August 30, 2008

So What Exactly Is A Vibrational Escrow Account?

As most of you know I am a big fan of Abraham-Hicks. I have studied many different teachers over the years, but I have never found one that speaks as clearly or resonates so strongly to me at my current spiritual level.

One of the concepts they mention often is the concept of each of us having a Vibrational Escrow Account.

Basically a Vibrational Escrow Account is the place where all of our dreams and desires go the minute we birth them in our minds, waiting for us to access them when we meet up with those desires on the same vibrational level.

In other words, say your desire is for a new car. The minute you have and state that desire Universe goes to work setting up the circumstances that can bring you that new car. However then let's say your next statement is "but I can't afford a new car." This is telling Universe that while you do want that car you are just not at the correct vibrational level to bring it into your experience at this moment.

So the Universe in effect puts the new car in a "Vibrational Escrow Account" while it waits for you to vibrate high enough to be a match for it.

So the "car" doesn't go away when you have the negative thought - it basically sits there waiting for you to be at a matching level to claim it.

You see, the Universe never says no to any of your desires. It does not care what you are asking for or who is doing the asking. It is totally neutral and unbiased. Only our "ego selves" convince us that we are not worthy. We are all worthy in Universe's eyes. It is our ego selves that convince us that we have to jump through hoops to deserve something.

So let's get back to the car. You have asked for it and now it sits in your Account.

So how do you gain access to it in your physical world? You need to become a vibrational match to it.

The first thing you need to do is believe that you are entitled to it. After all why wouldn't you be entitled to something as simple as a car? When the negative thoughts try to pop up about it being too expensive etc. remind yourself that that is not your problem. Universe is taking care of that part.

Then you start to visualize owning it. You imagine sitting in it and appreciating it. You imagine its color, the smell when you get inside, the smooth way it runs. You imagine hand washing it, putting gas in it, driving others around in it and simply loving every inch of it.

You see this NOW puts you at the same vibrational level to be able to attract it easily and gives Universe a vibrational level it can deliver on.

If you have any negative thoughts that seem to "push it away" simply take out those thoughts and examine them.

Write them down and then seriously question what your doubts are and where they came from. For instance:

1. Well I can't just attract a new car… Ask yourself why not? It's only a car
2. Well "everyone" knows it can take years to save up for one… Who says? People manifest them everyday. They are given to them as gifts, they win them as prizes. Of coarse I can receive one just as easily.
3. I don’t even know how to begin to manifest one. Again, not your problem. Universe will take care of that, you simply need to control your vibration around it.
4. My parents went their whole lives without actually owning a brand new car. And this has what to do with me exactly?
5. Well how can a car just simply show up in my life? Again, not your problem. Universe is the most powerful force in the universe. You think it can't handle something as simple as delivering a car?

Go through your doubts. Get them out in the open. Analyze them, change your mind about them. Then if the negatives try to come through replace them with your new common sense answers - not the old tired ones that were buried under old emotions and doubts.

Do you want to have some fun? Every once in awhile go take a "peek" into your Escrow Account and see what is waiting for you to match up with this month.

I used to love the story of Aladdin when I was a kid. The idea of the genie in the lamp, etc..

So it is no surprise to me that mentally my Vibarational Escrow Account looks like a huge cave filled with tons and tons of riches. I imagine that it is covered by this thick velvet purple curtain that I pull aside every once in awhile to take a peek and inside that cave I see stacks and stacks of money piled on top of pallets. I see my new champagne colored Escalade, I see my best selling books and super successful internet business.

I visually see all of it just sitting there waiting for me - nice, shiny and sparkling - just waiting for me to be a match for them. And they will never go away. As more desires come about, more items simply get put in the cave waiting for me to claim them.

Maybe you picture yours as a bank vault that only you have the combination to. So go take a "peek".

Decide which "thing" you would like to claim today. The new job, the new house, the new car, the new relationship, stacks of money. Get all of your doubts out of the way regarding them and start vibrating on the level you need to be to attract them to you.

Then take a step back and watch Universe do its thing and deliver it in ways you never even expected.

Happy Creating!


luck.angela said...

well done on your posts, I too am a Law of attraction teacher, albeit, I do it a slightly different way to esther hicks, but love her work! anyway, I just wanted to write and say, that your posts are lvely and to keep spreading the word. Its a magical journey!

Prachi Bhatia said...

Thannkkyyyooouuuusomuch❤❤🍁just loved it.