October 15, 2008

Abraham Hicks Video on The Financial Crisis

Good Morning All,

Well, I am still in the process of reading Abraham-Hicks book “Money and The Law of Attraction” and I am still loving every word, so I have a feeling that it is probably what I am going to be writing about over the next few days.

I had an interesting manifestation this morning. A few days ago I was wishing that I had Abraham in the room with me to ask them what they thought of the current financial situation on Wall Street and what they would have to say about the election.

I couldn’t imagine them being “political” and endorsing either candidate from their higher perspective but I was curious on what their take was on the whole matter.

Sure enough I find out this morning that they put up a video on youtube yesterday about those very subjects. So, “Thank you Universe and more of that quick manifesting please!

I’ve included the video here so you can see it yourself:

Basically what it comes down to is what they encourage all along. Do not worry about what is going on around you, do not worry about what others are saying or doing around you, do not waste your precious energy trying to blame others for what is going on – but simply keep your focus on what makes you feel good.

Because “nothing is more important than that you feel good”.

And if you keep your focus day after day on things that make you feel good, and if you spend your time focusing on the things that you want in life as opposed to the things that you do not want, and if everyday you wake up and tell yourself that everyday things are getting better and better -- Universe has no choice but to respond and bring it to you.

So turn off your television, put down your newspapers and think and write about things that you really want in your life. Envision, daydream and make yourself feel good.

The rest will sort itself out on its own.

Happy Creating!