June 29, 2008

How Taking Just One Little Inspired Action Can Get the Ball Rolling

There is a major debate going on about the requirement of taking action when it comes to the Law of Attraction. There are some who say that action is not required - only heartfelt belief is necessary, while others claim that absolutely action is required by you to create what you are wanting in life.

So what is the answer? Well the truth is... I guess it is possible that Universe can bring you whatever you want without you even having to leave your couch. It's not like its never happened to anyone before, but if you want to create what you want in your life much faster, with more excitement, and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, I would stick with the "taking some action" part. Not all action, mind you - just some inspired action to get the ball rolling.

For instance, a friend of mine was unhappy with her job. She was unhappy with her new supervisor, the new longer hours, and the new tasks she had been given by this new supervisor. But she had been with the company for almost 15 years and was seriously afraid of leaving her comfort zone. She felt she had accrued her vacation time, her years of salary and kept hoping by some miracle something was going to change to make the situation better. She tried to think positive thoughts, tried to believe, but didn't take any action of her own. After almost 8 months of misery she realized that nothing was happening or changing and at least some action would have to be taken on her part.

Her problem now however, was getting past the fear of all the change that would be involved. The thought of putting together a new resume, going on interviews, giving notice at her old company, leaving the friends she currently had at work, the fear of new responsibilities, new people to work with, all overwhelmed her. Any action she even thought of taking seemed very painful and difficult.

After discussing it for awhile I convinced her that taking even one little action or step in the right direction may be all that was needed. It was just the point of getting her out of "stuck" mode.

I told her to start by going online and looking in the paper daily to see what job opportunities were available. I told her she didn't have to act on any of them if she didn't want to. Just relax and enjoy looking at positions that she thought might be fun places to work. I also told her to feel proud of herself that she was just taking this first step into possibly making a move.

Eventually, she found herself looking forward to going through the want ads knowing there was no pressure for her to have to do anything about those positions yet. And sure enough she found a few that were interesting. So I told her the next step would be to play with her resume. Rewrite it so was slanted for each position, putting the emphasis on the things that each job required from its prospective applicants. For instance, if one stressed customer service write a version of her resume that stressed that. If another was heavy computer experience , create a resume that stressed that. The point was to make it like a game. Write the perfect resume for each position, save each one of them, but again don't feel as if she was pressured to do anything with them yet. This was just to get used to the feel of it. So she did these things for a couple of weeks. No stress -- she just played around.

Interestingly enough, as she did this day after the day the thought of making a move was no longer as intimidating a thought. Her subconscious started taking over and the idea of working someplace new started to feel more natural to her. The pros started outweighing the cons and she found herself actually looking forward to the change.

Now here is where the ironic part comes in and where Universe started kicking in and doing its share of the "work". While her focus had been on what little actions she could be taking to change her circumstances, Universe was doing its own thing and was busy preparing the perfect position for her.

It ended up that a position in a different department in her own company had opened up. (If she hadn't been playing her little game she probably would have missed the job listing that came out in the monthly company bulletin.)

Without even giving herself time to think about it - she quickly faxed one of her newly redesigned resumes that fit the job description perfectly. To her amazement they called her back within a couple of hours and asked to see her that day after work. She hadn't even had time to be nervous or worried about it. She finished her day at work, went straight up to their office and got the job.

Just by taking those few little steps of action, she ended up with far more than she could have imagined. She got to keep her seniority in the company, her vacation time, her salary, was still able to meet her friends for lunch and she got rid of that pesky supervisor. And all with very little effort on her part.

So give the Universe a hand. If there is something you are wanting, figure out what few little steps you can take now to help it along. They don't have to be huge actions - just inspired ones -- then watch as the Universe takes it and runs with it!

Happy Creating!