November 4, 2008

Law of Attraction - Money Is Only An Illusion

When it comes to the law of attraction, the question I am asked most often by people is how can they use it to attract more money into their lives. Many of these people have done the reading and the exercises; some had even been pretty successful in attracting other things they’ve wanted in their lives, but for some reason the money thing seems the most elusive.

Considering what most of us think and have been taught about money, it isn’t really difficult to see where the problem might lie.

Money is the one subject most of us are bombarded with negative messages about on almost a daily basis. Any time you pick up a newspaper, watch T.V., talk to friends and family, so much of the conversation revolves around money and the supposed lack of it. The increase in milk and gas prices, increased taxes, the billions going to the war. Rise in unemployment rates, rise in bankruptcies, rise in foreclosures and personal debt. And this is on top of the silly negative messages we received as children growing up. So it not hard to see why it seems to be one of the hardest things for one to manifest.

Another thing has to do with emotion. Money invokes strong emotions. It is as strong in the people who have it, as it is in the people who do not. The Law of Attraction works stronger and faster when there is serious emotion behind it, be it in a positive or negative way.

So again, it is not surprising that someone who feels strongly about having money has tons of it while others who feel strongly about being poor experience serious lack.

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter. It is time to let go of the emotions and get practical.

The truth is there is no lack of money. In fact, money itself isn’t even real. It is all an illusion.

Money is merely legal tender we have collectively decided to give a value to. In truth it is nothing more than rectangular pieces of paper covered in green ink with miscellaneous numbers on it. And nowadays most of the time it isn’t even that physical.

It is said (and this varies from nation to nation) that only as little as 4% of the money that exists in the banks today exists as paper bills or coins.

That means that out of $100 only $4 of that is available in cash money! And that money is not even backed up by anything since we got rid of the Gold Standard in the 1970’s.

The rest of the “money” out there is just a bunch of numbers flying electronically over our heads from one account to another and back again.

Think about the last big purchase you have made. When you bought your house, your car, a major appliance. Did you have to go to the bank and physically take out those thousands and thousands of dollars in cash?

Of coarse not. You simply wrote down some numbers on a small piece of paper called a check and handed it over. Or you used a little plastic card that will cause you to receive another piece of paper at the end of the month with even more numbers on it.

Money is simply an idea we have all agreed to accept. Think about some of the other things we consider “valuable” simply because we collectively decided to. For instance, my father used to say to me about diamonds; “I have no idea why people would want to spend so much money on a bunch of shiny rocks.” And it was so funny to me because it is true.

Diamonds are simply shiny rocks created in abundance by nature. It is only in our decision (or more importantly the decision of the diamond mine owners) to declare that they are “worth” something. There have been times in the past that diamond miners would have millions of dollars worth of diamonds reserved in vaults that were distributed in limited amounts just to keep the value of diamonds high. But the diamonds themselves weren’t scarce. Granted they are beautiful -- but they are also, in fact… rocks.

How about the other things in our lives that change on almost a daily basis due to what we hear and read? For instance, how can a house that was worth $250,000 a few years ago increase to a worth of $750,000 when it is the exact same house? How does a stock worth $80 yesterday drop to $40 today based on a review given by a third party?

You see it is all in perception. So many of us have been brought up to believe we are undeserving or not entitled to have a lot of money. But that is just as big an illusion as money is itself.

It is time to stop being intimidated by a non-existing entity!

Do you want to know why you are entitled to have anything you want on this Earth?

Simply because you are here! You are entitled to everything that exists on this planet simply because you exist on this planet along with these things!

Nobody owns it! Nobody has more or a less of a right to it than you do. We are all equally entitled to all of the bounty that exists here - otherwise it wouldn‘t exist here at all to be experienced!

And do you know what else? You do not need to do anything to justify it - you do not need to prove it and you certainly don’t need to wait for someone else to allow you to have it.

It is yours to experience simply because it is here to be experienced and because you are here to experience it. You are did not come down to this gorgeous planet to experience lack. You came down here to create wonderful physical manifestations!

So it is time to get practical and get over those old tiresome theories about what is considered “valuable“ and if you are deserving of them.

If Debeers can decide how much diamonds are worth, and the Federal Reserve can decide what the interest rate is going to be, and Wall Street can decide how much stocks are worth, and consumers can decide how much the latest Elmo is going to be worth this Christmas, don’t you think it is time to declare what you choose to be worth?

Who’s going to do that if not you? Why should others get to make all the rules?

Of coarse you are entitled to a bunch of shiny rocks!

Absolutely you are entitled to rectangular pieces of paper stamped with green ink!

Darn right you are entitled to have a bunch of large numbers in some account that has your name on it!

Most importantly of all is your right to enjoy this physical lifetime simply because you choose to. Because it is why you came here! And don’t let anyone think they can take that right away from you. No government, bank, employer, credit card holder, spouse, parent…anyone!

Remember that money is simply an illusion. Basing your self-worth on it, is an even bigger illusion. It is time to shatter them both!

Be the entitled being you are supposed to be. Enjoy every minute here as you intended.

You are worthy!

Happy Creating!