June 9, 2008

Law of Attraction - Sometimes When Life Gets Too Crazy It is Time To "Just Float"

It's funny how sometimes a line from a movie can stick with you practically forever.

Like "Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli" from The Godfather. My guy friends have sometimes found the strangest circumstances to pull that line out and while I admit it is usually pretty funny, I would never admit it to them. I usually just give them the old eye roll.

One of my favorite lines from a movie and one that I personally use all the time is "Just Float."

I heard it one of my all time favorite holiday movies Home For The Holidays. A great Thanksgiving movie that makes you feel better knowing that you are not the only one who has to deal with the crazy relatives during the holiday season.

The main character is played by Holly Hunter who is having a really bad week.

She loses her job, stupidly kissed her boss, finds out her teenage daughter is planning on having sex for the first time while she will be away, catches a horrible cold and to top it all off has to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with her off-the-wall parents. It is not one of her better weeks.

Just as she is about to completely lose it, her teenage daughter gives her some advice when dropping her at the airport.

She reminds her mother of when they went on a tropical vacation together and went snorkeling. She tells her mother to remember how calm and peaceful it was when they were just gently floating among the beautiful tropical fish without a care in the world. She told her mother to remember that feeling when the world seems to be going crazy around her. "Just Float, Remember to Just Float."

I have used that line myself ever since. When I've just gotten off the phone with a customer service agent who refuses to hear what I am saying or my young son who is also very good at blocking me out, I say to myself "Just Float" When I am fighting with some mechanical device that refuses to cooperate or can't make head or tails of instructions that are supposed to be "so easy a child could do it" I tell myself to "Just Float".

I truly believe that we aren't meant to paddle furiously all of the time. Sometimes it is our job to "Just Float". To remain calm; to rise to the surface. To quietly observe; to gain back our perspective. To remain unaffected as life's waves move gently beneath us, until we catch our breath; until an easier way is presented to us.

So the next time you find yourself paddling upstream to the point where you want to scream take a deep breath, exhale and "Just Float."

Happy Creating!