June 8, 2008

It Isn't Good - It Isn't Bad - It Just "Is"

Hi Everyone!

Every once in awhile I come across this great message that always makes me just stop and remember. It usually seems to “appear” in a book or on a website if I am in the middle of a emotion I am trying to soothe myself out of . The message is so simple and clear and I know my life would be infinitely more peaceful if I would just remember it more consistently. The message?

“It isn’t good - it isn’t bad --it just IS!”

Anytime we suffer from what we term a “negative” emotion or situation it is simply considered negative due to some past association with it. I’ve use this example before in some of my posts and articles:

If it is raining out -- is it a good or a bad thing?

To a farmer dealing with a drought it is an awesome thing but to a bride on her wedding day -- not so much.

But the rain itself is not good or bad. It simply IS.

Sometimes Universe (or your higher self, if you prefer) has something greater or bigger in store for us that we might not be able to see in the situation right in front of us.

For example: Maybe the rain on a bride’s wedding day slowed down traffic so an accident that would have involved a family member on dry pavement didn’t happen after all. Talk about which scenario the bride would have preferred more!

The point is, by keeping this message in mind it will help take the emotion out of your current situation. It gives you a chance to take a breath and realize that the world or the Universe is not out to get you; it is simply an event that is happening. How you choose to deal with it or think about it next is up to you.

Can you find something positive in it? Find an underlying reason why it might be happening in your best interest? Is there something you can do to turn whatever is happening into a memorable event?

If you are on a first date and there is a blizzard, instead of worrying about the date being ruined can you turn it into the world’s best snowball fight? If you want to take someone out but do not have the money for an expensive dinner, can you create the world’s most romantic picnic on the beach?

So much of our personal pain occurs when we mistakenly believe something should be one way and it turns out another.

It is not the situation itself that is the problem; just our preconceived notion of what we believe it should be like that is the problem.

By remembering that something “Isn’t good or bad, it just simply IS” we can retrain ourselves to stay in the moment. We can act calmly, think clearly and take the next best step without all of our negative emotion screwing it up and making the situation worse.

So keep this message in mind the next time things don’t go the way you think they “should” go. Tell yourself it just simply “Is” and move on calmly from there. You might be surprised how much easier you get through it.

Happy Creating!