July 22, 2009

Law of Attraction: Easily Create More Money by Changing Your Ideas About It

GOOD Morning Everyone!

I originally wrote this article for Associated Content but don't believe I ever posted it here on my blog. --If I have, please forgive the duplicate :)

I was walking out of the supermarket the other day when I passed two boys, (probably each about 8 years old) standing in front of a machine that sold Collectible trading cards.

I overheard them talking and the first boy said that he really wanted a certain set of Pokemon cards but he didn't have enough money. "How much are they?" The other boy asked. "$5.00" was the response. "$5.00?! Wow!" said the second boy. I didn't think much of it and continued walking until I saw an even younger child up ahead begging their mother for $.50 for a small little plastic toy that was in a gumball machine. The mother said "No. I'm not spending that much money for a little piece of junk." "Why? How much is it?" the child asked. "That's fifty pennies!" the mom answered expressively and I saw the child's eyes and mouth open real wide at the "impressive" amount.

I was still laughing to myself at the child's expression as I started unloading my groceries into my car and thinking how I wished I only needed $.50 or $5.00 to purchase what I've been wanting. What a piece of cake that would be! I could find both of those amounts in my pocketbook right now.

But then it started to dawn on me as I was driving away that maybe it really is all in the perception. What if I started looking at the amount of money that I had been trying to create lately the same way that I looked at the $.50 or the $5.00? Like it was merely a drop in the bucket...a piece of cake?

At what point did I decide that the amount of money that I wanted was an insurmountable amount for me to obtain?

There is an item that I have been focusing on manifesting in my life that is worth almost $10,000. Now it is not an absolute necessity that I own it, but it would make my life a lot more fun if I did.

Because it is not a necessity however, I have been unwilling to spend the money I have in the bank on it. I've been attempting to create it by other means, having it show up in a fun or unexpected way. For some reason though, I have been having a harder time than usual in making this manifestation a reality. It seems like anytime I come close, something else comes along that I need to spend my "extra" money on - or something that I was pretty sure was going to work out, falls through at the last minute.

I was beginning to think that maybe subconsciously I was believing that this item was too much of a luxury for me to spend "that kind of money on" and maybe that was holding me back from manifesting it.

But then while driving I asked myself "But who says $10,000 is a lot of money? When did I come to this conclusion?" I mean if I were a doctor or a lawyer, a movie star or a rock star, Donald Trump or Bill Gates, would I not be looking at $10,000 as a mere drop in the bucket, like I did the $.50 or $5.00? Something I might even have simply sitting in my pocketbook?"

That is when I realized that it was not the item itself that was too extravagant - simply the financial resistance that I put on it.

I mean there are literally trillions of dollars flying over my head electronically every day! Can you imagine how excited the government would be if they only had to come up with $10,000 to get out of debt? How about some of the large businesses that are in financial trouble right now? They would be having the biggest party in the world needing only $10,000!

So why does $10,000 seem an impossible amount for me to reach? It reality, that is not a lot of money. It's just an idea I mistakenly picked up along the way.

So how about you?

What if you were to suspend your own "mis"-beliefs about what constitutes a lot of money? What if you were to realize that with all of the trillions of dollars being spent every moment of every day that the amount that you are wanting to create is a mere bag of shells?

What if instead of asking yourself, "how on earth am I going to come up with that amount of money" you instead told yourself "That's not so much. Of coarse I can figure out a way to come up with that"

Instead of saying to yourself "I'll never be able to afford that" you replaced that with "O.K. Piece of cake - how should I go about getting it?"

Can you see immediately the new vibration you will be putting out there?

The Law of Attraction works by bringing you what you think about. If you think the amount that you are wanting is impossible to obtain - then it will be. If you turn it around and think of it being as simple as finding $.50 in your pocket - then it will be.

So give it a try. Anytime you start thinking that something is "too expensive" or "unattainable" ask yourself why. "Why do I think that? Where did I get that idea? Compared to all the money out there - this is such a miniscule amount."

As for me, I now realize that my $10,000 manifestation is right around the corner. I can feel the familiar thrill-chills of excitement of this new breakthrough which in the past has meant that it's even closer than I think.

Happy Creating!


James said...

The Law of Attraction states that we attract into our lives what we project into the universe.

Unknown said...

Did you get your $10,000 item?

Unknown said...

Did you get your $10,000 item?