July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July Everyone! Today is just a natural day for appreciation if you are an American.

Gratitude and appreciation are two of the most powerful influences to having the Law of Attraction work for you and it just seems natural to me to want to be grateful for this awesome country we are living in today!

Sometimes we forget that our country is a living growing organism in its own right just as we are individually. We forget that the love of it and appreciation of it will bring out its best qualities, just as nuturing ourselves does for us.

It does not serve our country's good to spend so much time focusing on the negatives. The arguments over the best presidential candidates, the economy, etc. I'm sure you too have felt the overall effect of that negativity.

It makes us all feel more frightened, more insecure, unsure of our country's future. But guess what? Our country has been through these kind of trials before; probably more times than we can possibly count, and it has always come through with flying colors! (Quite literally if you think of that red, white and blue blowing in the breeze!)

So starting today let us appreciate its true beauty.

Let us appreciate those brilliant men who 232 years ago came up with the idea for this independent nation. Who were so ahead of their time that the ground rules they put into place are still applicable in what would appear to be a totally different world today, but whose core basics are still the same.

Let us appreciate every man and women who ever fought for this country in all those years and continue to do so today.

Let us appreciate the fresh food, the clean water, the electicity, the heat, the air-conditioning, the medical facilities, the police departments, the fire departments, the armed services and the countless volunteers.

Let us appreciate the literally unlimited opportunities that are available to us all.

Let us appeciate that any man, woman or child can do or be anything they chose to be.

Let us appreciate the lack of a "class" system. That it does not matter what circumstances you might have been born, that you can choose where you want to end up.

Let us simply remember that we truly are the greatest country in the world and that even though the road may get a little bumpy once in awhile we will get through it as we always do.

That the more we stand by and send loving gratitude to this awesome creation, the more healthy and powerful we make it.

So truly enjoy today. If you are going to be with friends and family remember to truly celebrate what this day means. Really enjoy the food that you eat, the drinks that you drink, the people that you are with. If you see fireworks tonight, appreciate their beauty; remember to truly think of them as "the bombs bursting in air".

If you do not have plans today, enjoy the day just as much. Really take the day off to celebrate today. The chores will be there another day. Enjoy the yard, the pool, even the freedom of watching television or playing on the internet all day. Celebrate and truly enjoy the ammenities this country has to offer. Appreciate how many other countries do not even have the luxuries that sit in front of you right now.

Have a great 4th everyone!