June 1, 2008

5 Tibetan Energy Rejuvenation Rites - Freebie!

I came across another great freebie a couple of weeks ago and would love to share it with you.

I am always cruising the internet in search of the next thing I am supposed to learn in my awesome spiritual journey. I usually start by stating “O.K. Universe, let’s see what I am supposed to be learning today…” and head out into the vast internet to discover. (I know that I don’t have to say that because Universe has a great way to showing me anyway, but I always somehow feel I am off on a mini- adventure when I do.)

I often go to my favorite Law of Attraction sites to see what new information has been added, sometimes I find new sites, sometimes I click on ads that catch my eye, or click on something from this site… that brings me to that site, etc..

I usually know it when I spot it. I feel the “tingle” I always feel and an increased desire to find out more immediately about whatever the subject is. Once that happens I can get involved for hours soaking up as much input as my brain will allow.

So I came across this 5 Tibetan Energy Rejuvenation Rites idea by clicking on an ad that stated this was “The World's Oldest & Most Effective System Of Looking And Staying Young.”

I felt the tingle and decided to do a little further research by Googling 5 Tibetan Rites and happily found a bunch of information on the subject (all free), which I am happy to share with you.

The following is an excerpt I found from one of the ads which tells the story:

It was the year 1930 in Southern California.

A young gentleman named Peter Kelder was taking a leisurely stroll, when a sudden shower broke out. He ran for cover to a nearby Travelers Club.

There, randomly, he sat at the table of a retired British army officer, known as Colonel Bradford. The Colonel was a wrinkled, stooping man in his late sixties, drained of physical energy, unable to walk without the help of a strong cane. Yet despite their differences, the pair soon became friends – and regularly met to discuss the Colonel’s many varied travels.

Of all of his topics, Colonel Bradford preferred to talk about India.
In particular, one story attracted him more than any other...

In almost every Indian district he’d visited, he’d been told about an ancient monastery deep in the heart of Tibet, where Lamas had discovered “The Fountain of Youth.”

Peter Kelder later wrote of this place: “Old men had visited and mysteriously regained health and strength, vigor and virility shortly after entering a certain monastery; but where this particular place was none seemed exactly to know.”

Colonel Bradford decided to leave – and find that monastery for himself.

The Colonel occasionally wrote to Kelder with updates of his progress. He eventually reported that he had found the monastery. But then the scent ran dry, and Kelder heard nothing more.

Until four years later, when Colonel Bradford stepped into his office...

His hair was a rich brown once again. His complexion was smooth and fresh. He no longer walked with a stoop. He was energetic, and strong, and virile, and HAPPY.

Asked how old he looked, most people guessed 38.

HE WAS 72!

The secret, he said, was all down to FIVE RITUALS he uncovered inside that lost Tibetan monastery, deep in the Himalayan Mountains...

Well, needless to say after reading this story I was hooked!! I am always a little skeptical about purchasing some products online so I decided to do a little further research on my own and found this awesome site that not only offers the exercises for free but even has moving video to demonstrate how to perform them.

I have been using it now for about 2 weeks and sure enough I do feel better! I can’t guarantee it will make anyone feel 30 years younger than they are, but I do find I have more energy and breathe deeper throughout the day than I used to.

They recommend that you do it 2 or 3 times a day and 21 repetitions of each. I do it once or twice a day and am up to 11 repetitions of each. (Take it slow in the beginning if you are not used to this kind of exercise.) I enjoy the first exercise because it makes me feel like a little kid again.

I hope to eventually build up to the 21 reps - 3 times a day. It’s quick, it’s easy…and hey…you know how Law of Attraction works…if you believe it will make incredible changes in how you look and feel…then it will!

Here is the site that I have found. I have never communicated with anyone from this site, but I am hoping they will not mind too much having free traffic driven there.

Till Tomorrow,

Happy Creating!