January 2, 2010

Happy New Year - 2010!

Happy New Year Everyone!

New Years' is one of my favorite holidays because it seems to automatically lead people to look ahead to what they want to create for the New Year as opposed to looking back -- and that is what the Law of Attraction is all about.

The past does not matter - only this moment of NOW matters and where you happily decide to go from this moment.

The following are a few simple ideas to focus on to make 2010 the best year you have ever experienced on this Earth!

1. "NOTHING is more important than that you feel good" (a direct quote from Abraham-Hicks)

2. Think and stay focused on what you DO want as opposed to what you do not.

3. Find the best feeling thoughts you can on every subject in your life as often as possible. The more appreciative and positive you are...the more positive will be attracted to you.

4. Know that your higher-self and/or source is always with you - leading you in the right direction -- all you need to do is listen and follow its direction

5. You are exactly where you are supposed to be at this moment - everything you have learned up to now brings you to this new starting point to creating a great new future

6. You are perfect exactly the way you are - your higher self/source loves you exactly the way you are -if you were supposed to be in a different place right now, you would be. You can have anything you desire starting from this NOW moment.

7. Stop worrying about what others are thinking or expecting of you...you came here to create your own experience...it is their job to create their own.

8. Always put your emotional guidance system before anything or anyone else. If something feels good or expanding to you - you are headed in the right direction, -- if it feels wrong or restricting, it is time to stop and get some clarity on how you really feel on the subject or what course of action you can take that will make you feel better.

9. Surround yourself with the positive. Contrary to popular belief, the world will not end if you stop reading the newspapers, stop watching the news or stop associating with negative people for awhile.

Start this New Year off right by purposely pumping yourself with every positive thing you can think of that makes you feel good! Meditate, read inspiring books, listen to music that you love, listen to new age or spiritual CDs, light scented candles that instantly calm you. Consciously bring yourself back to the positive as often as possible.

10. Stop any negative thoughts in their tracks - they no longer serve you. When a negative, fearful or guilty thought pops into your head about something that happened in the past, let it go and refocus your attention on what you do want to be doing and feeling. Only from THIS place can you start to bring around your new future. While it might seem a little difficult at first, with practice it starts to become your natural way of thinking and that's when miracles will REALLY start to happen!

I was so happily surprised to see a major spike in traffic to this site during this last week. It is inspiring to know that so many people are turning to the Law of Attraction to create the most awesome New Year that they possibly can -- which in turn has brought me back to updating this site more often.

Here's to having the best year of your life!...Cheers!


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