June 12, 2008

Law of Attraction and Money - What is Your Financial Set Point?

Creating money isn’t difficult. There are literally millions of ways on this Earth to create money, and probably millions more that haven’t even been discovered yet. So why does it seem so many have a problem creating more of it in their lives?

If you have been trying in vain to create more money in your life, but can’t seem to get past a certain point, it is time to figure out exactly what your Financial Set Point is.

A Financial Set Point is a subconscious number (or ceiling) you have set in your mind as the amount of money you deserve or are entitled to and usually can’t get past.

For example, say a person makes about $50,000 a year. He or she has been making this amount for awhile and consider themselves pretty comfortable with it. Without even realizing it, they have made this their financial set point. Then one day they decide they want more than that. But by being unaware of that unconscious ceiling, no matter what they do, they can’t seem to break through that limited amount. So, now they get a new job for $75,000 a year, but suddenly within a few months that job folds, or the roof on their house goes and it costs them exactly $25,000, or they unexpectedly need to buy a new car or one of a million things happen that will somehow cost them that extra amount of money.

Without even realizing it, they are sabotaging themselves to keep ending up back at that $50,000. You will even hear them comment that no matter what they do they can’t ever seem to get anywhere. This is because they have unconsciously set this financial ceiling and the law of attraction being what it is, will ensure that they keep living it out time and time again.

The Law of Attraction is the Universal law that states you will receive what you think about and are focused on. If you are so used to having a certain amount of money and never consciously decide to change that amount in your mind, the Universe will bend over backwards to make sure that your “old” set point keeps being reached.

Think of the many stories you have heard about people who unexpectedly came across a lot of money due to an inheritance, a surprisingly successful endeavor or even the winning of a lottery. Then, in time, you find out that due to bad investments, unexpected expenses, the hiring of unscrupulous people, whatever the case may be -- they ended up back where they started financially. This is no “accident”. Even though they might have had the physical money for awhile, mentally they still considered themselves worth the same “locked in” amount. You can look at the opposite side of this example as well. Take Donald Trump for instance. Here is a man who must have a financial set-point of at least a billion dollars. Because regardless of the rough times he went through, times he was even hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, he managed it turn it all around and brought himself back up to his own financial set point of being a billionaire! In his mind, anything less is unacceptable.

So the question to ask yourself is this; what is your financial set-point? Do you seem to keep ending up with the same amount in your bank account year after year? When you have experienced an unexpected increase in money, has something always happened to bring you back to that mark? Do you constantly focus on your money going out and calculating what you have left as opposed to focusing on more money coming in and your account constantly growing? What is the most you have ever had in your bank account and how long did it last?

Within just a few minutes of analyzing your financial past, it is usually pretty easy to figure out what your own financial set-point is.

So now that you know what your set point is, what do you do?

Well the first thing to do is to decide to consciously change it. Decide what you want your new set point to be and commit yourself to knowing that it has to happen. Imagine it, feel it, write it down. State to the Universe here and now that this is the amount you are now worth! State that “obviously $50,000 doesn’t do it for me anymore – so my new set point is $200,000!” Tape it up somewhere where you can see it every day. Say to yourself everyday “O.K. how am I going to make this $200,000? What if I tried this? What if I tried that? You go to a store and see a scratch- off ticket with $200,000 as the grand prize. That’s the exact number you have been thinking of and it jumps right out at you – so play the dollar to win it.

You have to remember that Universe will happily bring you whatever you want simply because you stated that you wanted it and kept your focus on receiving it. Universe really doesn’t care how much you want or even why. It will just as easily bring you a million dollars as it will bring you a penny. Money is only energy as is everything else and Universe has no preferences as to the amount that you ask for.

So do you want $200,000 or even $20,000,000? Whatever amount you choose is perfect! Now make this your new financial set point and refuse to accept anything less. Mentally act as if this is your new net worth and anything less is not an option. Then keep your eyes open for any and all possible ways Universe is finding to bring it to you. Jump into opportunities that a $50,000 a year set point person wouldn’t attempt, but a $200,000 set point person would do with excitement.

The Law of Attraction is a universal law. It has to do its job – now you just simply do yours and decide exactly what it is you want and allow it to come to you.

Happy Creating!


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