August 19, 2008

How To Develop Your Psychic Abilities

There is nothing as exciting as "tapping into" your sixth sense. You probably know what I mean. When you suddenly "just know" something that you shouldn't know by conventional means.

When you automatically know who is on the phone when it rings, when someone calls out of the blue who you were just thinking about, or when a song that has been going through your head happens to be on when you turn on the radio.

This practice is more commonly known as ESP or Extra Sensory Perception.

The idea behind it is that we are all tapping into a shared consciousness or super-consciousness that connects all people and all living things.

It also goes along with the belief that linear time as we know it isn't real but that everything, is in fact, happening NOW at the same moment.

So while most of our lives we operate believing that one moment follows another then follows another - every once in awhile we get a look at a "future" moment (which really isn't a future moment at all - if everything is in fact all happening NOW). When we have a physic experience we are simply experiencing time in its natural state.

While it is true that some people are born with a more natural talent for having these moments, inherently we all have it. Because we are all equally a part of the one super consciousness - we all have the ability to tap into that super consciousness at will. And because all time is the same time - it is not at all farfetched that we can retrain ourselves to experience time in its natural state at certain times when we choose to.

It simply takes a little practice.

The following steps are designed to help you strengthen your own psychic abilities.

1. Acknowledging The Ability. Once upon a time ESP was looked at as if it were a joke. Only used by phony fortune tellers or charlatans. But if that were true, do you really think our scientists and even our U.S. government would spend millions of dollars in researching it? ESP is a very real ability that we all have. If you would like to tap into your abilities more, than you simply need to focus on this simple truth:

"ESP is natural and real and I have just as much access to it as anyone else."

2. Making A Conscious Effort To Tap Into It. Like anything else in our universe the more focus you give it the stronger it becomes. Rewire your old thoughts that psychic experiences only happen once in a "blue moon". Use the mantra "I am psychic and able to tap into my abilities more and more everyday." Once you subconscious self gets this message it will kick into gear and make it a reality. Say your mantra often.

3. Relax. Deep breathing and meditation are important. They quiet the mind which gives you better and clearer access to the super consciousness we are talking about. The better that you are at quieting your mind, the easier and clearer your answers will come through.

3. Practice.

Simple enough. When the phone rings take a moment to "feel" who the caller is. Remember we are all energetic beings who can read each others energies. Don't try too hard…simply drop all ideas of who you "think" it might possibly be and try to tune in and feel it instead.

Take a deck of cards and remove all 4 Queens (or whichever card you desire - as long as you have it in each suit.) Feel the cards - look and observe them - feel at "one" with each one. Then turn them over on the table and guess which card is which. With practice you will see that you get it right more often!

Feel what time you will arrive someplace. As I have mentioned before in previous posts, this is a game I have fun with all the time. Someone will ask me what time I will arrive somewhere and I will give them the exact minute. So when they ask "What time will you be there?" I will quiet my mind and see what exact minute of time pops into my head. Then I will reply "I will be there exactly 7:13." They normally laugh, as if I am making a joke. But I can't tell you how many times I have been spot on! Pulling into the parking lot or arriving at the door at that exact minute. And this is without knowing what exact moment I will be able to leave the house or traffic conditions. They normally forget what time I told them and don't pay attention when I arrive, but I notice every time!

Want to try some of your ESP skills right now for fun?

Try this Test

Here are 12 more images: ESP Test

If you would like to try the Zener Test - with the famous ESP cards -- go here: (The cards will appear when you run your mouse on the big white spot on the bottom.) The Zener Test

So start building your ESP muscles today! You never know when they can come in handy for helping you make the correct decisions in your life.

Happy Creating!