August 21, 2008

Today is the Day To Watch What You Say

Your thoughts create your reality. This you already know. But those thoughts spoken aloud are ten times more powerful.

The following list will demonstrate just how important it is to watch what you say in all different situations.

Turning a momentary negative thought into an entire scenario.

Quite often thoughts we think drift in momentarily and then quickly drift out again. A lot of the time we don't put a lot of emotion in them. Most of the time our mind moves onto a different thought a moment later.

Everyone is going to have a negative thought once in awhile, but if there is not a lot of emotion behind it, there is a very good chance it is not going to affect your reality significantly.

Spoken aloud however these same thoughts take on a different power. Especially when said to another person, because then you normally have to back up your statement with a "story".

For example, you are talking with a friend about a new business venture you are in the middle of.

The thought "I don't quite know if this is going to work out" drifts through your mind and you say it out loud. Your friend naturally asks you why not? Now you have to come up with all the reasons why it might not work out to make your doubts sound plausible to your friend and to possibly gain some sympathy.

So you say "well if this happens, then that won't happen. And if this person doesn't come through then that person will not come through. And what about if this happens?"

Now you have just built an entire scenario of negative possibilities around your original thought. If the thought had been left alone, it quite possibly would have just drifted away - no harm - no foul.

Be careful who you are talking out loud to.

Have you ever really been psyched up about an idea you have come up with?. The excitement and energy keeps building and building until you are absolutely positive that nothing can keep you from making it a success? This is the positive vibrational place that you want to create from.

However, now you make the mistake of telling your idea to someone and within 2 seconds they say something that completely bursts your bubble. This time it is they who build a bunch of negative scenarios around your idea and put doubts in your head that were not there before. And now, no matter what you do, you can't seem to build up the same excitement or determination that you had before.

If you have a really good plan or idea - be careful who you share it with. If you really feel the need to "get it out there" write it in a journal, unless you are absolutely positive that the person you tell it to will be as excited as encouraged as you are.

Watch habitual negatives that come out of your mouth.

I don't know why I used to do this or even where I picked it up from, but a bad habit I used to have was to constantly say "I was tired." If there was a lull in a conversation or even if I just simply yawned, those were the first words out of my mouth. Even if I wasn't actually tired! (I know, it sounds weird) but I found after I said it a couple of times a day, sure enough that's how I really started to feel.

I eventually started to catch myself saying it for no reason and would laugh at myself like "Why on Earth are you saying that? It's not even true" I had kind of made it like a conversation filler.

Sometimes when we say these things it is just out of habit, but keep saying them and after awhile they can become your condition. So be careful what you say habitually. Things like "that makes me sick", or "I am sick and tired", or "I feel like crap" or any of the other sayings you might have picked up along the way.

Here are some more examples: I wrote a post about a month ago about How To Win At Gambling Using The Law of Attraction. One of the things I suggested to watch out for was using typical "Casino Talk" These are sayings that I hear people utter all the time when they are gambling and then they wonder why they aren't winning.

Such as:

How much are you down?
How much money do you have left?
Nobody seems to be hitting today (or the opposite).
Everybody seems to be hitting today except me.
I’m never lucky in this place.
I can’t get any play.
I can’t seem to do anything
I hate this place
This place Sucks!

Now these are just things I hear in casinos! What about the other places you go everyday? What negatives do you hear people constantly saying in your work place or in your kids school yard? How many of them are you guilty of saying yourself?

So for the next few days pay attention to all of the things that you say out loud. Question yourself when you say them. Ask yourself "Do I really mean that? Is that true? If I said something different would I feel better? Is there a better way of putting it?" You might be amazed at how your outside circumstances will change just by changing what you say out loud.

Happy Creating!

P.S. I just wanted to let you know that I will not be posting again until Monday. I am going to one of my favorite places in the world this weekend (Atlantic City) and plan on winning big! I am going to follow my own advice that I wrote about in the gambling post listed above and plan on having an awesome weekend! I hope you have a great one too! See you on Monday…