November 10, 2008

The Master Key System - Free Ebook - Freebie

Morning All!

Happy Monday. It has been awhile since I offered a free ebook, so today is that day.

Many of you might have heard about this book The Master Key System. It became popular when Rhonda Byrne - the author and producer of the movie The Secret - claimed it was one of the books (along with Wallace Wattles - The Science of Getting Rich) that truly inspired her to do the movie The Secret in the first place.

Some of you might even remember that the author of the The Master Key System, Charles Hanaal's picture even appeared in some of the promos for The Secret movie.

There have been some rumors about this book, that while inspiring, I am not sure are completely accurate.

One of the rumors is that when this book originally came out in 1912 - it was THE Secret. That is was only given to an elite few and hidden from the rest of the masses. That the people who were lucky enough to get their hands on it ended up becoming some of the most successful people on the planet due strictly to the information contained in this manuscript.

I love that story! Exciting...intriguing and I admit one of the things that had me watching the promo again and again in anticipation of The Secret's release.

In hindsight however, I realize that all of those successful people were, like yourselves, simply "ready" for the message. They were forward thinkers, already primed to think outside of the box, already more spiritually advanced than most, and while the information could give them better clarity and direction, the material itself was not responsible for their great leaps of accomplishment. Simple positive and correct thought was.

Another rumor that surrounds this book is that Bill Gates read it right before his explosion with Microsoft. A story again that is very enticing, but I believe Mr. Gates has since dispelled that notion.

So maybe the book is not "magic" -- but it is inspiring! I imagine it really did have an impact on anyone who read it back then, because there wasn't much information available at that time on the Law of Attraction. It was a totally new way to look at the world and the people who got "it" really got "it".

As forward thinkers yourselves, you have probably realized by now that EVERY new piece of information that you come across is another stepping stone in your spiritual advancement.

So with that said, read this manuscript until you find your "a-ha" moment of the day.

Happy Creating!

The Master Key System by Charles Hanaal


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