October 7, 2008

Law of Attraction: Maintaining Inner Peace During These Crazy Times

Morning all! Sorry for the lack of posts these last two weeks. I've been involved in another project that has needed all my attention but I should be back to posting daily very soon.

So today's question is "How on Earth do I stay positive when it seems the entire world (or at least this country) is falling apart?" As I mentioned in my last post energy is moving extremely quickly at this moment in Earth's time.

When things are going to change -- they are really going to change. Now at first this may seem a little scary but the first thing to remember is "It is not good, it is not bad…it simply is"

No one is being punished here, there is no one "up there" causing this to happen to teach people a lesson (I've come across that opinion a few times on the net, so I figured I would address it here). It is simply unbiased energy moving faster and stronger than ever and whatever comes across its path is going to fly!

Think of it like the rapids of a river. The water isn't moving quickly to intentionally hurt anyone or to help anyone. It is just simply moving. How a person chooses to use that strong current is up to them.

So how are you going to use this latest current surge?

Just a quick example. While so many people have been bailing out of the stock market left and right, Warren Buffet, the most successful men to ever conquer Wall Street, invested 8 billion dollars in General Electric and Goldman Sachs. In other words, Mr. Buffet knows. He knows to look for the opportunity that exists in every situation and to flow with it - not against it. And because of that attitude he will probably make quite a few billion dollars more when the market turns around.

So what about you? There is no better time for you to practice your creative abilities than this time right now. Look at it this way, if you can master attraction while all this craziness is going on - then nothing in this world will ever be able to stop you! And if you can maintain inner calm for yourself while all this craziness is going on - you will have become a master. Think of it as jamming 4 years of college into one semester.

So the first thing we will address is how you can maintain inner peace.

1. Practice Detachment - This is for anyone who has been dealing with intense fear or frustration due to the current circumstances. Simply remove your "self" from the situation emotionally and become an unaffected bystander on the sidelines. Mentally take a step back and watch everything from a detached point of view. When reading the newspaper, watching the news, or hear people discussing the doom of the world in their conversations simply observe as an interested spectator knowing that none of this effects you personally and you are just watching because you curious about what the outcome is going to be. This is simply a temporary measure to use until you catch your breath and are ready to get back into the game, but it can be very effective if you have been on negative emotional overload lately.

2. Meditate. No more excuses! There is absolutely nothing more important than getting in touch with your higher self right now. Nothing!! Doing it once a day is probably not even enough if you have been caught up in an emotional roller coaster as of late. Give yourself at least two different 15 minute sessions a day. Find someplace quiet, sit comfortably, and close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. It might take awhile for your inner chatter to stop but just focus on the blackness behind your eyelids and the soothing feel of your breathing. As thoughts come in, let them gently pass through uninhibited and refocus your attention back on the safe soothing black color. If you feel the need to replace your chatter simply keep saying to yourself "I am safe here, I am calm here" as you breathe in and out. You might even start to feel that "safe place" in your chest area open up. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel when you open your eyes 15 minutes later.

3. EFT your biggest fears away. I have discussed EFT (The Emotional Freedom Technique) in the past. (If you would like to find out how to do it - see this post.) If you have been under stress for any length of time there is a good chance it might have gotten stuck in your physical body's electrical system. It is a good idea to clean this out every once in awhile. Simply focus on your biggest fears at the moment and tap them out. Such as "Even though I am afraid about my current money situation, I love and accept myself completely" "Even though I am afraid about who is going to win the election, I love and accept myself completely" "Even though I am scared about what is happening to my retirement account…", etc.

4. Appreciation List. I put this one fourth on the list because it is very important to do the steps above first to get into a better mind set. But just because it is fourth does not mean it isn't just as important to do. After detaching, meditating and EFTing, get out a piece of paper and write down every single thing you can appreciate in your life right NOW. Be it fresh water to drink, food to eat for today, a roof over your head today, the clothes that you are wearing, your health, your families health. If the negatives try to pop in - let them pop right out again and focus on all the good things you have in your life this minute. Be thankful for the computer that you are reading this on. Be grateful for electricity, the internet, etc.

Remember the flow of those rapids. Whatever direction you focus on, is the way your future moments are going to flow. By purposely redirecting your thoughts to what you appreciate, more will be brought to you for you to appreciate. Notice all of it. Be grateful for it and keep saying "Thank you Universe and more of that please" if you even find so much as a penny on the ground to pick up. Go with the current of good intentions - not against it.

5. Mental Distraction. Get away from the newspapers, the television news and the negative conversations as often as possible.

While I understand that it is important to stay informed during these crazy days it helps no one, especially yourself, to immerse yourself in misery.

As most of you know I am not a big fan of the media and haven't been for years due to their negative slants on the news and the sensationalism to sell more papers and ads. They have gotten completely out of control, especially lately. So do yourself a favor and watch as little of it as possible. Read the first few pages of the paper, watch one news show if you absolutely must, but then turn it off and turn to something enjoyable.

Now, there are some people who criticize that approach as being irresponsible. It is, in fact, just the opposite. It isn't difficult to see how negativity simply breeds more negativity. You can plainly see for yourself judging by yesterdays drop in the market how instilling more fear and more panic into the public is simply going to have a more negative effect on everything.

There is no benefit to staying in anger and fear!! Some people like to say that it is those emotions that inspire change. Bull! Positive thinking, positive energy and a new plan of action can inspire those changes ten times faster.

Are there problems right now in our country? Yes there are. Have mistakes been made? Sure - there is no denying that. But how is being angry, frustrated or keeping our focus on who is to blame helping the situation?

Our job, as the enlightened beings that we are, is to simply focus on where we stand right now at this moment and consciously decide where we want to go. Regardless of which candidate or political party wins this election, our focus needs to be on the healing and the uplifting of our country.

Take this fantasy for example. (Please NOTE: This is no way expresses my political opinions in any way - this is simply hypothetical).

Imagine if you would, that tomorrow was USA Appreciation Day. Imagine if every one of us woke up with nothing but appreciation for what this country offers for one whole day. Imagine if every conversation you had with people all day long was about the awesome opportunities that exist to make millions of dollars here. How a simple video on Youtube or a best selling book can make someone an instant success. How regardless of your race, creed or color you can be anything you choose to be. What if we discussed the awesome freedom we have to travel across this country to any state with no borders any time we simply felt like it? If we discussed all the different options we had for healthcare or the thousands of different options we had of food to eat within a mile of our homes?

What if we talked about how grateful we were for the electricity we all had access to, the heat, the fresh water, the paved roads to get us wherever we wanted to go? What if every news show and newspaper talked about how many people were healed of their illnesses, how many nice things people had done for other people, how many triumphs so many people had experienced that day? The company who happily got that new contract, that hard working person who won that award, the person who found out their new book was a best seller?

Just imagine where the stock market would go that day!! Just imagine how good every person in the country would feel that day just listening to one positive message after another? Is that not a country you would love to invest in when exposed to those kinds of positives all day long?!

Now look at what we are actually exposed to every day. Is it any wonder moral is down?

But that is neither here nor there. The fact is, that we all have to start somewhere. And the only person you could start with is you! So purposely go out of your way to make yourself feel better. Go find a funny website to enjoy, watch a comedy, read a good book, play a board game with your kids, write your own appreciation list for this awesome country. Get your friends and family members involved as well if they are willing.

Being negative cannot attract positive results. It is the LAW! The Law of Attraction. And this is not some abstract idea that you have to convince yourself of - the evidence stands right before you as you watch what is going on in the world day after day.

So start with you. Distract and remove yourself from the negativity. It is the only way you can create the life you desire.

6. Remember Who You Really Are. This is probably the most important point of all. Remember that you are a Spiritual Being simply having a human experience. This situation is merely temporary and will change like all situations do. One day it will just be a memory you will look back on.

Do not forget how powerful you really are! Remember to hold that little Earth globe in your hand and look down on it with love remembering your true immenseness in comparison to it. This current situation is nothing compared to how big you are. Merely a blip on the screen of one of your many physical lives. You can not only handle it, you can create it to be whatever you choose to. The attractive power is all in your hands!

Happy Creating!


J'anelle said...

thank you thank you thank you for your amazing blog. I have just started learning about the Law of attraction and in seeking council I have been met with so many "pay me 500 bucks and I can show you the secret behind the secret of the secret" and it is incredibly refreshing to find a site of such honesty and guidance as well. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

great post!

Angie Atkinson said...

WOW! I'm loving this blog. Amazing piece, keep 'em coming. Couldn't agree more.