't grow on trees
Money is scarce - there's not enough to go around
Making money is hard
You can't create money out of thin air
Only "special" people have money
You need to have money to make money
Money goes to Money
No one said life was fair
No one said life was supposed to be easy
People like me don't get lucky
People like me don't have a lot of money
I should just be grateful for what I have and not be greedy
The only way to have a lot of money is to work hard at the expense of your loved ones
People who only focus on money don't have lives
Money is the root of all evil
People who have a lot of money are selfish
People who have a lot of money are spoiled
People who have a lot of money are superficial
People who have a lot of money don't have real friends
Don't take chances with money
If you have a lot of money you can't be spiritual
Only poor people can be spiritual through their "sacrifice"
If you have more than enough, then you are simply being greedy...., etc.

Again you get the point. I'm sure your family and friends had their own little pearls of wisdom. Think back to the ones that you have heard in the past. Again write down all the ones that apply to you or hit a particular cord when you read it. Be sure to leave spaces in between.

O.K. Now you are dealing with your feelings consciously. Even if you haven't really thought this deeply about it before - your lists now stand in front of you.

Part III
Now go back to your first list and in the blank line you left beneath it write down at least ONE reason why you know the negative statement is not true.

For instance in the Why I don't deserve to have money list. Say some of your reasons was lack of schooling or opportunities. Write down that tons of people became millionaires who didn't finish school or were brought up in poverty. Or how about "I never stick with anything long enough to succeed" write down that you just haven't found your passion or purpose yet and that once you do you will go after it with all your heart. If it has to do with not being a good enough person, parent, etc, write down all the things that you do do that negates that sentence. How you cook for your family, or call once a week, etc.

Then do the same for the Why Money Is Bad Category. Write down at least one thing (or as many as you like, the more the better) about why those sentences aren't true. For instance "People like me don't have a lot of money" Really? Well who then? "Normal" people hit the lottery all the time, win scratch offs, come up with multi-million dollar ideas. How about "All people with a lot of money are selfish, or self-centered" Really? How about Bill Gates and Warren Buffet? They are two of the richest men in the world and have given millions, if not billions of dollars to charities.

The point of this exercise is to give yourself reasons why what you learned in the past is false.

It is almost impossible to consciously change a negative thought if your brain isn't given a logical reason behind the change.

Part IV
Dealing with your "subconscious" mind regarding money limitations.

Now there are a few different ways you can do this.

Personally this first option is my favorite and I think the quickest and most effective. It is called EFT or The Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a form of acupressure but it consists of tapping on certain meridian points of your body. For more detailed information and videos on how to use this process visit here.

So how would you use EFT around this subject in particular? This is where both of the lists you wrote will come back into play. Go back up to your first list and tap in every one of those sentences with your EFT saying. Such as "Even though I feel I have never been really successful at anything I love and accept myself completely." And do one full tapping session around that. Next "Even though I don't think I deserve money because I never finished high school, I love and accept myself completely"

Do this for every item on your list and then even do it for the some of the reasons I've listed above that you might not think apply to you. Sometimes we don't know what exactly is holding us back and we will happily stumble on it by accident.

Subliminal Tapes

Using subliminal tapes, especially before bedtime can also be effective. It would be perfect if you have the ability to record your own voice saying I AM deserving to have all the money I desire, I AM a good person, I AM Smart Enough To Succeed At whatever I choose, etc. Download it onto an IPOD and listen as you fall asleep or simply play a tape cassette if it won't disturb another person in the room.

During Meditation

Another good time when your subconscious mind will be more open and receptive is at the end of a meditation session. After you have silenced your mind for 15 or 20 minutes take a couple of minutes at the very end to say some of those same positive sentences to yourself.

Mind Movies
You may have already heard of Mind Movies. They have just released their newest version which gives you the option of putting subliminal messages on your computer that work in the background while you continue doing your every day work in the foreground of your computer.

Type in the inspiring and deserving messages so they play in the background all day slowly being absorbed by your unconscious self.

If you would like to know more about Mind Movies, visit here.

Just playing with any these ideas for a few days can change your money mind-set drastically.

So get busy creating money in the only place it counts - your mind, and watch how quickly your outside circumstances will change.

November 6, 2008

What Would Business Robot Do?

Good Morning All!

As most of you know, every once in awhile I come across a post on someone else’s site that I find interested enough or inspiring enough to recommend here.

While cruising the net early this morning (very early this morning as a matter of fact) I came across this awesome post by Michael Neill.

I thought it was an inspirational and creative way to look at your current situation differently.


“Leaders are people who can discern the inevitable and act accordingly.”
-Donald Trump

Emma was struggling to keep her home-based business alive after about a year of very hard work and very limited profits. When she hired me to help her turn things around (or help her make peace with letting the business go), the first thing I did was introduce her to a thinking tool I use with many of my clients:

Imagine a robot who has been programmed with all the best business skills and business wisdom, but has no emotional circuitry whatsoever. No matter what is going on in your business, “Business Robot” will always make the decisions and take the actions that are most likely to lead to success both short and long-term.
Now imagine that Business Robot has been hired to run your company or takeover your job for awhile - what would Business Robot do?

When I asked Emma, her first response was “he’d quit!” (Not sure why most people seem to make Business Robot a “boy-bot”, but they do!) After further questioning, she realized that in fact, the business was mostly on track - what had been troubling her was the pressure she’d been putting on herself to “make” it succeed more quickly.

A series of insights followed, including:

*Business Robot would institute a strict ABC priority policy and stick with
it, not letting himself get caught up in other people’s sense of urgency

*Business Robot would work less hours, recognizing the value of focusing on work when at work and renewing energy and resources outside of working hours

*Business Robot would go through and do an 80/20 evaluation of which clients were bringing in the most money for the least effort and vice-versa – and then would use that information as a basis for prioritizing certain clients and “firing” others
Perhaps the biggest breakthrough she got from the exploration was when she realized that far from working harder or longer, Business Robot would hire an assistant to take care of the majority of the tasks she herself found so tiresome, leaving her free and energized to do the work that she loved and excelled at.
Today’s Experiment:
1. Imagine that Business Robot has been brought in to run your company, take over your job, or manage your career - what would Business Robot do in the first week? What goals or targets would he set for the next month? Next quarter? Next year?

2. What longer-term vision would Business Robot create for you business or career?

3. Think of the biggest problem or sticking point you are facing in your
work right now - what would Business Robot do in that situation?

The key to making this “thought-experiment” work for you is to realize that as Aristotle said, “a virtue is the mean between two vices”. Your goal is not to become more robotic - just to bring the wisdom of a mentally disciplined approach into balance with the wisdom of your very human heart.

Have fun, learn heaps, and happy exploring!

With love,

I highly recommend visiting Michael’s Blog at GeniusCatalyst It is filled with many other inspiring posts.

November 4, 2008

Law of Attraction - Money Is Only An Illusion

When it comes to the law of attraction, the question I am asked most often by people is how can they use it to attract more money into their lives. Many of these people have done the reading and the exercises; some had even been pretty successful in attracting other things they’ve wanted in their lives, but for some reason the money thing seems the most elusive.

Considering what most of us think and have been taught about money, it isn’t really difficult to see where the problem might lie.

Money is the one subject most of us are bombarded with negative messages about on almost a daily basis. Any time you pick up a newspaper, watch T.V., talk to friends and family, so much of the conversation revolves around money and the supposed lack of it. The increase in milk and gas prices, increased taxes, the billions going to the war. Rise in unemployment rates, rise in bankruptcies, rise in foreclosures and personal debt. And this is on top of the silly negative messages we received as children growing up. So it not hard to see why it seems to be one of the hardest things for one to manifest.

Another thing has to do with emotion. Money invokes strong emotions. It is as strong in the people who have it, as it is in the people who do not. The Law of Attraction works stronger and faster when there is serious emotion behind it, be it in a positive or negative way.

So again, it is not surprising that someone who feels strongly about having money has tons of it while others who feel strongly about being poor experience serious lack.

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter. It is time to let go of the emotions and get practical.

The truth is there is no lack of money. In fact, money itself isn’t even real. It is all an illusion.

Money is merely legal tender we have collectively decided to give a value to. In truth it is nothing more than rectangular pieces of paper covered in green ink with miscellaneous numbers on it. And nowadays most of the time it isn’t even that physical.

It is said (and this varies from nation to nation) that only as little as 4% of the money that exists in the banks today exists as paper bills or coins.

That means that out of $100 only $4 of that is available in cash money! And that money is not even backed up by anything since we got rid of the Gold Standard in the 1970’s.

The rest of the “money” out there is just a bunch of numbers flying electronically over our heads from one account to another and back again.

Think about the last big purchase you have made. When you bought your house, your car, a major appliance. Did you have to go to the bank and physically take out those thousands and thousands of dollars in cash?

Of coarse not. You simply wrote down some numbers on a small piece of paper called a check and handed it over. Or you used a little plastic card that will cause you to receive another piece of paper at the end of the month with even more numbers on it.

Money is simply an idea we have all agreed to accept. Think about some of the other things we consider “valuable” simply because we collectively decided to. For instance, my father used to say to me about diamonds; “I have no idea why people would want to spend so much money on a bunch of shiny rocks.” And it was so funny to me because it is true.

Diamonds are simply shiny rocks created in abundance by nature. It is only in our decision (or more importantly the decision of the diamond mine owners) to declare that they are “worth” something. There have been times in the past that diamond miners would have millions of dollars worth of diamonds reserved in vaults that were distributed in limited amounts just to keep the value of diamonds high. But the diamonds themselves weren’t scarce. Granted they are beautiful -- but they are also, in fact… rocks.

How about the other things in our lives that change on almost a daily basis due to what we hear and read? For instance, how can a house that was worth $250,000 a few years ago increase to a worth of $750,000 when it is the exact same house? How does a stock worth $80 yesterday drop to $40 today based on a review given by a third party?

You see it is all in perception. So many of us have been brought up to believe we are undeserving or not entitled to have a lot of money. But that is just as big an illusion as money is itself.

It is time to stop being intimidated by a non-existing entity!

Do you want to know why you are entitled to have anything you want on this Earth?

Simply because you are here! You are entitled to everything that exists on this planet simply because you exist on this planet along with these things!

Nobody owns it! Nobody has more or a less of a right to it than you do. We are all equally entitled to all of the bounty that exists here - otherwise it wouldn‘t exist here at all to be experienced!

And do you know what else? You do not need to do anything to justify it - you do not need to prove it and you certainly don’t need to wait for someone else to allow you to have it.

It is yours to experience simply because it is here to be experienced and because you are here to experience it. You are did not come down to this gorgeous planet to experience lack. You came down here to create wonderful physical manifestations!

So it is time to get practical and get over those old tiresome theories about what is considered “valuable“ and if you are deserving of them.

If Debeers can decide how much diamonds are worth, and the Federal Reserve can decide what the interest rate is going to be, and Wall Street can decide how much stocks are worth, and consumers can decide how much the latest Elmo is going to be worth this Christmas, don’t you think it is time to declare what you choose to be worth?

Who’s going to do that if not you? Why should others get to make all the rules?

Of coarse you are entitled to a bunch of shiny rocks!

Absolutely you are entitled to rectangular pieces of paper stamped with green ink!

Darn right you are entitled to have a bunch of large numbers in some account that has your name on it!

Most importantly of all is your right to enjoy this physical lifetime simply because you choose to. Because it is why you came here! And don’t let anyone think they can take that right away from you. No government, bank, employer, credit card holder, spouse, parent…anyone!

Remember that money is simply an illusion. Basing your self-worth on it, is an even bigger illusion. It is time to shatter them both!

Be the entitled being you are supposed to be. Enjoy every minute here as you intended.

You are worthy!

Happy Creating!

November 3, 2008

Came Across A Great Post - Good Thought For The Day

Morning All!

I came across this great post this morning on the Good Vibe Blog.

It is about how the labels we put on things affect the outcome of situations in our lives.

It pretty much says it all -- so there is not much for me to add to it.

When you have a chance -- check it out!

Good Vibe Blog

October 30, 2008

Have You Heard About the Passion Test?

You may have heard of Jack Canfield. He was one of the speakers in the movie The Secret and is the publisher of all of the Chicken Soup For The Soul books.

So when I came across a quote about how a certain book changed his life I became naturally curious.

Many of you might have already heard about the book The Passion Test. I, however had not until yesterday, which makes me think that maybe I was living under a rock when it became a national best seller last year.

This book claims to be able to help guide you to being more aware of what you really want in life.

Just by taking simple little tests and answering certain questions it will make you much clearer on where your personal focus should be to have the passionate life you desire.

As we have discussed before on this site, there is only one simple rule when it comes to the Law of Attraction. “Focus on what you DO want - and not on what you do not want.”

The biggest frustration that has been relayed to me by my readers however, is that many of them don’t actually know what it is they want.

Most people have been brought up to do what they have to do to survive, not many were told when they were younger that they should be focusing on what they love to do, what they want to do or what they are inspired to do. Many of us have even been taught that if it is fun – then it cannot be worth money or it is not real work.

As you become more aware of the Law of Attraction however, you start to realize that they were wrong. Who says you can’t make money doing what you love? You know who says it? The people who aren’t making money doing what they love! Well that’s a little biased, don’t you think?

I found this clip on YouTube that describes The Passion Test in more detail..

I even visited The Passion Test’s website and I have to admit it was very inspiring! I took the Free 7 question Passion Test Profile and it was surprisingly accurate to where I am standing right now in my life.

I personally love what I do for a living and do it with excitement every day! There are some other areas of my life however that can use a little tweaking. For instance, there are a couple of opportunities that stand before me now that I have been debating about taking the next step on.

So if you have some time today, go check it out for yourself. The Passion Test Website has some free inspiring articles and a blog that can maybe help you get clearer on what you are wanting.

Happy Creating!

October 29, 2008

Abraham-Hicks – More Awesome Snippets

As many of you already aware I am a huge fan of Abraham-Hicks. Connee Chandler is an awesome “Aber” who attends quite a few of Abraham’s live workshops and takes fantastic notes when she goes.

I consider them little snippets – quick and satisfying inspiration. These were notes she had taken from the recent Bethesda MD workshop she attended on October 11, 2008.

If you would like to see more notes like these please visit It is a wonderful site that contains contributions from other “abers” that are truly inspirational. Now onto the snippets….keep reading until you find the one that “strikes” you today. The answer to the question you have is probably listed somewhere below.

1. Accept that desire is essential to eternal expansion. Your desire is the furthest out of the leading edge perspective. Without the contrast there would be no new conclusions.

2. Everything is relational. Life causes you to want, and a new point of perspective is established...

3. Whatever degree of preference occurs, Source gives its undivided attention to that preference, and a new vibrational vantage point happens.

4. Your emotions are your indicator of your alignment. The vibration of the larger part of you has become activated around your new request. You have two vantage points playing off one another all the time. That’s your guidance system.

5. The basis of that which you are is nonphysical. From there, you wanted to mix it up here and come to new conclusions. You can’t be in any space without being aware of what would make it just a little better for you.

6. Appreciate those who came before who established what you came into.

7. The larger part of you is Source Energy. Whatever you ask for, all day, every day, Source becomes it.

8. In the midst of things you like the least, you are doing some of your best creating.

9. If you could see what the contrast causes you to ask with more poignancy, you would be able to appreciate it. You become weller after a sickness, richer after a downturn in the economy.

10. Vibrationally speaking, catching up with what Source is living in your Vibrational Escrow IS your job. Yet you complain that your VE is not paying your rent yet. You say, “I want it converted to something I can spend or sleep with!!!”

11. Look in the direction of it and you WILL live it!

12. The only thing that slows you down is that you keep explaining that you don’t have it.

13. A fresh, pure desire feels like interest or passion. A life giving, frisky moment that is a match to your VE feels like the culmination of what you are asking for. Disappointment is a match to what you don’t want.

14. It is not necessary for you to suffer, the things you want should come quickly.

15. Life has caused you to become more. What’s the rest of you doing?

16. If you are over here irritated, saying, “I don’t have enough” or “They aren’t doing it right” you are not a match.

17. If you want it to remain true, pay attention to it!

18. If you don’t like it, focus on something else.

19. Notice how it feels when you pay attention to it. If it doesn’t feel good, train yourself into alignment with your VE.

20. Everything you have asked for vibrationally, Source has become and Law of Attraction is responding to that larger point of attraction. All things that match that are drawn into this vortex of attraction.

21. If you could view the vortex of Mass Consciousness, you would know the utter wellbeing there. Money and clarity are there. All of that which you collectively want is ALL DONE! The only thing that is missing is you!

22. You have created the vibrational culmination of what you want, but if you are focusing on explaining what is, you are not going there yet.

23. The tension of not going is what equals negative emotion.

24. When you feel fear/anger/frustration, you are not yet in the vortex. If you are feeling ease/passion/joy, you are in the vortex. When you have asked for an improved life and you’re beating the drum of not having it, you feel bad. You’ve got to let yourself BE it, or you are not going to feel good.

25. You can’t stop wanting, give that up! The entire Universe is orchestrated to expand through contrast and the birth of desire.

26. When you ask from the contrast, that is Step 1. Step 2 is the Universe/Source answering and holding steady to that, calling you towards it. There is no slipping back from the expansion. You cannot say, “Oh, never mind.” You can’t take it back. You have no choice except to let yourself go to who you have become if you want to feel good. You have to find thoughts that allow you to catch up, which is Step 3, allowing.

27. Say, “I am no longer going to be the only holdout from my good.”

28. Allowing means looking for positive aspects, rampaging appreciation, saying, “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” and “won’t it be lovely when?” Lean toward optimism.

29. Esther lost her beautiful gold pen that Jerry had given her. She told him and he said, “Oh, good! Something to buy!” But she wanted THAT pen. She kept saying, “Where’s my pen, I want my pen. It’s lost! Where’s my pen, I want my pen. Where’s my pen, I want my pen. Where’s my pen, I want my pen. Where’s my pen, I want my pen” for days. Jerry finally said, “Let it go!” Esther said, “I have no choice.” Months later, looking for something else, she found her pen in a purse she had turned upside down several times.

30. How could she not have seen it there? You cannot find what is LOST! You cannot receive apart from the vibrational patterns within you. Esther let her factual, truth-based reality prove to her that it was not there. But generally, when you are looking at the facts, you are seeing a distorted view that contradicts what you want, and therefore, what you want cannot come to you.

31. How can you not notice the facts? Make reality less important to you. Focus on what is to come. It sets up a new and improved version of reality.

32. When someone says, “Hi, how are you? How have you been?” say, “that’s an irrelevant question!” Your friend then says, “What do you want me to ask?” “Ask where I am GOING! That’s my VIBRATIONAL reality!”

33. Or, When someone says, “How have you been?” say enthusiastically, “really engulfed in the leading edge contrast! I am queued up for a truly dynamic future for myself from sifting through the contrast and birthing desires! And now I am giving my undivided attention to my beautiful future! I no longer face reality, I MINE reality for reasons to feel good.”

34. Become a selective sifter. Focus on the very BEST feeling pieces of all of it.

35. Your future is already set up and ready for you. Focus there and you will move quickly toward it.

36. When you are having a tumultuous experience with someone who is really bothering you, when you think of them, you feel a thorn in your side. You want them to fall in a hole, they irritate you so much. And EVERY time it feels uncomfortable, you are requesting an improvement, putting a new version of them into your VE that is kinder, clearer, and more magnificent, you cannot help it!

37. You are adding, adding, adding, adding, adding to your VE and Source has become it and is now orchestrating circumstances and events to culminate in this new and better relationship you want.

38. Play “isn’t it lovely” and train yourself to focus there. Every time you look back, you match the old vibration.

39. This ornery person harassed you into expansion, but your continuing to look at it is keeping you from going there yourself. Then you feel negative emotion and blame THEM for your getting mad. But if it weren’t for YOUR expansion, you wouldn’t feel bad. The only thing that is happening is that YOU grew and then you didn’t go.

40. The funny thing is, the more you don’t go, the more you ask, and the bigger the contrast feels and the more you grow!

41. Let go of the struggle for control, let go of all of the conversation about what happened. Just give it up.

42. Other people are not here to feather your nest. You were born to feather your own nest. Just move into alignment with it.

43. When Esther is lost, she appreciates Jerry’s help with navigation. When she knows where she is going, it irritates her. He walks a fine line, because he doesn’t know what she knows.

44. Don’t answer questions that haven’t been asked.

45. People who give you grief are your best co-creators. It’s easier to appreciate the contrast when you are looking back at it.

46. Learn to appreciate the contrast in the present moment. Say, “There’s a pony in here somewhere! I’m pretty sure something good will come out of this. I suppose you wouldn’t be here bugging me if I weren’t a match to you. So here we are banging it out together. Thanks for the trouble!”

47. Let go of control of conditions. Align your vibration.

48. When you see people having trouble, play the game of seeing them having what they want in your imagination instead. When you focus there, it feels great. And then you can look forward to their feeling great, too.

49. If you are feeling negative emotion about someone or anything, the new experience you are wanting is now in your VE, whether it relates to your body, spouse, children, government or economy. You are doing it ALL to you! And you can change it!

50. We’ll continue to coax you in the direction of what you want, but you are the creator of your own reality. Say, “I’ve already done step 1!” and appreciate those who’ve helped you through the contrast. Say, “and step 2 is already done. So now I’m focused on getting into the vortex. Because everything I want is already done in the vortex. It’s already done.”

51. If you are not feeling good, you are in a holding pattern outside the vortex. Focus on the bigger story of wellbeing of your planet. Get out of the action business and into the mind business.

52. You will thrive in this economy if your mindset puts you into alignment with worthiness and wellbeing.

53. To handle contrast in the financial markets, remember that who you are KEEPS expanding, and you need to line up with who you have JUST become.

54. The financial crisis is SO helpful, because it has caused a HUGE expansion in the existing vortex. In the bigger picture, this is a good thing!

55. Questioner: I have 400 clients who are so afraid… I can’t tell them about YOU! Abraham: Your premise shoots you in the foot. You’ve set up a conflict between this airy fairy stuff and the real world. But don’t sell short the vibrational reality. NOTHING is not first a vibrational reality.

56. Get IN the vortex and be an INSIDE TRADER! When you are a match to that, all your impulses will be right on.

57. You have to find another way to say it.

58. Questioner: But we are looking at fear… Abraham: SO WHAT?

59. Questioner: The world is spiraling in negative thought. Abraham: Jesus didn’t have a heavy positive thought. A frightened person has strong worry and that creates strong asking, which builds a bright VE. You don’t have to find counterbalancing proportionate thoughts.

60. When you are just sort of aware, there is a limp asking. When you are really sick, you really want to be well, you are really asking for more wellbeing. Desire that is born of experience is equal and commensurate, so when the contrast is great, you are asking for a larger improvement.

61. When you observe great asking, imagine the amassing vortex of attraction to be equally great. Tell your clients, “When we see someone who is frightened, like you, we know that you are asking for a BIG improvement. Sources always answers and coalesces everything that needs to happen.”

62. Focus on where you are going. Soothe yourself and you will come into alignment and you will see things happen right away.

63. But what most people do is feel fear and ask for more, feel fear and ask for more, feel fear and ask for more, but the gap gets wider because you keep asking for what you don’t go to, and the rougher it gets.

64. Questioner: I have 400 clients, I can’t tell them what you just told me! Abraham: The market as you have understood it is not working well for you. People look and say, “Why not US having wellbeing?” If you say, “I know what to do.” They will say, “Good, then you lead me!” You are afraid to teach them the Laws of the Universe. That’s ok, you divine it out, and tell them. Talk to God. Say, “I won’t tell them, just tell ME what to do!”

65. This “tragedy” is not what it seems. It’s exaggerated, manipulated. Many will win here, why not you?

66. Right now it seems like it is kind of like jumping out of an airplane at 20,000 feet with no parachute. We say, “don’t worry, it will be over soon!”

67. Tell them, “We’ve got a good plan. Do not fear.”

68. We see the platform of the balance of thought, and things don’t shift very much from one day to the next. An accurate description of the bad news in proportion to the good is just a moment of static in a day of good news, wellbeing is predominant! Stability FAR outweighs instability.

69. But it is possible for people to incite a riot. The economy/market is all about perception – building on a promise of what is to come.

70. Believe in your vibrational escrow. It’s not possible for time/space reality to incite a desire in you that it cannot deliver. Your job is to soothe yourself and help others find confidence. And when you do, they will thrive in extraordinary ways.

71. Say, “I’m just like you. When I listen to doom and gloom, I feel the bottom drop out of me. When I focus on thoughts not wanted, I feel like I’ve been hit with a baseball bat. But I make the choice to posture myself like those who win. I find my clarity, confidence and stability on purpose. Not much has changed here except perception.”

72. And when you are aligned, you can be brilliant and know EXACTLY what you are talking about. And they will hear you. Or not.

73. Source has already matched their rockets of desire about their portfolios. Make your effort be to align and get into that vortex.

74. You can listen to your client’s trauma, or Source’s knowing within you. Don’t let yourself go down the fear trail, and you will know exactly what to do.

75. Questioner: I know I’m Source Energy, I get it. But my question is HOW do I maintain my confidence in the midst of this turmoil… Abraham: That’s the art of allowing. You’ve got to stop facing reality. Your VE is where it’s at. Look at where you are GOING and be buoyed up, not where you are and dropping down.

76. You are negatively what if-ing. Could they hold you individually responsible in this climate? NO! Just relax.

77. Focus on where you are going, don’t focus on where you are now.

78. The old story plays a big part in your ability to ask the question. Anytime you ask a question, you are in Step 1. Make peace with Step 1.

79. Sometimes you make contrast such an academic experience. As you catalog and restate your dilemma, you are staying in step 1.

80. Life automatically causes you to ask. You remain on the verge and not in the vortex when you think you need to do something to get you from over here to over there. It keeps your focus on “not over there, needing a process.”

81. You aren’t spending enough air time over there yet! You just gave us seven scenarios of what things are like over here. Every time you focus on those things that are not working, you ask again. Just find ANY scenario that is working in your life and give it 100% of your attention, and you will get in the vortex.

82. Ask about everything, “Does it help you get in the vortex?”

83. Appreciation gets you in the vortex. Your singular work is to get in the vortex. Find ANY reason to love, praise, appreciate or feel good.

84. Let go of the list of what’s not working. Let go of control.

85. You have to trust Law of Attraction. You have to trust that life has caused your asking. You have to trust that the larger part of you is already on it. You have to trust that you are able to get into the vortex.

86. When you are in anger or frustration, you are not in the vortex. When you are hopeful, you are nearly in the vortex.

87. You find it hard to stop trying so hard in every breathing, sweating moment on your quest for fulfillment. Just slip into the vortex. Don’t try to see what others are doing, just go there yourself.

88. J&E had the bus experience AGAIN! Esther was reminded again that there are too many parts to control, on the bus itself and in getting it repaired. They aren’t good at management and there’s lots of people to organize. They don’t provide help and she wants to restructure their experience. She has written a manual for them of things people using their coaches want to know! She has been intent on inspiring diligence in them, and every time, they just be as they are.

89. After several days of wrestling, she said, “I get it that if I am going to remain in my body, I must give up control of the uncontrollable.”

90. And we said, “That’s EVERYTHING! Stop trying! Stop needing conditions to change to feel better and just feel better!”

91. You keep asking, “Will they fix my bus? Will my 400 clients lose their money???” Your effort to control all this is keeping you out of the vortex. That’s what denies your being in the vortex. Little by little, let go of your responsibility for bringing the bus company up to speed.

92. We think it would be nice if you didn’t wait until you are in a total bind to give it up. And we also love it when you are terminally ill or the stock market is on the precipice to give up trying to control it all. Just align YOURSELF and it will all fall into place. Say things like, “Things always work out for me.” Practice loving all the experiences that caused your expansion.

93. The conditions aren’t causing your negative emotion. It’s only because you are not directing your thoughts intentionally!

94. Use whatever excuse you can find to feel better. Want to feel good because it is your natural state.

95. The way your kids behave has nothing to do with your feeling good, that’s not their job. Stop depending on the behavior of others to be happy. Your kids said, “Let’s go forth and give her the time of her life! We’ll help her understand unconditional love!”

96. You create laws and rules to try to control things, and then end up saying, “We need to KILL them” when they won’t follow your rules.

97. As long as you need them to behave in a certain way so that you can feel good, you are not free. It’s impossible to control them all. You have to leave everyone else out of the equation and just focus on your thoughts. That’s FREEDOM to be who you really are!

98. Say to yourself things like, “So many things are lined up for me that I can focus on!”

99. The leading edge always feels like a busy, fast moving stream. Something of a gap to close is always there because you keep birthing rockets of desire and needing to line up with them.

100. It’s not harder to be connected in a fast moving stream, it’s always proportionate. In a fast moving stream, it’s easier to hear your guidance and do your work and align with it than ever! It’s also more necessary than ever before to do the only thing that ever worked anyway.

101. As you work to close your gap, you will get into a rhythm where you expect things to go well. Things are ALREADY working out for you. The resources are ALREADY lined up. Just get into the vortex!

102. Say to yourself things like, “Things are always working out for me, even if I don’t see it yet.”

103. Know it is an emotional journey. Nothing matters more than your attitude.

104. It’s hard to be happy when you keep looking at something that makes you unhappy. LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE! Teach yourself that it’s an inside job to align with the joy of Source within you.

105. Find a good mood by focusing on sunshine, or wellbeing or no good reason, just get happy. Find a lighthearted good feeling about anything.

106. Jerry and Esther prepaved going to their favorite restaurant for three cities back. They see it as a homecoming, the people who remember them from previous visits seat them in their favorite seats and as they remember the menu, they know something really wonderful will be coming to them. But when they got here this time, three volatile men were engaged in a verbal brawl, sounding like they were going to get into a fist fight. J&E smiled at them and thought, “Isn’t that cute!” They were so in a different vibration from their prepaving that they didn’t go there. It didn’t even matter. It was totally uneventful in the scheme of how they were feeling. They didn’t comment on it, they just smiled, and three minutes later the three men were laughing.

107. J&E didn’t allow it to have anything to do with them. They didn’t focus on “how did we end up here???”

108. When you set your tone, you are unaffected by things around you, whether it is traffic or the market or your household relationships, you will see through the eyes of Source and lose the feeling that you have to get in there and make it all better.

109. You are tapped in, tuned in and turned on. You are not irritated or isolated trying to hold your tone. You can tune that convincingly to wellbeing.

110. If Esther could tune that specifically to wellbeing with her bus, the things with the company would not phase her.

111. Your vibrational stance equals your life experience. It’s NOT things out there. It’s only things INSIDE you that effect you. You can be who you really are, or not. Line up as best you can in every moment and trust.

112. When you are physically focused and lined up with who you really are, that is the BEST! How you feel has nothing to do with all that external stuff, ONLY to do with what you are doing right now with your mind in relationship to how the Source within you thinks.

113. Praise, not condemn. Be clear, not confused.

114. Say to yourself things like, “I want to be ME!!! I want to love, praise and appreciate. I want to focus on the solutions. I want to be an uplifter. I want to be clear minded. I want to feel good.” The rest is just stuff. Ignore it!

115. Someone is whining. Does that mean you should get them out of that experience, or train them to stop whining. Or it is possible that you can tune into Source so powerfully that someone whining is totally unnoticed by you. This is all about fine tuning your vibration.

116. Abraham tells you that we are Pure Positive Energy, tapped in, tuned in, turned on, a match to Source Energy. So, if you are whining, as an individual or an audience, should we, or Jerry & Esther, turn the other cheek? Or is there a co-creation that will happen here that is valuable for all of us?

117. Abraham does not assume that your whining is not valid, it is, but we see it as just contrast through which greater clarity will come. Abraham doesn’t condemn anyone who is in Step 1. We know it is good that they are, that if there is no contrast, there is no expansion. There is nothing wrong with whining a little bit. It’s normal. Whiners are just amplified Step 1-ers. They’ve become a lot more, and so far have not let themselves go.

118. With people who learn deliberate creation, and start to feel better, they often say, “I’m getting it now, but these other people, they are SO negative. I feel threatened I might be pulled down by them. Their NOT knowing what I know might win.”

119. If you make peace with Step 1, you will move into the vortex much faster.

120. When you are learning to walk, you fall down often. But once you learn to walk, you don’t say to the little one, “Get up, you little dummy!!!” or “Those babies need to start walking sooner!!!” They won’t cause you to fall down, while they are learning and falling, and you know it.

121. In the state of true knowing, the not knowing of others doesn’t bother you.

122. Being annoyed at others who are whining because they don’t know is whining, too!!! It’s the same thing. You know you have got it when no one else’s whining is bothering you.

123. The brawl in the restaurant was amusing to Esther because she was able to rise above it. Rise above the economy, politics, all the whining, warring and wrong doing around you. Make peace with it all. It’s all just part of step 1, which you do want.

124. Say, “Thank you for your whining!” See the whiners as winning over time. This could be the most fun thing you could ever do. You will get so good at listening and extrapolating what they do want and turning your full attention to it.

125. Sometimes you think you have to stay connected in every moment and that leads you to think you have to control all those others or be a hermit. But that’s not true. You have the ability to translate what is being said and hear it through the ears of Source!

126. When you see your kid’s place as filthy, you think, “I’m neat and clean and they are in disorder!” and you send an avalanche into Vibrational Escrow. You don’t want to walk away from Step 1 opportunities like this.

127. You thought your negative emotion was about their whining, or what they are doing. But it’s about what you are THINKING about their whining or their behavior. You MUST choose something uplifting to think about them so you can go back to feeling good.

128. Say to yourself, “Under any and all circumstances, I can keep my balance.”

129. When you see squalor and disease, your skin crawls. But you can begin to think that these kids are being allowed to be who they are and choose what they want. And you can say to yourself, “I didn’t always live neatly myself, and over time, I made different decisions. Those children who don’t come into a feathered nest, they learn early independence that serves them well in their lives. They knew what they were choosing before they came into the physical. They knew they were choosing an exaggerated Step 1 experience and it’s ok.” And you bring yourself into alignment.

130. You have got to bring yourself to a place where you are adept at bringing yourself into alignment, no matter what. Say to yourself, “I can be in alignment under ALL conditions.” The other way isn’t working for you. You cannot get to where you want to be by controlling others.

131. It is possible to respond with alignment anywhere. And when you do, life is a grand adventure!

132. Discord equals “someone else needs to do something different.” You need to THINK something different!

133. When you get in a critical place, you project that opinion of disapproval to another. Source within you never disapproves of them. So you are pulling them away from who they really are and their own guidance. When you try to convince them that they are unlovable as they are, there is a tug of war going on with their Inner Being. And you are NOT going to win! And if you do convince them they are inferior, now you’ve got a broken person you don’t want to live with. And you are acting the opposite of who YOU really are in your criticism.

134. When TV says the planet is in peril, or the economy is in the toilet, those words drag you away from them knowing of Your Inner Being, and you feel terrible.

135. To be an uplifter, help everyone tune to the vibration of their Inner Being. Compliment, praise, and treat them like their Inner Being sees them. If you want your economy to thrive, you must see it through the eyes of Source.

136. You have a screwy idea that “being of service” and struggle are intertwined. If you are not selfish enough to tune yourself into alignment, you have nothing to offer. “To be of service” often has an implied assumption that others don’t have the same access to the stream of wellbeing that you have. Like you are saying, “I will do for you what you cannot do for yourself.” And in your observation of that, you are not connected.

137. You are a born uplifter. But when you are looking at someone and seeing them in need, you are not in alignment with their Vibrational Escrow. And then you get frustrated because you cannot help them make it better from that stance.

138. When you are selfish enough to get into alignment, you will be of service and in the vortex and then you will thrive, too.

139. You are asking to be of value, to fulfill your reason for being and also be abundant at the same time. So you are asking and you will get it ALL when you get in the vortex.

140. You will not be of service if you are not abundant. In your thriving, you will radiate wellbeing. You can’t give someone something they are not a match to. When you’ve witnessed someone in great need, you put the new version of them into your Vibrational Escrow, and your Inner Being is living that. Then, when you look back and see they aren’t there yet, you feel bad.

141. You need to train yourself to see as Jesus saw. He saw your wellness and your alignment with the energy that creates that wellness.

142. The better it feels when you look at people, the more in alignment you are.

143. When someone like you, or Jesus, who are in alignment, looks at them, those who are connected with Source are more powerful than a million who are not. But when you imply they NEED you, you are out of alignment.

144. You are learning to tell good feeling stories about them. It takes practice to learn to focus in that way. Train yourself to feel good. Make feeling good your dominant intention.

145. Whatever you attend to, you reverberate. It only takes 17 + 17 + 17 + 17 = 68 seconds to effect your point of attraction, positively or negatively. It only takes a few seconds to fall into a chronically activated vibration, which is what a belief is. That is where you most easily go.

146. Won’t it be wonderful when your knee jerk reaction is to LOVE someone and to know everything is going to work out well for them?

147. When someone complains, you know they have asked, and that has caused improvement for them. And then you see that and help call them toward it.

148. Most of you want agreement from others before you can know something. You feel like an idiot to offer optimism when others are pessimistic. How dare YOU feel good in the middle of a mess? You have to ignore ALL of that and give your attention to who they really are, and give that your undivided attention.

149. Train yourself into the knee jerk response of Source to celebrate the new clarity and how much righter things become when something feels wrong and new desires are launched. That’s why you continue to expand and it cannot work otherwise.

150. When you are in the vortex, you have to thrive and have something to give. Winning the lottery is “of service.” Your thriving is “of service.” You won’t serve others by humbly depriving yourself of wellbeing. Some might be jealous of your thriving, but that is because they are out of alignment. You want to thrive and flaunt your thriving.

151. Say to yourself, “There is abundance for all. And I’ve tapped in and mine is flowing. There is plenty for everyone. I can’t tap into their abundance. I’ve got my own. Theirs is in their Vibrational Escrow, waiting for them. Meanwhile, the more I ask for, the more I want. Abundance just happens to me in my life! I wasn’t always there either. I can show you by my example, that someone who is tapped into abundance that there is plenty there for all of us.

152. J&E’s beautiful monster bus causes a thumbs up from many people as they pass, while other people put other fingers up. It depends on where they are in relationship to their own abundance.

153. Question: What about the Fairies of the Universe? Abraham: We use every word we can find to describe the large focus engaged on your behalf.

154. Every label is a vibrational interpretation, whether you call it angels, ghosts or fairies. Esther is receiving us as blocks of thought, a vibrational language. She’s an auditory translator of vibration. Others are visual. When you are dreaming, you see through eyes that are closed. You call it seeing when you have a vision.

155. All emotion, positive and negative is an indicator of how close to the perspective of Source you are in the moment. It tells you if you are in alignment or disalignment. Guilt is an attitude different from the attitude of Source.

156. If you say, “I am wrong”, and are condemning yourself, or another, you feel bad because you have deviated from the opinion of your Inner Being. That’s nice to know.

157. Negative emotion means you are disconnected and THIS thought is bogus! It means you are being short sighted and far off from who you really are.

158. When you feel the glorious feeling of guilt, smile and say, “My guidance is working! Source loves me anyway!”

159. When you think, “I’m so bad, I deserve hell!,” you feel bad, because your Inner Being doesn’t agree with you. You don’t want your Inner Being to go there with you. Your human friends will go there with you. Source will eternally love you and find value in that which you are. Source knows the only way to call you anywhere is to love you there. You can’t shove someone into connection with wellbeing.

160. When you find a positive thought, you shiver with appreciation. You are in alignment with who you really are.

161. Grand daughter Kate hides the little car and guides Jerry & Esther to find it with Cold-warm-warmer-warmer –hot-hot-hot! And they find it every time. Your emotional guidance is like that. When you feel love you are getting warmer, hate, getting colder.

162. To get acclimated to who you who you really are – choose to find thoughts that feel better.

163. Somewhere along the line, someone convinced you to lose your regard for feeling good, that there is more ‘service’ in feeling bad. You never expected to forget that feeling good IS good!

164. Soften the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

165. You look at your daughter and think, “I feel I am wiser and more capable of guiding her than she is of guiding herself.”, but what you need to know is that your children have their Inner Being calling them to independence. You must find a way to help her find HER guidance, not yours. Otherwise you set up a war you can’t win.

166. Like when you ask, “Where are you going?” And she says, “To a party, what business is it of yours?” And you say, “Are you going to drink?” and she says, “Because it will bother you!” And you say, “What are you going to do there?” and she says, “Everything I can think of that will bother you!”

167. She’s thinking over and over, “That ridiculous question deserves a ridiculous answer.” She’s showing you what is active in your vibration. And it tears her apart because you are using her as your excuse to be disconnected.

168. Try it this way… “do you think you are going to have a good time?” She says, “I want to have a good time.” You say, “Do you have guidance?” She says, “I know I do.” You say, “Then, go, I want you to live happily ever after!” And she says, “We probably won’t be drinking.”

169. They behave defiantly, because they are saying, “you don’t know!” You could say, “I don’t know what’s best for you, but you do!” You are crippling you and making her crazy when you lay the heavy trip of your happiness depending on her behavior.

170. When you come into alignment with who she is and who you are, you will stand in a place of stability. You will know her wellbeing and call her to her alignment.

171. You convince your children they don’t know where they are going. And then you feel bad in the midst of that, not because she’s in trouble, but because YOU’RE in trouble. You’ve ripped yourself away from who you really are.

172. Manifestations get bigger and bigger when you refuse to change. When you beat the drum of getting in tune with Source, you will remind your child who she really is. She understands it and seeks alignment. She is often tapped in, tuned in and turned on more than she can reveal it to you.

173. You cannot ask your child to change in order to ease your emotion. You feel, “oh, come on, when you were little you made me feel good all the time!” Almost every parent on the planet sits where you sit.

174. As you let you be you and more into all you have become, you feel fabulous, proud, frisky! It’s easy to be you when you feel good. But how do you let you be you when you are in strong negative emotion? Bless Step 1! Notice that negative emotion, and say, “Good for me!” Step 1 matters. It puts the eternalness in eternity. I don’t want to hold myself here for long, but there is nothing wrong with where I stand now. I will let me be me.

175. This financial crisis is a good thing. When you get sick, it’s a good thing. You are putting utter wellbeing in your Vibrational escrow. It may look like something going so wrong, but it is not. How bad it gets equals how good it can get in the long wrong, because it causes you to ask for more wellbeing in a stronger way. It sets you up for such a good future experience.

176. All economy, all reality, starts in Vibrational Escrow. It wasn’t so long ago that you were trading furs and beads! The economy is born out of individual desires. Fear contributes HUGE energy to the pile of abundance to come. These avalanches of desire in recent weeks are comparable (not quite) to the big bang. It’s a HUGE energy. Are you going to hold yourself apart or defy the odds. Ignore the pundits and get your piece of what’s going on now.

177. Law of Attraction will support you in whatever you decide. There’s too much wellbeing for anything to collapse. You can temporarily pinch yourself off. It’s all energetic. Count it by the emotion in your belly. Spend your thoughts and emotions. Your wellbeing is much bigger than the economy. If you pinch yourself off, your world gets petty and narrow. You deprive yourself of the grand stuff.

178. Your boyfriend’s issue becomes your issue by your focus on it. The way you feel is how well you are feeling about him. Questioner: he’s scared all the time. Abraham: The longer you tell the story, the worse everyone feels. Your job is to try to find a way to tell it so you feel better. You can’t snap your fingers and make this go away right now. You cannot control this. But you can look at it in a way that tears you up and makes you want to run away, or find a thought that feels a little better. You CAN see it being a little better than it is.

179. You all say, “Fix it and I will feel better.” It can’t be fixed right away, but you CAN feel better. You do want to feel better. You have to make the move in your mind. You could say, “I really like the mess the whole housing industry is in – what if my need to resolve this caused the whole crisis to be resolved!”

180. Or, “it is what it is and we can’t fix it immediately, but we can feel awful or hopeful within it. “ We would have liked to have this conversation before it was such a big mess. He was trying to be helpful, he had everyone’s best interest at heart. That’s what’s bothering him most, bigger than the financial impact. He feels God has forsaken him. The only salvation is to realize no one is doing anything to him, that he is of value. But he’s temporarily out of touch with who he really is.

181. Esther’s reaction to the Secret was to feel mistreated, deceived and dishonored. But when she beat the drum of that, she was being out of alignment and her good could not get to her. We choose not to see it the way that tears you from you. You have to come into alignment to continue to thrive.

182. You will defeat yourself by trying to control the uncontrollable. Say, “I can control the way I feel. Where do I place my attention?” It only took a year to bring Esther fully back into alignment. Her vibrational escrow is SO much bigger now than it was before. And the moment she turned to what it was that she wanted, she felt exaultation and triumph!

183. Just the same, this situation is increasing your boyfriend’s Vibrational Escrow. He came in wanting to be of value to other people, but he has to live by the vibrational laws, not local, lesser laws. You’re ALL bigger than that.

184. Make no decisions as long as you’re all wadded up in a knot. You have to get over the feeling of injustices. Remember why he bought it at first, and what it meant to him. Get back in touch with all those good feeling reasons. And get aligned with how big his vibrational escrow has become, and they will drop the suit. The solution is already there.

185. He just needs to get into the vortex and the perfect things will occur around him. Let go of all other control and feel better anyway. Remember the love and the wanting to help.

186. He feels betrayed, see how the “service” thing bites you in the butt? He’d do it again. He always wants to do what feels best, to be an uplifter. There’s a big solution looming. The Solution is there in the Pure Positive energy place.

187. How can he get in there? Coach him – say, “I know where your heart was and I know there is something bigger for you here now. Relax!”

188. And when he does, the riptide will turn him loose. This is a temporary thing. He’s without choices about what to do. But he can exercise choices about how he feels. And if he does, things will turn out really good. Huge opportunities for huge motion forward exist if you don’t panic in the face of current reality.

189. When Esther started feeling Abraham’s energy, she would swoon, but that was evidence of not alignment. In alignment, she moves quickly from one vibration to another. Now she is tuned to us, so she doesn’t feel it like that.

190. You wanted to be tapped in most of the time, but you also want to appreciate the value of your Step 1 times. If only Abraham showed up here, and stood here and loved you, it wouldn’t be meaty. The living of life is expansion. We want Step 3 to be your dominant intention, but don’t withdraw from life to stay connected. You will be connected, or not, moment to moment. We want you to learn to love molding the energy.

191. When you release resistance quickly, it means you are already in the vibrational proximity of what you want.

192. As a rule of thumb, Source feels WONDERFUL when you are receiving it. If it doesn’t feel good, it’s your mother, not your Source guidance you are tapping into. Get to a clear place, and trust your glorious receiving.

193. Esther sets her intention clearly: Abraham, I want to speak clearly your words. She always means to do that for our dialogs with you. Over time, for thousands of hours, she can feel our clarity and her ease.

194. Every now and again she would worry about not getting it right. We offered her the complete assurance that she was doing it right. She just keeps picking up the dominant thread in the moment. Sometimes she would say, “Begin again” and stop, relax and receive again if it didn’t feel quite right. There is not one of you who cannot relax and receive your broader perspective.

195. We would love you to view your world through the eyes of Source.

196. We are not wearing name tags – we’re vibrationally the same. There is no point in trying to point out difference between parts of Abraham.

197. Esther follows guidance as she is driving. Isn’t it better that she knows impulsively to change lanes and never see a hazard? Other wise she would be in the middle of our getting her attention, giving her the guidance to move away from it while she runs right into it. You want to be in synch, getting the impulse and acting on it.

198. Source energy is here within you constantly, but you have to get into harmony with it to be in alignment.

199. You come forth with great reason. You want to have conscious awareness of Source. Meditation stops resistance, and your vibration raises.

200. Sometimes channels are picking up thought forms and dead people rather than Infinite Intelligence. Everyone has access to Source energy, but there is a valuable uniqueness to Jerry & Esther’s process and this audience.

201. Anyone can be the physical recipient of Source energy – a yawn is the body’s response to an impulse from nonphysical. Relax and allow your vibration to relax. Notice how good it feels to be in alignment. Esther feels an exaggerated version of alignment speaking for Abraham, but she can still focus on something unwanted and feel bad. It’s all in the moment.

202. When you feel bliss and joy, accentuate it, focus on your glimpses of it, reenact them in your mind, and it will be your experience, more and more. In your despair and discord, you are asking for joy. Now just do rampages of appreciation and look for more things to appreciate all the time. This hotel, feel appreciation for this perfect room for this number of bodies and the hotel company that created this stable platform for people to visit, and the cameras and screens that make Abraham/Esther visible to all, and the wonderful microphone and the excellence of the recording system – there is enough to appreciate in this room to last you for days!

203. In every moment there are sufficient things to appreciate – get on a roll. Appreciate your car, the roads that got you here, the food you’ll have… that’s how you feel as Source energy. You have no excuse not to be chronically appreciative. Looking for problems to solve takes you out of that space. You’ll come to appreciate the bad times for the good times they promise in your vibrational escrow. Appreciate the contrast and train yourself up the emotional scale. There is no situation/being/spot-on-this-planet that Source cannot rampage appreciation about. It feels unnatural NOT to do it. It’s about aligning with Source. It’s normal to do it on purpose.

204. Question: How can I feel happy when I have this pain in my legs? Abraham: It’s the same question we just had – how can I feel different than I feel? Is it possible to feel physical sensation and select a different emotion? If you have got negative emotion, you are out of alignment, don’t worry, it will get bigger. Source tends to your asking every time, and if you don’t go, the two aspects of you are increasingly divergent.

205. You have to make yourself feel better by choosing a better feeling thought. Meditation or getting happy would solve your discord and then the pain in your legs will go away. Just do that, get happy!

206. We say to doctors, you need to find the vibrational core of the problem. When they release resistance, the physical condition will go away. The physical manifestation is an indicator of vibrational discord.

207. When you say, “I have no idea” it just sets you up for more work, it’s not helpful. We know Law of Attraction and it is never squirrely. That makes it easy for us to expect understanding to come.

208. All manifestations are indicators of vibrational balance. Everything is an indicator – your health, the condition of your house and your body, manifestations always match. Accept that! It is scientifically provable on every topic.

209. Your discomfort is hindering but not debilitating. It reminds you of your sense of decline. You feel it acutely and your experience is valid. Where else do you feel diminished? This has showed up as an indicator of something else that was already going on. (He retired five years ago, has been doing PTA and community things since.) You were used to making decisions about things you had control over, and now you are feeling frustrated. A little resistance goes a long way in a fast moving stream.

210. It is helpful to acknowledge that nothing ever happens physically without plenty of data before hand. Pain is post manifestational awareness. The physical response comes close on the heels of the vibrational misalignment. A little goes a long way. Chronic conditions reflect chronic feels of disempowerment. It’s not despair, more like frustration, it’s rarely ever really hindering.

211. It’s just some insignificant chronic thought that is causing this. Fell and listen for the indicators. Then stop, and be grateful that you noticed it at the feeling level and talk yourself back into alignment. You don’t have to psychoanalyze it. There’s no value in touching the stove and feeling the heat and analyzing it. Just move your hand away.

212. Ask yourself what you want. This sensation can lift off within 24 hours of identifying the bugaboo.

213. To David in the hotseat: talking about the political process, history and freedom. Abraham: The Founding Fathers were rabel rousers. They were hip deep and beyond in contrast and they launched many rockets of desire you are still living. They connected to a concept for this new country at times. They gave birth to extraordinary desire, but they did not always live up to their ideals.

214. They were living step 1. Many of their documents were channeled through one or two who were very connected, while the rest were making trouble all over the place.

215. You always have an environment that causes you to ask. They were models of asking, and kept coming into alignment, they were not more connected than you are now. And there were not more of them in alignment than now.

216. They lived under less freedom and they were pickier and asking for more. The contrast serves you well, too. There is more idealism in your Vibrational Escrow now.

217. You have a preference for a happier president, we didn’t feel either one was very happy, although both have moments of happiness. To everyone, the one they perceive as happier is the one who thinks more like them.

218. You can’t have an experience that is less than that which you are. They can only see through the lens of their own experience. Esther cannot tell which of them is saying that which they believe to be. You can’t articulate well outside of your own beliefs.

219. Your sense of freedom is really on the inside, extremist that you are. There are extremists on both sides. Most still are trying to control conditions to effect the way they feel. The whole process is so scrambled that almost no one knows who they really are. Very few are ready to acknowledge connected vs. disconnected, or aligned or not aligned, which renders the entire political process irrational.

220. We want to emphasize alignment. Both sides can line up with what they want.

221. You did not say, “There’s only one right way.” You intend to see the differences and still line up and allow wellbeing.

222. You cast your vote vibrationally. What you put in the ballot box doesn’t mean diddly squat. Our full view of the future is that it is a beautiful world.

223. The old ornery ones croak and the new fresh ones come forward.

224. No longer use their focus of attention as your excuse to not line up. Don’t ask others to approve before you line up. This effective, life giving experience wouldn’t be happening if you were all the same. Your differences cause you to ask, then turn in the direction of what you are wanting.

225. Source revels in the variety that they are, the clarity they evoke. You can all live what you choose. Your attention to their differences keeps you focused on what you don’t want.

226. Esther recently saw John McCain’s aura come back for the first time in months as he came back into alignment. All the candidates want to be of value. Give your undivided attention to your choice and stay aligned. You will get it no matter who ends up in the White House.

Happy Creating!

October 28, 2008

Wayne Dyer Inspirational Video Freebie

Morning All!

When I woke up yesterday morning I had Wayne Dyer on my mind. He’s one of my favorite “teachers” and authors and over the years I believe I have read just about all of his books.

I always find them such an inspiration! Anyway, I decided I was in the mood for a little Dyer boost and went scouting around on to see if he had any inspirational videos up there and ended up hitting the mother-load!

This series is called How To Get What You Really Want and is almost 2 hours long! It includes Wayne and Deepak Chopra.

It was so long it had to be broken into 13 different parts! But each part is more inspirational than the next!

This is a recording accompanied by some beautiful pictures. Be sure to save this page in favorites if you do not have the time to listen to it all at once.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Happy Creating!

If you are interested in more Wayne Dyer works there a bunch to choose from listed below:

October 27, 2008

Rich People vs. Poor People Checklist

This list was taken directly from the book The Secrets of The Millionaire Mind book by T. Harv Eker.

Some of you might remember this post from my older website - but due to everyone's recent concerns about the stock market and the intense focus on creating money I decided to republish it here now.

It is basically a cheat sheet from Mr. Eker's book (which I highly recommend by the way) that explains the difference between the way Rich people think and Poor people

The book goes into much more detail, mind you. After each "title" it then goes into further explanation of how and why those differences in thinking is important.

I put this list together a few years back and made it look really pretty. I printed it out in fancy italics, printed it out on paper with a scrolled background and put it in a frame over my desk.

This way any time I had to "pivot" or redirect my thoughts about money I had this list in front of me.

Of coarse, feel free to print this list out and keep it on your wall someplace for your own inspiration, but please do not put it out anywhere else on the web because it is the exclusive property of T. Harv Eker. Thank you!

Rich People vs. Poor People

Rich people believe they create their life
Poor people believe that life happens to them

Poor people complain to get attention
Rich people are too busy making money to complain

Rich people play the money game to win
Poor people play the money game to not lose

Rich people focus on opportunities
Poor people focus on obstacles

Rich people see potential growth
Poor people see potential loss

Rich people focus on rewards
Poor people focus on the risks

Rich people expect to succeed
Poor people expect to fail

Rich people jump in and do what it takes to succeed
Poor people stall until the time is right

Rich people are committed to being rich
Poor people want to be rich

Rich people have their money work hard for them
Poor people work hard for their money

Rich people work hard temporarily
Poor people work hard always

Rich people are trained to earn passive income
Poor people are trained to work for money

Rich people know how important money is
Poor people use the excuse that there are more important things in life than money

Poor people are not clear on what they want
Rich people are very clear on what they want

Poor people send mixed messages to the Universe
Rich people send very clear messages about what they want from the Universe

Poor people have limits on what they are willing to do to have money
Rich people do whatever it takes

Poor people think small
Rich people think big

Rich people focus on what they want
Poor people focus on what they do not want

Rich people jump in and learn as they go
Poor people wait until they think they know it all which will never happen

Rich people admire other rich and successful people
Poor people resent rich and successful people

Rich people associate with positive successful people
Poor people associate with negative or unsuccessful people

Rich people are willing to promote themselves and their value
Poor people think negatively about selling and promotion

Rich people are usually leaders
Poor people are usually followers

Rich people are bigger than their problems
Poor people are smaller than their problems

Rich people are excellent receivers
Poor people are poor receivers

Rich people say they are worthy and are
Poor people say that aren’t worthy and aren’t

Rich people work hard and believe they should be well rewarded
Poor people believe they are better people because they are poor

Rich people choose to get paid based on results
Poor people choose to get paid based on time

Rich people believe in themselves
Poor people want guarantees from others

Rich people think both
Poor people think either/or

Rich people focus on their net worth
Poor people focus on their working income

Rich people manage their money well
Poor people mismanage their money well

Poor people say when I have plenty of money I’ll begin to manage it
Rich people say When I begin to manage it I will have plenty of money

Rich people control their money
Poor people let their money control them

Rich people think long term. They balance their spending on enjoyment today with investing for freedom tomorrow
Poor people think short term. They are interested in immediate gratification

Rich people have a lot of money and spend a little
Poor people have a little money and spend a lot

Poor people work to earn money to live today
Rich people work to earn money to pay for their investments which will pay for their future

Rich people buy assets and things that will likely go up in value
Poor people buy expenses and things that will definitely go down in value

Rich people collect land
Poor people collect bills

Poor people see a dollar as a dollar to trade for something they want right now
Rich people see every dollar as a seed that can be planted to earn a hundred more dollars which can then be replanted to earn a thousand more dollars.

Poor people let fear stop them
Rich people act in spite of fear

Poor people can be stopped from acting pretty easily
Rich people cannot be stopped

Poor people will do whatever is easy now and end up having it hard later
Rich people work hard now so it will be easy later

Poor people will avoid doing because of fear
Rich people will do whatever it takes

Poor people will only do what makes them feel comfortable
Rich people will constantly work through their discomfort to grow

Rich people learn and grow
Poor people think they already know

Rich people understand the order to success is to BE, DO and HAVE
Poor people believe the order to success is to HAVE, DO, then BE.

Poor people believe that they have to have a lot of money so they can have what they want and be a success.
Rich people understand that if they become a successful person, they will be able to do what they want and have a lot of money.

Rich people are good at what they do
Poor people do just enough to get by

Rich people take advice from people who are more successful than they are
Poor people take advice from their friends who are just as poor as they are

Those are just some of the concepts Mr. Eker recommends you examine further.

Again, I highly recommend you purchase this book for yourself, if you haven't already read it, because it is extremely inspiring.

Happy Creating!