June 11, 2008

Abraham-Hicks Snippets #1

Hello Everyone! Another great day to give this “life” thing another shot - isn’t it?

Please forgive me for not posting daily lately. I’ve been revamping my website and my newsletter at the same time - so I have fallen a little behind. It will probably take until the end of April to be finished - but after that I should be back to daily posts and anyone who has signed up for the free newsletter should be receiving it around May 1st.

I have just come from the Abraham-Hicks message boards. It is one of my favorite places to visit on the net. It is filled with such inspiration and ideas. Every day people write with questions they have about the Law of Attraction and others respond with some awesome answers. I am not ashamed to say that I use the site quite often for my own inspiration on things to write about or ponder.

Connee Chandler is an awesome “Aber” who really gets it. She has been following Abraham for years and her posts are so unbelievably inspiring! She attends quite a few of their conferences and cruises and then writes an awesome list of highlights that are quick little bits of inspiration.

I figure because they so inspire me they might inspire you as well, so every once in awhile I write a post about them. I have never met or spoken with Connee personally, so this is pure idol worship on my part.

The following snippets came from the most recent Abraham cruise she attended in the Caribbean. As people ask Abraham questions, Connee writes down the most relevant parts of the answers that Abraham gives. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

1. Train yourself to see the world through the eyes of connected being. Few do it, but when they do, you call them a master. Only a fraction of the population is living life to the fullest.

2. Your potential is huge! You feel elation in alignment and discouragement in non-alignment.

3. When you have the good fortune of coming into harmony with a connected being, wonderful things can happen to you. If you took all the collective wealth of the world, and divided it fairly among everyone, in 10 years it would be all back where it is now. Everything is about Law of Attraction and which aspects are dominant in your vibration.

4. You've come too far to go back. You can hardly stand not to get the rest of you moving in that direction. As you give more attention to how you feel, you will find a renewed zest for life. You have to consider the Nonphysical vantage point in order to understand how Law of Attraction really works, who you really are and why you have come forth. Ask "What does my Inner Being think about this situation?"

5. Law of Attraction always is responding BOTH to Source Energy thoughts and your thoughts to either cause the feeling of coming together, which is positive emotion, or pulling apart, which is negative emotion.

6. This variety in the levels of connection allows Law of Attraction to bring together people of like vibration. Jerry notices it in businesses - he can feel the reflection of the vision of the core person in a business, because the vibrational lineage flows out through everything and everyone.

7. You have got your foot out of acting from motivation by others, but you don't yet have both feet in acting from inspiration.

8. Begin to expect good things. You will experience synching up with wellbeing and respect; your relationships become fun and harmonious.

9. You can do it relative to friend relationships, and mates but also to world politics. One individual tuned precisely to wellbeing can change the world with a new vision.

10. When someone gets really sick, the eternal, biggest part of them that is
well in vibrational escrow is now weller than ever. To get your attention more
on wellbeing, look at the Big Picture. The sun comes up every morning, the
planet is stable in its orbit. Wellbeing abounds!

11. Try to morph your fear before you act. Talk it into another place. Talk
about the hopeful future, things that have worked in the past.


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