June 17, 2008

Law of Attraction: Does Your Learning Process Seem Like Feast or Famine?

I have gone through many different stages of development in the last 20 years that I have been studying and learning the Law of Attraction.

One of the stages that used to drive me crazy the most, but I now find myself looking forward to, is what I like to call the “Feast or Famine” stage.

When I first starting studying the subject I would find myself becoming obsessed with learning more. I would go into every book store or library I could find and take out 3 or 4 books at a time. I would even read them at the same time. Chapter 1 of this book, Chapter 3 of this book, etc. It was such a rush! So many A-ha moments filled with excitement and expectation. Sometimes this phase would last for months at a time; then suddenly - BAM! - I would wake up one morning and have no interest in it at all. I would try and force myself to read more material but the words would just swim in front of my eyes, I couldn’t absorb any more of the material and felt absolutely no interest in it.

I used to hate those stages because I felt as if someone had let the air of my balloon. I missed that spiritual rush; but no matter how much I tried I just couldn’t get back into it and would find myself turning to something very simple like a romance novel or a gossip magazine.

At first, this used to upset me greatly. I would believe I had simply lost interest in the subject
(like I had done with so many other different things in my life) and was afraid I would never get it back again. And that bothered me, because I knew there was still so much to learn and benefit from.

Then all of a sudden - out of the blue - the learning obsession would be back. It felt as if it have never left, and again I found myself consuming as much information as I possibly could in as little time as possible. The rush was back and it felt great!

This spiritual growth “feast or famine” thing must have happened to me at least 10 times over the last 20 years, but luckily I learned after the first few times that it served a major purpose.

I realized that after those periods where I had absorbed so much information in such a short period of time, my subconscious needed time to digest it all and that was behind the purpose of the “down periods”. I discovered this to be true because when the “urge” would hit me again I would understand material at a much deeper level than I had previously.

Even if I read the same exact books over again, I would find a different meaning in them completely. Paragraphs I had initially highlighted the first time did not hit the A-ha cord they initially had, but the paragraphs that I hadn’t highlighted now touched me to the core of my being and brought the excitement again. I found myself considering the original highlighted parts as being boring because "I already understood that part", but found the un-highlighted parts felt like totally new enlightening ideas.

Now I find myself excited when those down periods occur because I know that when the tide turns again, I will be on a higher plateau of learning and creating.

So, if you find yourself feeling restless at your inability to concentrate, absorb more information, or to create “miracles” anymore, give yourself a break. Redirect your attention to something a lot lighter while giving your unconscious self time to absorb the information you just learned.

You will be amazed at the deeper level of understanding you will have when you are ready to approach it again. The old ideas that made you once ask yourself “can this possibly be true?” now change to “ I know that part is absolutely true” now tell me what comes next!

Enjoy this delicious learning process and be easy with yourself. Remember “Everything happens for a reason.”

Happy Creating!