August 18, 2008

Two Awesome Manifestations Last Week

Morning All! Hope you had an awesome weekend!

Two cool things happened last week that I just feel like sharing.

The first one occurred on Tuesday. I had written a post about how to obtain a free copy of one of my favorite ebooks The Jackrabbit Factor by Leslie Householder.

All you needed to do was sign up for Leslie's newsletter to receive a copy.

The next morning I received this email.

"Hi! i just wanted to send you this email because i thought you might get a kick out of it. yesterday morning i had sent out a mental request to receive some free books about the law of attraction. money has been tight lately so i asked for a way to receive some books that wouldn't cost me anything but that would still inspire me. that day i went to your blog and found the free ebook you were offering by signing up to Leslie's newsletter (i loved the ebook by the way!). i was so excited - i had attracted something i asked for in just one day! but it gets better! a couple of hours later i received an email from Leslie that was also offering a free book written by a friend of hers about the law of attraction if you were one of the first 50 people who signed up. and this one was in hardcover! i gave them my address and they are sending it in the mail and it isn't costing me a cent! this is soooo much fun - i created 2 free books in 1 day! i just thought you might find it interesting as well. keep up the good work! - i look forward to your posts
sincerely nancy,"

I just thought that was so cool and talk about some quick manifesting!

Another fun one happened to me this past Friday. I had a bunch of errands to run but was having too much fun playing around on Twitter (I love checking out others posts). Anyway, I had to go to the post office, the library to return some books that were going to be overdue and to the store to pick up something for dinner.

But I really didn't feel like going. I wanted to play!

So I decided to give it to Universe to do (see Universe Task List post).

Sure enough I talked to my neighbor who says they are already on their way to the post office and would happily take my stuff as well. My first automatic response was going to be "Don't worry, I have to go out anyway," but then I remembered that I was handing this to Universe so I gratefully gave them my package.

The next person I talked to was my husband (who called me!) and suggested that we go out to dinner Friday night because we hadn't been out in awhile. I was thrilled ! Now I didn't have to do shopping for dinner! (Also I could look forward to going out to eat.) Yay! Two down and one to go!

The library I figured was going to be a tricky one however. Normally it is not such a big deal to be a day or two late returning books but I had almost 20 of them out! (I've been stocking up all summer for me and my son.) 20 late books can get a little pricey and I couldn’t imagine anyone I knew was going to happen to be on their way to the library on this particular day. (Plus I couldn't ask them to take 20 books!)

But then get this! The same neighbor who had dropped off my stuff at the post office came by again to give me the receipt for my package. When I mentioned that I still had to go to the library she told me that I could simply go online and renew my books that way. I was like "No Way!"

Sure enough it was a piece of cake. (This is in New York by the way. I don't know if it works everywhere else) I typed in the bar code on my library card - it brought up all the books I had out - I check marked them all the way down for renewal and just bought myself 3 more weeks time to return them.

How unbelievably cool was that! All 3 errands done without even leaving the house.

I truly Love this stuff!

So anyway, you might want to give either of these things a try. Ask Universe to deliver something new to you today or ask Universe to deal with stuff you are not in the mood for and see how quickly it delivers to you!

Happy Creating!


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