June 4, 2008

My Grateful List - June 2008

I decided this morning as I emptied my awesome dishwasher that it is time again for me to do my grateful list.

If you have studied the Law of Attraction for any length of time you have probably realized that gratefulness and thankfulness are two of the strongest emotions you can use to get into a higher vibrational level for what you are wanting to create in the future.

I started using it on a regular basis anytime I found myself wanting to create something new. Doing the list always raised my vibration and put me in a much better place to attract what I was wanting.

Quite by accident however, I found out that not only does it help bring me what I want easier and faster, it simply made me feel good during and after I did it.

If this is the first time you are hearing of the Grateful List there is an article that explains it in more detail here.

So while there isn’t anything material I am particularly wanting at this moment, I am in the mood for a spiritual boost; so here I go.

1. I am grateful to be alive and give this life thing another shot today. Who knows what surprises are in store for me today?

2. I am SO grateful for my mother’s feeling better. She was in the hospital with pneumonia but is healing perfectly and will be going home today.

3. I am very grateful for my husband, who understands me and works hard so we can live in this awesome place.

4. I am so grateful for my gorgeous, healthy son, who makes me laugh at the same time he is driving me crazy.

5. I am so grateful for my health. I can walk today, talk today, see today, hear today and am completely pain free. What an awesome vehicle I have to help me accomplish whatever I choose to do today.

6. I am grateful for the weather today. It is the first 70 degree day in New York this Spring -- Perfect day to wash down the backyard furniture.

7. I am grateful for my dishwasher. After years of living without one I love how it saves me an hour a day in washing and drying. I love how efficiently it works and the soothing sound of it doing all the work while I sit here peacefully typing this list.

8. I am just as grateful for my washer and dryer in the house. No more quarters! No more lugging my laundry out of the house. I can do my laundry anytime I want - how cool is that?

9. I am grateful for my coffee maker. What an awesome way to start the morning with the smell and taste of that addictive brew and I don‘t even have to leave my house to get it.

10. I am grateful for my wonderful shower with plenty of clean, hot water.

11. I am grateful for water itself. I consider it “liquid health” when I drink it. It makes my body run more efficiently and tastes awesome when it is cold and I am lucky enough to be able to simply turn a tap to get it.

12. I am grateful for the bed I just got out of that gave me a great nights sleep last night on fresh sheets I just put on it yesterday.

13. I am grateful for all the neighbors and friends who have been calling regarding my mother. It’s awesome to know that people care.

14. I am grateful for this computer and the internet. There are so many things I use it for everyday. What did I ever do without it?

15. I am grateful that my son has school today. As much as I enjoy him, I also enjoy the time alone I have to wash the backyard furniture listening to music I like!!!

16. I am grateful for my awesome running truck. I love how comfortable and reliable it is and realize how difficult life could be if I didn’t have it.

17. I am grateful for the electricity in my house today. I can use this computer, run my dishwasher, and my son can watch television before school all at the same time.

18. I am even grateful for occasional blackouts - because they help me to appreciate my electricity when I have it.

19. I am grateful for my cable television and my great working T.V. Over 300 channels! Wow! What did I do in the old days when there was only 7 channels and no remote control?

20. I am grateful for cell phones! I can talk to anyone I need to anytime I need to because they all have cell phones too! How cool is that?

Well, I have reached my spiritual high for today - and also my time limit to get the little one ready for school! Life is just so cool nowadays. There are so many things we have that our relatives and ancestors didn’t have that make life so much easier. I could probably write another 50 things right now effortlessly, but seeing as I am short on time, I will just think about them mentally as I go through the day.

If you would like to experience your own “spiritual high” today I can’t think of a faster way to do it than by doing your own grateful list. It is quick, easy, and costs nothing but a few minutes of your time. But the difference it can make in your mood is incredible.

Until tomorrow….Happy Creating