August 7, 2008

Get Outta My Pie!

If you are a fan of Abraham-Hicks you may have heard them mention the idea of "getting out of someone else's pie" and focusing on your own.

Their basic premise behind the thought is that this Earth (actually the entire Universe for that matter) is like the most fully stocked kitchen that ever existed.

Every ingredient that can be had is available for each person to create whatever pie they are wanting.

Every person has the same access to each of these ingredients and each person is naturally entitled to all of these ingredients in any way they see fit.

No one is more or less entitled to these ingredients than anybody else.

All of these ingredients constantly replenish themselves so there is always enough for everyone - and sometimes even new ingredients are created "out of thin air" for the good of all to partake.

It is such a simple concept. So easy to understand. Now if we can only apply it to human nature.

You see, if you like Cherry pie - you are entitled to Cherry Pie simply because you desire it. You have all of the ingredients at your fingertips to make your Cherry pie, and it is none of anyone else's business if that is the pie you decide to create.

But now imagine that someone else (even a very close loved one) likes Pumpkin pie. And because they like Pumpkin pie, they think you should like Pumpkin Pie as well. And it doesn't matter to them if you don't like like the taste of it or have no desire for it. They like it and that is all that counts as far as they are concerned!

Imagine if that were an argument that were really to happen around your Thanksgiving table this year.

You would be tempted to throw that Pumpkin Pie right in their face.

"Good for you!" You would tell them. "You like Pumpkin pie! Eat all the pie you want! But no amount of yelling or browbeating is going to make me ever want it or like it so leave me alone and go eat your pie! I'm in the mood for Cherry!"

And there you go.

So simple…but not.

Does this sound familiar to you in your life? Do you constantly have others telling you what "pie" you should eat as if you don't know your own desires? Telling you that there is only one "pie" that is the right "pie" and that there must be something wrong with you if you don't agree with them?

When it comes to political discussions, religious beliefs, how to raise your children, where you live, your career, your dreams, your desires?

Do they make you feel guilty simply because you desire Cherry instead of Pumpkin? Who says that Pumpkin is the only way to go?

Now how about you? Do you find yourself trying to shove your "pie" down someone else's throat? Do you find yourself spending your days upset or uptight about the personal decisions that others are making, because you believe they are doing "it" wrong?

If so, it is time to get your fingers out of that person's pie and gently slap their fingers away from yours.

All the "ingredients" are available for everyone to use exactly as they see fit to create whatever they desire.

Also remember that every single ingredient you can ever need to create your fantasy dessert sits in directly in front of you now. You are as naturally entitled to them as anyone else.

So if you would like to live a more peaceful and easy going life - go into your "kitchen" and work on creating your own "dream pie" and let others do the same.

It is the instant recipe for more peace in your life.

Happy Creating!