February 28, 2010

Fun Manifestation

Good Morning Everyone!

Had an awesome (and just plain fun) manifestation that I wanted to share with you. My husband and I have just received a fairly generous income tax refund and we were talking about what we should spend some of the money on.

We’ve been flowing pretty nicely with the money manifesting lately so we decided we would treat ourselves to a gift or two and put the rest away.

I decided to buy myself the entire Bob Ross Starter Paint set. (For those of you who don’t know, Bob Ross was an awesome landscape painter that used to be on PBS television. He could create the most beautiful landscapes in under 30 minutes and it was something I always wanted to try.) It cost me about $250.00 to get everything from the easel to the paints (canvasses, brushes etc.)

My husband decided he wanted to buy himself a 46” Flat Screen television (men!) but the $1,600 for the television was a little more than he wanted to pay. He did some research online and found that he could get a refurbished 46” Flat Screen Aquos for around $700 which made more sense to him. He really liked the Aquos and decided to do a little more research before committing. This had happened on the Saturday before Superbowl Sunday.

Later that same Saturday afternoon we went to the supermarket together to pick up some food and beer to bring to a Superbowl party we were attending the next day. While my husband was looking for the food items, I went to get the beer and noticed this huge raffle display from Budweiser in the beer section. The prize? A 46“ Aquos Flatscreen television!

Hey! I am no Law of Attraction novice here -- I know when to take a hint! Especially when it was the EXACT television that he had decided he wanted that very morning.

Sure enough, I filled out a single raffle ticket with his name on it. This past Monday we got the call - HE WON!!

At first we thought that maybe this was a fairly small giveaway but have since found out that this was a country wide raffle! Budweiser had been running the promotion for quite a few months, even on the internet. Talk about a fun manifestation!

So keep your eyes open for possibilities and those positive thoughts flowing! You truly have no idea in what fun ways Universe will decide to deliver.

Happy Creating!


Anonymous said...

Good for you two! It is always so fun (and convenient) when the Universe gives you a wink on what to do.

Looking forward to reading the rest of your blog.


Amreta said...

Hi Janeen, I've been trying to look for your email to contact you but no can't find any. How can I contact you personally? please advise. My email is amretasgraphics (at) gmail.com Thanks! Amreta

Klare said...

I've only just found this blog and have really enjoyed it but the posts stopped last year. Will there be any more?

wwesrk said...

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