May 30, 2008

Law of Attraction Relationships - Have You Made Room For It?

It was a Friday night, almost a year ago, when my best friend and I were sitting on the living room floor in her apartment sharing a pizza and a couple of cold beers. As was customary, the conversation ended up where it did so many times at our little “get togethers”. Where was “he” and when was “he” going to show up in her life? The man of her dreams, her future husband.

She had been single for almost two years and we’re not talking a little dry spell here, we’re talking draught! She hadn’t even been asked out on a single date in all that time

When I first started suggesting exercises to her that she could use to attract the man she wanted she had laughed me off. (She always thought me a little strange, but I love her to death.) Finally after about 8 months of absolutely no prospects she was willing to try anything!

We started with the basics. I told her to write down all the things that she was wanting in a new boyfriend. I had her mentally picture being with this wonderful person and laughing with him, confiding in him, trusting him and having fun with him, even though she didn’t have anyone particular in mind yet.

But surprisingly (especially to me) nothing had come of it yet. It was something that had really been bugging me because I could not figure out why it wasn’t working. She was an attractive girl, intelligent, had a good job, and was a lot of fun to be with. She had been doing the practices on a daily basis (so she says) and still nothing. I just couldn’t figure it out -- until that “fateful” Friday evening.

You see the reason we were having our little indoor picnic on her living room floor was because there wasn’t anyplace else in her apartment to sit. Everything was covered with shopping bags, clothes, magazines, bills, you name it, it was all over the place. (As great as my friend is, neatness is definitely not one of her strong points.)

So when we got to that usual point in the conversation where she asked yet again “Why can’t I just meet him already?! I looked at the chaos around us and jokingly replied “Even if you did, where would you put him?” We both laughed at that for a minute, but I suddenly realized that maybe there was something to that after all.

As much as she always said she was prepared for him to show up – was she really? Where would she put him? Did she even have room for him? Not just in her apartment – but how about her life?

So then I asked her seriously. “Let’s say he did appear tomorrow, would you be ready for him? What if he wanted to stay here?”

Her response pretty much told me everything. “Are you kidding? Look around you! I wouldn’t let anybody see this place looking like this except you!”

So then I asked “So what would you have to do to be comfortable with him here?”

And the list began. “Well first I would have to obviously clean this place up. I wouldn’t want him to think I am a total slob or worse some high maintenance shopaholic. I would have to paint the walls, buy new sheets for the bed unless he’s a fan of Hello Kitty. Let’s see… new underwear, new nightgown, new robe, I would definitely lose ten pounds because I couldn’t walk around naked looking like this…”

The list went on and on. I could barely keep up with her as I grabbed a pen and paper to get it all down. We even decided she would have to make room for him in one

of her closets, at least leave him one empty clean drawer in both the bedroom and the bathroom for his things. By the time we were done my hand was cramped from writing so much.

I had suddenly realized that while all of this time she had been saying she was ready for someone to come into her life, the truth was subconsciously she had this incredible list of all the reasons why she wasn’t ready or prepared for him to show up. So we decided that the obvious solution was to get her physically as well as mentally prepared for this person to become a reality.

I was glad this conversation took place on a Friday night, because we worked like demons that entire weekend. We found ourselves giggling as we made her place “mate-ready.” She even bought “him” a new toothbrush to keep in the bathroom. She actually went as far as considering ordering the sports channel on cable for him – but I talked her out of that one. First, because we didn’t even know if he would be a big sports fan, but more importantly, if he was, we didn’t want to give him a reason to sit around and watch it all day long.

By the time Sunday night rolled around we were both exhausted but feeling a lot better. Her place never looked better, (I finally got to eat at the table for the first time) and she suddenly did feel that if the man of her dreams showed up tomorrow she would be absolutely prepared for him.

For me it was an eye opening experience because I realized how rarely we pay attention to the little things. We don’t notice that we might be saying one thing, but in reality are acting in a completely different manner.

So the question to you is this: Do you have any of these little unconscious things preventing you from receiving what you want? Have you made plans or room for what you desire in your life?

If you want a new house, have you started throwing away the stuff in the old place preparing for the move? If it’s a new wardrobe, have you cleaned out your closet to make room for your new items? If it’s a relationship, have you starting acting the way you would want your new love to see you? If it’s money, have you sat down and decided how you were going to smartly invest the millions coming your way? What charities you will donate to? Have you made an itinerary on your computer of the trips you plan on taking?

Whatever it is that you are wanting, have you taken the physical actions that you would be taking if you already had it?

The Law of Attraction works when you get on the same vibrational level as the thing that you are wanting. So while you should absolutely think great positive thoughts as often as possible, definitely say affirmations to get it into your subconscious, positively be grateful for all you currently have…you should also take some physical action to show Universe that you are so sure it is on its way to you, that you are already physically preparing for it.

Oh, and by the way, in case you wanted to know what happened with my girlfriend. She met “him” about a month and a half later. She probably would have met him sooner but that’s how long it took for her to lose those pesky 10 pounds. (Our Friday night beer and pizza nights probably didn’t help.) They are now happily engaged and he has moved in. Why? Because now he has some room to!

So do not only tell Universe that you are ready for what you are wanting, show it and act as if it is already here! Now that’s what getting in alignment is all about.

Happy Creating!


Gowri Chandra said...

wow, amazing! i relate eerily to your friend (a coincidence i stumbled upon your post? i think not)-- right down to the two years of dry spell and the incredibly messy apartment, as well as the 10 pounds! haha.

i think i'll go clean right now. thanks so much for inspiring me.

Gratitude Journal said...

Lots of great information here. I hope people will understand how powerful the Law of Attraction is in their life.