August 12, 2008

An Ebook Freebie! - It's A Good One

Good Morning Everyone,

Time for another freebie! There is a great little book by Leslie Housholder called The Jackrabbit Factor. It was an award winning national best seller when first released in hard cover.

Written in story form, it is a pretty fast and easy read but packs a powerful punch and message.

I originally purchased this book for myself about 3 years ago online and enjoyed it so much I started selling it on my website through an affiliate program.

But now Leslie has been generous enough to offer it for free. All you need to do is sign up for her free newsletter. I have been receiving her newsletter myself for a few years now and it is always filled with awesome inspirational articles.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

“Son,” his father smiled and opened his arms.
“Oh, Dad…” Richard melted into his father’s arms just as he had dreamed
over and over. When he felt alone or depressed, he often closed his eyes and
visualized this very event. “Dad, I have missed you so much…You’re here! How—?”
Richard exclaimed through breathy sobs.

“Ritchie. Oh, my little Ritchie. I’ve been with you, on occasion, but you
couldn’t see me. At times, your thoughts drew me close to you. Just as the things
you desire. That is what I am here to tell you now: You want money? Use your
thoughts. You need food? Use your thoughts. Think on the worthy desires of your
heart, and they are drawn to you spiritually.”
“What do you mean, Dad?” Richard pulled away from his father’s embrace,
but continued to hold his arms.

“All physical things have a spiritual counterpart. By thinking, we draw the
spiritual counterpart to ourselves. By persisting in right thought, the angels do our
bidding and arrange the affairs of men to cause the worthy desires to pass from the
spiritual to the physical world.”

Richard’s brows furrowed and he shook his head slightly. “That seems too
simple, and kind of weird, Dad. I’ve thought lots of things that never came true.”
“As long as you believed it was coming, the dream was actually on its way.
All things in the universe that were required to see the dream come true were
gathering for your benefit. However, and this is where most men fail, the moment
you entertain doubt or fear, all of those forces reverse and the things, the ideas, the situations, the people you need immediately draw away from you.”

His father paused, and then continued, “Our negative thoughts actually and
literally cause the blessings to be repelled. If you can picture what you want, and
believe that it is on its way, by God’s law it must come. Hold on to the belief, and in time you will realize it.” Richard’s father panned the area surrounding them, and
held up his hand as if to display the scenery to his son. “The earth is abundant with
all that any man could desire. But by his own misuse of thought he cannot see it.”
He dropped his hand and then tapped Richard’s forehead, “Change your thinking,
and you will see the opportunities all around you. You have been blind to them, but
they are all around you right now.”

Blind to them? Richard thought about the blonde man that couldn’t see the
sacks. What am I missing? What’s all around me now that I can’t see? Richard
looked around. He wasn’t sure what he was looking for but nothing really stood out.
He saw the dilapidated road, the vast fields on each side, the tree line and thick
forest in the distance. He looked back at his father, puzzled.

“Son, you have to know what you want. If someone else has what you want,
learn from them, but you must trust your own instincts to make the right decisions.
The voice of inspiration will come only after you have a clear picture in your mind of what you are seeking, and after you allow yourself to feel truly grateful, as though you already enjoy the success.”

Sounds pretty good - doesn't it? Actually I think I am going to read the whole thing myself again right now.

So visit her site now at Thoughts Alive and get your free copy today.

You'll be glad you did.

Happy Creating!