June 20, 2008

The Most Important Thing The Movie "The Secret" Didn't Tell You

Let me start by saying I love the movie The Secret. I find it inspiring, enlightening, and fun to listen to. I even bought the CD's which I keep in my car and in my portable CD player that I pop in anytime I would like a dose of inspiration. As fun as the movie and CD's are however, there have been some very important points left out that can make all the difference in making The Universal Law of Attraction work for you.

The most important concept that was left out was the concept of taking Action. In reading and listening to interviews given by some of the stars of the movie I found out that quite a lot of footage that discussed the concept of taking action was left on the cutting room floor. Either due to lack of time, or maybe because it broke the "feel good flow" the movie was trying to create. Whatever the reason, it is an extremely important part of what makes the Law of Attraction work. An imperative part!

Now I know this may cause a few people to feel disheartened to hear this. I remember when I first realized it (quite a few years ago) that I had felt that way too. I wanted it to be easier than that. I wanted the genie that popped out and said your wish is my command without having to do anything on my end.

I am not even talking from a laziness point of view. I am speaking more from being so overwhelmed in dealing with day to day things that I didn't believe I could find time to even think about, let alone take, new actions in other areas. (Another big misconception by the way.)

You see I later discovered that the problem I had (and I know a lot of others do too) is how I felt about the word "action" Action to me in the traditional sense of the word meant "work", or that it had to be hard, or that it had to be something I didn't want to do.

And I found when I tried to take "action" from that point of view absolutely nothing worked out for me. I even started to think the whole Law of Attraction thing was a bunch of hooey. It wasn't until I discovered the key was not to just take "action" - but "inspired action." that things started to change.

Here's the deal. If we were meant to have everything we wanted the second we snapped our fingers we would have no need to be on this physical planet. Heck we can do that in other realms. We chose to be on this planet to create physically. We came to this planet to purposely experience the time delay that occurs between the time we decide to create something and the time it takes for us to experience it. We chose this time delay to give ourselves the chance to change and remold our desires as new and better ideas come to us and we can be more clear about what it is exactly that we are wanting. And I for one am very grateful for that delay! Can you imagine how many regrets we might have if some of our thoughts (especially ones in anger) came through immediately?

So the question is, what is the difference between "have-to" action and inspired action? Inspired action feels good! "Have-to" action does not. Inspired action feels right! "Have-to" action makes you feel twisted. Inspired action "feels" like the correct next step. "Have-to" action makes you feel resentful.

So how do you go about creating what you want? The first step is for you to decide what it is that you would like to create. The next step is to ask and expect Universe to help bring it to you in the easiest way possible. The last step is to take some kind of inspired action to start the ball rolling.

For example: Let us say that your goal is to get a very heavy suitcase up to the 5th floor of a building. Now if you were to just sit on the curb with the suitcase and take no action expecting Universe to handle it all - that suitcase isn't going anywhere.

Your second option can be to stick with your old way of thinking. Convincing yourself that this is going to be a long and arduous task and you start looking for the huge staircase that you are going to use to drag the darn thing up there.

Or you can use the Law of Attraction way. State to the Universe your intention of getting this suitcase up to the 5th floor as easily as possible and believe that Universe will step in to show you the way. Take the action of grabbing the suitcase by the handle and starting towards the building and then ask the person who just happens to be standing there if they have any ideas that can help you -- where they will then point you towards an elevator that you hadn't noticed before.

You see, the Law of Attraction is real and it will work for you. But it also needs your help. Decide what it is that you want to accomplish. State to the Universe this is your goal and you want help to accomplish it as easily as possible. Then take the first step you can do to start accomplishing that goal. You will be amazed how easily things will fall into place once you get the ball rolling!

Happy Creating!