October 20, 2008

Today Is the Day To Accept Exactly Who, What And Where You Are and Know That It Is Perfect

Today is the day to accept exactly who you are and where you are standing right now and know that it is perfectly O.K.

If you are happy with where you are – GOOD for you and keep doing what you are doing!

If you are not however, it is time to accept where you are anyway.

It is time to say to yourself “This is what my physical body IS, what my current relationships ARE, what my financial situation IS, what my career IS right at this moment and I understand and accept that and know that it is perfectly O.K.

Now,… where do I want to go from here?”

No more blaming the past, berating yourself, putting yourself down, feeling guilty. No more blaming others, the economy, your boss, your family etc.

The only reason you are standing where you are right now is simply due to past thoughts you have had that have brought you here.

And even those thoughts weren’t bad, they weren’t wrong – they simply were thoughts you were having “then” which has nothing to do with NOW.

You see the NOW moment is all you have. IT is the only moment that counts and the only moment you can work from.

No matter how you look at it – you cannot change the past. Nor should you want to. It is time to accept that whatever brought you to this place where you are now, happened for a reason and it has prepared you for this NOW moment.

So totally accept where you are standing at this moment and simply ask yourself what you would like to do next? What would you like to create next? It doesn’t have to be any more complicated that that.

Seriously think about your answer. Do not say to your self “Well I don’t want to do this again!” Simply ask yourself “what DO I want?”

“What DO I want to create? How can I go about doing that? What steps can I take in this NOW moment that will bring that to me?”

Remind yourself that you are not the same person today that you were even yesterday.

Every day you are different. Every day you have learned something new. Every day another desire in you has been born.

So forget about yesterday or what brought you here. Simply accept that you ARE here and decide where you want to go from here. And if negative thoughts attempt to pop in like “It doesn’t matter what I do – nothing will ever change, or “I’ve tried a million times before and it didn’t work” or whatever silly thought pops into your brain, simply remind yourself, that was yesterday, this is today, and if I don’t want to repeat yesterday – it is time to have a different thought today.

Continue to do this and you will be shocked how quickly things will turn around for you!

Happy Creating!